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This company has an extremely tiresome process for verifying the customer by asking them to upload scans of front and back of an ID and then taking a "selfie" with customer supposed to be holding up their ID.

The only possible means of getting one of these approved is to use a smartphone with the Google Chrome browser and have Chrome take the picture after logging in to the website. Their Android app is useless and the selfie doesn't work from a desktop PC with webcam. I've only had one transaction approved and that was the purchase of ~0.057 BTC and paying with a debit card.

I have been waiting for three days after requesting that amount be transferred to a wallet address. They escalated this to an Advanced Compliance Officer Friday evening almost three days ago. It shows as Pending, with approval required.

They have stopped replying to my emails askking them what's the hold up. They said that it's in the queue and they'lll get to it. But they don't say when or why they are not transferring a relatively modest purchase of $500 that cleared immediately, and so they have my funds and they refuse to send me the 0.[protected] they purchased for me. My account balances there show $0.02 in USD and zero BTC, but I spend $500 there and they refuse to send me the ~0.057 BTC

When contacting support, make sure to mention youruser ID: up128303638

Is this a scam where they tame people's money? It sure seems so.

  • Resolution statement

    Brian Keeper called me apparently because he saw the complaint I posted here about them letting me deposit funds with one ID a driver's license but in order to withdraw funds he told me in writing that i'd need to provide a second ID, either a national identity card or a passport. Complaining here solved my problem. They transferred the BTC to my wallet and that's the last transaction i'll be doing with them.

  • Updated by David I. C., Oct 07, 2019

    Why would it take 72 hours for them to process a very simple withdrawal of my BTC to a wallet address? They don't say. What is the private information being referred to? Every BTC transaction is public, so what is the confidential private information that only a tiny number of their support staff is allowed to access?
    Ashley Felton (CEX.IO)
    Oct 7, 17:32 BST
    Dear David,

    Thank you for the request.

    I would be happy to assist you, however, your query is related to the private information which I don't have access to, so I have to ask my colleagues from Compliance Department to take a look and provide you with the solution on this matter.

    I have already transferred your case with all the details to the Compliance Support Specialist.
    Please be assured that the response with all the guidelines will arrive at your mailbox soon.

    Your patience is highly appreciated.
    Best regards,
    Ashley Felton
    Customer Support Specialist

  • Updated by David I. C., Oct 08, 2019

    "When contacting support, make sure to mention your user ID: up128303638 "

    RE: Request #947768:

    On October 4, I deposited $500 USD to my account from a debit card and it cleared immediately. The customer verification was performed using my state-issued driver's license. At no time did they indicate to me that my funds might be held by them indefinitely if I was unable to provide them with an additional form of ID.

    They have given no reason to find any fault or deficiency of my driver's license until I tried to transfer out a relatively modest first transaction. It's not like there's anything suspicious about trying to "buy" $500 USD of BTC and withdraw the BTC.

    After the deposit was accepted based on meuploading my driver's license and taking a selfie I converted the $500 to ~0.057 BTC and requested a withdrawal of the BTC to a wallet address.

    They never did anything to try to transfer the BTC. My account balance shows $0.02 USD and 0 BTC. Where did my money go? It's in limbo and they won't transfer the ~0.057 BTC to me because they want a second form of identification, which I don't have.

    My state-isssued driver's license was good enough to let them take my $500 deposit and they have the cleared funds for over 100 hours by now. They are refusing to transfer the ~0.057 BTC to me because they say they want an additional ID from me.

    This is outrageous! It is outright and blatant stealing of customer funds. The amazing thing is that they'd do this for such a small amount. These people must be really sick and desperate to be stealing $500 in this manner.
    RE: Request #947768:

    From Brian Keeper (CEX.IO)
    Oct 3, 10:35 BST
    Dear David Chanin,

    Thank you for getting back to us.

    Please note that you will need to provide second ID in order to get your identity verified. Unfortunately, it cannot be accepted based on your driver's license only.

    We apologize if you are inconvenienced in any way.
    Best Regards,
    Brian Keeper
    Compliance Support Specialist

  • Updated by David I. C., Oct 08, 2019

    I have no other ID to provide. I ssent you high-quality 1200-dpi scans of my NM driver’s license.

    You accepted that ID as good enough to let me deposit $500 and that cleared immediately.

