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I went in to Children's place in Miami, FL on Flagler Street on 12/24/17. I took some shoes and a head band for exchange with receipt and tags. They stated because of store policies they were unable to exchange my purchases because it was passed the date of return. I wasn't asking for my money back simply just an exchange for bigger shoes (because they were too small on my daughter). The cashier was very unhelpful, like she had no idea what to say because she was afraid to say the wrong thing, then I asked for the manager and she shrugged her shoulders and said "sorry" can't do anything.
That's so wrong to treat any costumer that way. I worked in costumer service for many years and was always taught try and make sure the costumer leaves happy and to always find a solution, obviously Children's Place has a different idea and "policies". Very disappointed at Children's Place and the unhelpful staff.

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    Update on my compliant!

    I had a children's place rep contact me and they gave me $25 in Children's Place reward points to use for a bigger size on the shoes. Now that's COSTUMER SERVICE!

    Thank you Chris!


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    Rational Human Dec 27, 2017

    They have very CLEAR policies. 45 days return or exchange. 45 days is VERY generous as most stores only offer 30 days and some offer only 14. 45 days is a LONG time to return/exchange items. Your purchase was made over 45 days ago. They could be a previous season's wardrobe. They did nothing wrong.

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    Ivonne S Dec 27, 2017
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    @Rational Human Like I said EXCHANGE for BIGGER size! Product was still in the store, plus the attitude and not willing to help is something VERY wrong!

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