Choice Privileges (Choice Hotels)didn't credit proper points!

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Periodically, Choice Hotels runs bonus points specials such as stay 2 separate occasions at a Choice Brand Hotel and receive 1 night free. During their fall promotion I stayed at 2 different choice brand hotels qualifying for the free night. I was awarded
5000 bonus points. It was supposed to be 8000 points. The minimum number of points necessary to stay at any Choice
Hotel Brand is 6000. After exchanging at least 5 E-Mails and gaining no plausible explanation (or credit for the proper number of points), just double talk, Choice Privileges stopped responding. My warning to all Choice Privilege members, make sure you check your point balances and don't make your hotel decision based on "special promotions".


  • Ri
    Rinah Jan 01, 2008

    Choice Privileges was ONCE an excellent company (Once for many years). Today it shows itself incompetent, not giving a damn to the customer, aiming to have the maximization of their profits, upon not having work at all- an attitude primed by the customer care they have. They do not display the hidden charges you will have as a plus from the hotel not act as an intermediate in case you have problems.
    For example: I was at the San Francisco Comfort Inn by the Bay (CA004) last fall. When checking in to the Hotel-the Customer Care "specialist and Expert" said that as a plus of what we already have the responsibility to pay when making reservation through, we would pay for the parking (Ok) and a fee would be charged from us in a case we do not give back the keys of the lockers (Safer).
    The Hotel said that until we do not check out the charges would stay in our bill and ASA we check out; if the keys are returned then we would not be charged.
    Guess what: At the check out I gave them all the keys for the safer and for the room, but they DID yes charge our Credit Card for this "for the time being" charge.
    Let me repeat, I was told that it was a charge for “just in case we do not fulfill our responsibility”. I noted the harassment later on not immediately due to the fact that when leaving, I had other things to take care on- e.g. family.
    When contacting they basically said it is not their responsibility. This responsibility- to resolve the problem (SA financial harassment) belongs to the hotel The Hotel is simply their associate (yet blindly condoned by Choice privileges as an excellent provider for Hotel services in their Web Site) and I received a letter of what I consider mockery from the manager of the Hotel itself, saying he was sorry for my distress (Money not returned though). I say mockery b/c by the end, the problem was not that the keys charge, in comparison to the bill represented 1% plus, the problem is the disrespect, disdain and of course the way they lied to us. Again, no matter how long you stay there having the final bill being big or not.
    And, imagine how much they cash in when doing it several times a day with so many other customers that do not even get they were charged “plus”.
    Therefore for what we need this stuff Choice
    For what we need an intermediate service that do not help at all?
    For what they deserve to be paid?
    What's the reason for using such a service that shows itself so irresponsible from all sides, not giving a damn to your case- always throwing the responsibility to the Twilight Zone? BTW, we paid a lot for the stay and the room was dirty, the restroom has hair in the areas of accumulation of germs, and I myself passed a lot of Lysol before using it.
    The floor was stinky. There are many other Hotels better than this and more respectful to you, at least as I tracked later on in San Francisco area. Today, I refrain from having business with Choice Do not get lured by the Points of Choice privileges and their easy “portal”. I do not believe that the high executive echelon of the company knows how, in my opinion, inferior, irritating and with what a disdain their Customer cares and its manager has treated customers. I advise to write to the high echelon. I wish re-conquered their once outstanding position of excellence in the Hotels Services.

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  • Da
    David p Wade 3 Oct 21, 2018

    @Rinah You are so right ! I had the same problem. stayed 2 nights 2 separate times and nothing !
    When you call you get a line of BS from all operators.

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  • Sh
    Shirley Davis Jan 22, 2008

    My complaint, and I have had this happen more than once, is being charged for the safety box. One must be very sure to tell the desk person when checking in you don't want the security box and then when checking out check the bill thoroughly. The charge is different in all motels -- I have been charged $1.00 and $1.50. That adds up over a months time when they can do this and get away with it.

    I have favored Choice hotels in the past, however, am changing my mind about their facilities.

    The privileges they tout do not turn out to be as described. Example - stay two nights and get one free is a farce.

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  • Ko
    Kory Vering Feb 11, 2008

    One thing that i noticed is to not book your room through choice privalges. Always call the hotel. When you use the internet you will always pay an extra 5 to 15 dollars for a room. I have pretty much found this to be true. Other than that i have had no problems with choice privalges.

