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The Tribune has been delivered by carriers of the Rockford Register Star for a few years with few problems. The within the last two weeks has reorganized their carriers. A new carrier introduced himself while marking the newspaper delivery boxes - never had a marking before - but we now have a "BLUE REFLECTIVE DOT"! What this indicates, we do not know. We have gotten the Tribune everyday except for "Saturday & Sunday" the last two weeks. We call for the Tribune for redelivery, but this never happens due to our living in the country. We follow up with the Tribune and do get credit. Talking to the results in "talk to the Tribune" response. Some place there is a breakdown in communications with you (the Tribune), delivery coordinator, and the carriers. I truely feel some of the problem lays with the list of delivery addresses and the marking of the boxes where the Tribune is to be received. (Word has it, the has been in a big mess since the reorganization of their carriers and deliveries.)

Oct 06, 2019

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