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I have been shopping at C&B for years and I am a loyal costumer. I received a phone call about a friends and family sale on Thurs and Fri -10/3-10/4. I also received notice in the mail.
On Thurs 10/3/19 - I stopped at a C&B store in Clackamus Town Center near Portland OR. I am a RN, had finished a long shift and the traffic was terrible so I stopped off to shop hoping traffic would improve later. I will admit, I didn't fit the typical customer profile today. I had on my scrubs, it was raining so my hair was a mess and I know I looked ( and felt) tired ( you would too if you started at 4:30 AM). The store was not busy. The clerks did not greet me fact they looked at me and turned the other way. A minute later, 2 people (appropriately dressed ) walked in and were greeted immediately. Very soon afterwards, a dressing room was started for them. This happened with two more customers as I was struggling to look at clothes with my hands full of clothes I wanted to try on. Finally, after about 15-20 min, a clerk asked if I needed a dressing room. I asked about the friends and family sale telling her I had received a phone call and a mail brochure. She told me the sale was for "friends and family only" I told her I was friends and family. She had a judgemental look on her face and told me "The sale starts tomorrow ". I told her I really thought it was today (Thurs) also. She told me I was mistaken.
Long story short, I tried on my selected items and did not purchase anything...I might have but was too embarrassed to impose on the clerks to ask for a different size. They were attentive to other guests but not me.
I ended up just walking out of the store. It occurred to me that I probably had more schooling and more money then they had yet I have not felt so small and humiliated since High School!
I really like C&B but I don't know if I will ever return to my trusted store. On a good note, it reminded me to always treat people with respect. As an RN, I see all walks of life. I can remember times when I have not treated people respectfully. Now I certainly will.
On a humorous note, when I arrived home I looked at my brochure...the sale for friends and family started TODAY.

Oct 04, 2019

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