Chicosthe poorest example friendly and efficient online customer service


After realizing a recent online return had been shorted by two items totaling approx $60, I called Chicos customer service. What happened next is something that I have never experienced before and is a example in customer service of what never to do. As an avid online shopper, I have experienced friendly service reps and supervisors committed to customer satisfaction with every retailer I've ever called.

In contrast, Chicos online service reps apparently have no training in customer satisfaction; they are trained to offend and disappoint customers. It was shocking to me that Chicos told me they could not refund the $60 they owe me for the warehouse's mistake. They said I didn't call them quickly enough to report the mistake. I repeatedly asked, "What is the time restriction for customers to report your warehouse's mistake?" and could never get a direct answer. It's a judgment call as to how long is too long apparently. So, rather than take my word for it, considering I had an hour invested in researching and reporting the mistake, they told me to call American Express and dispute the charge.

I couldn't believe my ears. I asked the Chicos supervisor how it makes sense for me to dispute the charge that will ultimately result in Chicos being forced to issue the credit, and put both Chicos and Amerian Express through unnecessary dispute paperwork? He said that's how it had to be done.

So, rather than resolve their warehouse inventory mistake easily, Chicos is indifferent to losing a customer and would rather have me tell 500 people how they are failing as a retailer. Rather than concede the warehouse made an honest mistake scanning in the return or consider that maybe a warehouse employee stole the merchandise, they chose to take issue with my not asking for the credit I'm owed fast enough. For the record, no major retailer has ever had or will have a problem with a customer reporting an error 60 days later.


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    pobarjenkins Nov 25, 2017

    I'm guessing that the supervisor advised you to dispute the charge because that's what his superiors advised him. It's possible, even though they have essentially no chance of winning, that they want to see if AmEx will rule in their favor.

    "For the record, no major retailer has ever had or will have a problem with a customer reporting an error 60 days later."
    This certainly isn't true.

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