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K Apr 08, 2018 Review updated:

Sunday March 8 2018 I went to your store #1213 California Tyler Mall I bought a lot of merchandise but the line was really long and only 1 checkout lane it is very disappointing that being such a busy store only 1 check-out and then I was very upset that I wanted to purchase a backpack for my daughter and they couldn't get the SKU none of the bags had it they has to call other stores the people were waiting in line it was to much of a wait so i just left


  •   Apr 08, 2018

    Probably short handed. People who complain about having to wait in line should just shop online from now on.

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  • K
      Apr 08, 2018

    @Wine Is Good Did I ask for your opinion. I did not so shut up and mind your own business.

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  •   Apr 08, 2018

    @KimberIy727 Did I touch a nerve? When you post stupid [censor] on a public forum you can expect to get responses to how stupid you sound. Poor poor little Kimberly who can't take the heat. You can dish it out though can't you?

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