Channel 7lack of cricket coverage

A Nov 04, 2018 Review updated:

For months during the last footy season, Chnl 7 promoted their coming cricket season coverage with comments like: "T20's. ODI's, Test Matches - all free to air through the Channels of 7".

As a Perth resident I initially thought the lack of cricket coverage today may have been due to today's ODI being played in Perth. I then Googled Sydney & Melbourne TV guides. No cricket promoted there on the Channels of 7.

So much for your dishonest promotion. Be assured, Chnl 7 will now be my very last viewing choice.



  • Pe
    Peter Annandale Nov 05, 2018
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    Verified customer

    What a joke, they couldn't lie straight in bed. Seven's out for me (can't afford a Foxtel subscription. Always hated the way they sell their subscription model).

    This is going to back fire on Seven..

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  • Ga
    Gary Duel Dec 13, 2018

    Completely agree, Bloody morning show Horoscope, what a load of C#$P!! INSTEAD OF THE CRICKET
    % or ^ more years of this S#*T

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  • Ke
    Ken Duncan Dec 21, 2018
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    even yesterday and this morning advertising T20 big bash Perth scorchers well free too air my but and you want to watch all your repeats instead your company tells huge lies, media like Polly's fork tongue KD Ken

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  • Th
    Three lions Jan 29, 2019

    Give the cricket back to Chanel's 10 and 9, Chanel 7 are totally useless, unless its the afl Chanel 7 can't do any sports properly

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