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  • Sh
    sharon windon-handy Jul 06, 2008

    staying in quality hotel @2261 n causeway bld metarie, la 70001 been here as of july 02, 2008 and my departure date is july 07, 2008 and i have not been credited for this stay. front desk nice some of maint. sorry would not upgrade my raggy TV like in the newer rooms. Also i had a very nice cleaning lady name terri ware and front desk lady name patrice. They are the two best people in the hotel. Thank you for two lovely people. everyone else need to take lessons on being nice especially the lady cook for breakfast. thanks again; sharon windon-handy

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  • Ch
    chase Jul 15, 2008

    you are credited with your points 72 hours AFTER check out. So check out, and check back in if you want your points soon.

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  • Ga
    GARY E. HACKWITH Aug 13, 2008


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  • An
    Anonymous Hard Worker Jul 25, 2009

    The Quality Inn hotel in Carrollton is not the best place to spend the night when visiting Carrollton, Georgia. The room was uncomfortable and the guest who stayed at the hotel was very loud.

    The employees at the hotel are very helpful in helping you get checked in and the parking lot was clean and there were good parking near my room. My biggest complaint is that the guest who spent the night there. I spent the night there on July 3, 2009 and there was a youth baseball team spending the night there because of a baseball tournament happening somewhere in Carrollton/West Georgia Area. The team was very loud and I could hear people talking outside my room all night from 10 PM until 2 AM. I didn’t sleep well as a result and I could not wait to leave the hotel.

    Would I recommend this hotel? I would not recommend this hotel if you are solo traveler or traveling with your family. It’s a good place to spend the night if you are traveling with a group. If you are spending the night in Carrollton, try to spend the night at the Holiday Inn, the Hampton Inn or the Jameson Inn or drive 20 minutes north to Bremen and spend the night at one of the many hotels in Bremen. Although the hotel cost around $60.00 a night with a room with a refrigerator and a microwave, try to spend the night elsewhere if you can.

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  • Dl
    dlakers Jul 28, 2009

    Ok, I will go spend the night elsewhere like you suggested. But do you really think those hotels are not going to have teams also. Of course they will. All hotels do.

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  • Ba
    Bakin Jan 05, 2010

    I read the reviews of the Comfort Inn in Toledo Ohio on Secor Road and did not want to stay but a large group that we were with had reservations so I booked. What a nasty place!!! Filthy carpet, dirty doors, and we had to change rooms because the smell was so overwhelming in our room. The suspicion amongst our friends was a very strong bug spray!!! It isn't hard to be clean. Never to stay at a Comfort Inn again, did I mention that this was the second Comfort Inn on the trip and I said the same thing that night?

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  • Stayed four days in January 2011...price different upon arrival, hidden fees(pet fee) not told when making reservation a week before. Thieves in the housecleaning area. One was arrested a week ago 3/2011. Had stolen items taken during our stay. Manager will not talk with you face to face. Need I say More!!! Negative Reviews from other guests...police are there every night, with a problems!

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  • Wi
    wishfulthinkerinColorado Apr 13, 2011

    I have the misfortune of working the Choice Privileges Service Center in Colorado. From the number of complaints I hear every day, I can tell you that one of two things is happening: either the marketing geniuses at corporate are too stupid to put together a rewards program that is easy and efficient to use, or they are deliberately making every promotion so complicated that even the Elite members can't figure it out. I think I know which it is, but you decide. By the way, Choice Hotels is the most de-humanizing, soul-crushing workplace you could ever imagine. I'll never stay at any of their hotels, even with my employee discount. Choice sucks!

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  • Ve
    verkrum Jul 28, 2011

    Itwas advertised that if you stayed 2 consecutive nights( promotion)you would get a free stay. WRONG!I did and wasn't credited for two consecutive nights. I have stayed 7 nights at choice motels and only was awarded only 5000 pts.What a scam! I will call them several times just to bug them.This false advertisement should be stopped immediately!

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  • Jw
    J W Berry Oct 03, 2011

    Individual Franchises have made the Bonus Rewards program a scam, last summer while on vacation we stated in 4 choice hotels. That should have resulted in 16, 000 bonus points. At three of four hotels the local franchisee reported we had either canceled or didn't show and then re-booked the reservation on their local system. We were completely unaware of this until we checked our point and no points showed. In New Orleans, despite a guaranteed reservation, they also changed the room type to one that didn't fit the needs of myself and my two sons. Because they were overbooked, there was very little they could do to correct it. After numerous calls we did get two of the stays listed for points, but not New Orleans. So our point total was around 9000, not the 16, 000 to which we were entitled. I have patiently gone up the ladder the CEO's office, [no response, not even a form letter] but no one really cares. Beware of any promises they make, including room guarantees as they are meaningless. Book there only if you want that hotel and price, keep checking as to the room until you arrive. When 3 out of 4 hotels actively work to negate them I think calling it a Scam is reasonable.

