Chico'sForgot to give me discount


I purchased items online from Chico's. Shortly after the items arrived I received a letter saying "Ops - we forgot to give you your $20.00 off your online order so we are sending you this card worth $20." When you look at the card, good from March 24 - April 5 - you hae to spend $80 to get the $20.00 off. I came away with nothing!!!


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      Nov 10, 2009

    All you have to do is call their customer service number and talk to someone.
    Chico's is very good at accomodating their customers.

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      Aug 08, 2016
    Chico's - short changed
    West Des Moines
    United States

    My 80 year old mother was short changed by $50 by the assistant manager in this store. She gave the clerk a $100 and the clerk only put that it was $50 and only gave change for $50. I personally witnessed the exchange.

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  •   Aug 08, 2016

    For $50, I would have spoken up. If the clerk denied I gave them $100, I would ask the manager to audit the cash register.

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