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  • La
    lasallerd Dec 06, 2012

    my experience is the same stayed the night i thought i was going to get free night but never got the points even when i called an complaned they opened a case for me but never made any efort to resolve my case i will never use choice hotels agian

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  • Sa
    sangel Dec 18, 2012

    Just want to make sure that all you complainers of the "Room Guarantee" understand...the guarantee is for a room, not the room type!

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  • Be
    Been Violated Apr 11, 2014

    We have used Choice Hotels for a number of years, and usually stay in Comfort Inns/Suites. This February we took a motor trip down south to New Orleans, from New England, and used the online reservation service along the way. That was fine, BUT, upon checking in, we found that MOST of the franchise owners/Innkeepers were of Indian or Pakistani descent. While that, in itself SHOULD not be a problem, what we found was, having given these people our NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, CREDIT CARD NUMBERS and EVEN OUR DRIVER LICENSE (which they PHOTOCOPY) upon check-in at these places, we IMMEDIATELY began getting SPAM PHONE CALLS of INDIAN/PAKISTANI/FOREIGN CALL CENTER Origin on our HOME PHONE while we were away. When we got home, we had THREE WEEKS worth of SPAM/SPOOFED/SCAM calls on our answering machine and Caller ID; as many as SIX DAILY. This continued for FIVE WEEKS AFTER we returned home, as well. All in all, we received about 75 SPAM PHONE CALLS in a two month period.

    While we have gotten these calls in the past, we had them fairly well 'tamped down' to only 2-3 weekly, and sometime less than six monthly with various tactics including picking up/hanging up without answering to break the calls and 'confuse' the robodialers, as well as using TWO CALL BLOCKING systems. Obviously, when we were on vacation, we were not there to do that, and the calls built up and increased in frequency as we went along on our vacation, and immediately afterward.

    Coincidence? I don't think so. Most of these innkeepers were HEAVILY ACCENTED, telling us that they were NOT born in this country and thus were IMMIGRANTS. They EASILY could have friends and family back home to GIVE, TRADE or SELL our information to, and get us on all kinds of SPAMMERS LISTS overseas, where US. laws are not easily enforced. They think they are superior to Americans, ESPECIALLY if they practice Middle Eastern and other Asian religions, and feel NO loyalty to us, this country nor our laws. Most are simply trying to save up enough here to one day RETURN to their home countries to live in relative luxury there by native standards.

    We complained to CHOICE HOTELS HEADQUARTERS in early March 2014, but they did NOTHING; did not even respond. (Of Course.)

    From now on, we will give out a FALSE phone number on our registration forms; maybe the number of our local police department or sheriff's office. THEN when THOSE numbers get SPAMMED, then perhaps something will be DONE about it.

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  • No
    noash Nov 14, 2014

    I recently stayed at the Quality Inn Ontario Airport Convention Center, and booked the room on, expecting to get the rewards points and fulfill the requirements for the current stay 2 separate times get 1 night free promotion.

    I selected the Stay and Fly Package, as I was going to stay at the hotel for one night and leave my car there. This is the PPKFLY Rate, and according to the website, is eligible for Choice Privileges points.

    However, after 1.5 weeks, I never received points for this stay. I submitted an online webform requesting the missing points, and was told that the stay is not eligible for points. I called customer service and was told that the stay is not eligible for points. I asked to speak to the customer service representative’s manager, and the manager was rude to me, made me wait on hold, and then I was told that the stay is not eligible for points.

    But I paid over $100 (with tax) for a hotel room, and parking, for a package that the website says is eligible for points. How can such a mistake by the Choice Privileges Rewards program be repeated over and over again? And on top of that, the level of customer service by the representative’s manager is below satisfactory, to put it nicely.

    I called and spoke to a customer service representative, and was told again that my stay did not qualify for points because it was the PPKFLY Rate. I asked to speak to the associate’s manager, because clearly there had been some mistake. At this point I have filled-out 2 missing points requests on the website, and spent time waiting on hold, hoping to resolve this issue.

    After waiting on hold again, the manager gets on the phone with me, and tells me that because my stay was the PPKFLY Rate, and I did not stay at the hotel, I only parked there, that I was not eligible for points. She was very condescending towards me and said she was sure that I saw that when I made my reservation online, I saw that it was not eligible for points. Then I explained that I did stay at the hotel overnight, and she did not believe me. She asked again if I actually stayed there, and got a physical room key, or did I just park there? I repeated myself, and said yes, I did stay there. Then she said that she had to call the hotel and verify that information, and then put me on hold.

    I am pretty tired of being poorly treated, ignored, and put on hold at this point. Then, she comes back on the line and tells me that I did indeed stay there, and that I was not eligible to earn points for that stay because it was the PPKFLY Rate.
    Why did she need to verify with the hotel, and put me on hold, if it did not change anything? Why did she ask me repeatedly if I stayed the night there? And why, when the online reservation system clearly says that the rate is eligible for points, why am I told that the stay is not eligible to earn points?

    I have spent several hours of my time dealing with this. I have been a Choice Privileges member for 7 years, and I am very unhappy with the way things are going now. I have planned tens of hotel stays with this chain because of the rewards program, and now I am losing points, time, and money.

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  • Co
    Colorado Ripoff Jul 06, 2015

    I stayed at Cambria Hotel because it was part of Choice Hotels and it wold qualify me for a $50 card. When I checked in, my employer received a discounted rate. As I paid, I looked up my Choice Hotels member number so I could get my second stay recorded and even referenced that when I gave my info to the front desk agent. After my stay, I received a survey to my personal information. I shared that I was not impressed and found some stuff below standard. I did not give my personal information, but the GM of the hotel called me a few days later. I was shocked to receive the call because I intentionally did not include my personal information in the survey.

    A few weeks go by and I log on to see how I could get my $50 card. I was surprised and disappointed to see my second stay not count toward the card. I spent the next 90 minutes on the phone with a total of four people - with a bulk of that time, 60 minutes or so, being time sitting on hold.

    One person, Valerie, seemed interested in trying to resolve my issue. The other three people meaninglessly said "I understand" and did nothing at all to resolve my issue. At one point, after over an hour, I told a rep to either tell me I am receiving the card due to me or cancel my membership. At this point, she kept asking me for my name and contact information, something had given her (and two others at that point) already. She refused to cancel my membership, so I asked to speak to a supervisor. She told me it would be one minute. Approximately 20 minutes later, a supervisor came on and said that the hotel, not choice hotels, is responsible for accepting or rejecting my stay. I stated that I had never heard of the hotel until I found it on the website and that they cannot just deflect responsibility to the hotel, because I trusted choicehotels.

    I said that I was not interested in dealing with choice htoels anymore and that they will get the benefit of the 14, 000+ points I had (I could actually have purchased a $50 gift card for $22, according to their website). I knew I was taking a loss, in addition to the 90 minutes on the phone, but the principle of the matter made it the right thing to do with such a company.

    My impression was worsened when the supervisor stated that the length of the time I was on hold to resolve my issue was out of their control - including denying that staffing the call center for the volume of calls they get was their responsibility.

    I had to fight for the credit of my four-day stay a month earlier - another call with tons of time wasted on hold and calling multiple times before it was resolved.

    I would have stayed at another hotel if I was not trying to earn the $50 card. To not be told that my stay would not or even may not count based on the rate they were giving me, I would not have stayed there. In addition, I am disappointed that my honesty was used against me in retaliation. I also did not appreciate receiving a call when I did not authorize my information to be associated with the survey.

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  • Bl
    bls005 May 09, 2016

    The whole chain is a rip off, Pretty simple advertising, stay 2 get 3rd free.Nothing about points. Third night is in parking lot in your car with no ammenities,

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  • Da
    Dan Coyle May 18, 2017

    Baddabook baddaboom

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  • Ge
    Genevieve Ross Jul 16, 2018

    I started my membership in May 2018. I accumulated enough for a free night stay including the option of using my remaining points + cash for an additional free night stay at any choice hotel stay. Unfortunately, the website would not allow my husband to charge "his" card on "my" member account. Their explanation was to avoid fraudulent activity.Although I understood the reasons behind the safeguard, O was unable to find the rules and regulations or policy of redeeming points. Unfortunately, I did find this statement, "Choice may change the amount of Choice Privileges points required for a free night of any hotel at any time without notice. Choice may add, modify or delete Program terms or conditions with or without notice, and may terminate the Program at any time.You may not combine your points with points belonging to anyone else, including your spouse."

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