    So you had my money right from the get-go. And you let me convert USD to BTC. But you failed to honor your 24-hour timeframe to transfer the funds out. And days later you find a Brian Keeper whose name is very apt if his job is to steal money from your customers.

    I enabled international calling on my telephone so I can call you people in the UK and report your fraudulent business to the local authorities.

    Maybe another person would just it and accept the $500 loss but I will keep pestering you and filing complaints to your police or whomever, because this is outright FRAUD to take my money based on my driver’s license and then after a few days to ponder it, you come up with the excuse that I need additional ID card(s) in order for you to provide the service you promised to deliver.

  • Updated by David I. C., Oct 08, 2019

    If there is anything deficient about the ID I provided to them, they have not given any indication of their reasons for keeping my ~0.057 BTC in limbo, with the transfer shown as Pending Verification, and they keep telling me that I have failed to provide them with proper ID.

    Well, if that's so and it took them a full day to realiize that, then itt was their mistake to be taking my deposit in the first place, n'et pas? And then the only logical and sure path of rectification would be for them to refund my $500 back to its source account.

    They do have a refund policy and a refund application which they say must be requested from them. I have requested the refund form, but they have ignored that request, and I am now requesting a full refund of my $500 back to the funding account.

    At four days later than my expected receipt of the ~0.057 BTC I no longer have need for such. Therefore, please issue me an immediate $500 USD refund, or you could explain right here to the world your justification to be taking my $500 in this manner to enter it into limbo by listing it as a pending transfer, (pending Godot, ) and withholding my funds indefinitely, an act which is very aptly termed theft or stealing.

    It is an outrage that this outfit is so deranged and criminal and desperate enough to steal a customer's $500 in this manner. If they steal my $500 so blatantly they'll have no compunction in stealing your $5 K or $50 K.

  • Updated by David I. C., Oct 08, 2019

    Since my ID is not good enough for them, after they close my account by issuing a full $500 refund, they can bar me forever from doing any business with them. God help anyone stupid enough to send them money after seeing how they treat their customers. If I'd checked the complaints here prior to funding that account I wouldn't send them my money even if they were the only cryptocurrency exchange in the world, which they're not.

  • Updated by David I. C., Oct 09, 2019

    The reason I'm so angry is their utter arrogance and superiority in addressing the customer who failed to follow their new rule of requiring two forms of ID to withdraw purchased BTC, while only one form of ID is required to deposit funds there. I must have submitted my ID at least ten times to them after seeing their message to do it again, and again, and again, stupidly believing that they couldn't read the pictures. No, if they don't like your ID they send the same exact message every time. It doesn't matter where your supposed mistake was, maybe you mistyped the driver's license number or you made a mistake in the issue and expiration dates, all of which have to be entered on a form, or if they don't like one of the three photos you supply, front of ID, back of ID, and a "selfie" holding your ID, well, God help you in knowing which of item they didn't like. Because they don't tell you what you did wrong ... only that you have to do it again, and again, and again.

    Errors in Identity Verification Application
    There are some errors in your verification application form.

    Your identity document was rejected because:
    Obligatory documents missing

    Your selfie was rejected because:
    Additional photo/info is needed

    Compliance officer's comments:
    1. We kindly ask you to upload a photo of your national ID card (both sides) or a national passport (both pages clearly seen, open like a book). 2. Please upload readable focused selfie with this document in hand.

  • Updated by David I. C., Oct 09, 2019

    Just now as I was adding the exact message they sent me ten times leading me to resubmit my driver's license ten times my phone rings and it's CEX.IO calling with Brian Keeper on the phone, with a heavy Russian accent.

    He told me that I was wrong in thinking they wanted an additional form of ID to withdraw my BTC to my own private wallet. He said that they have had many fraudulent transactions and they needed to talk to me to verify that the wallet address I gave them on October 3 was my own wallet address. I said, yes, of course, and I suggested to him that someone who is native English speaker read the message they sent me telling me to resubmit my identity documents, because that's not what CEX.IO has been telling me is the reason for not going through with the withdrawal of ~0.057 BTC. Mr. Keeper assured me that the transfer would now go through. I'll check back later giving them at least an hour for the transaction to be verified and appear in my wallet.

  • Updated by David I. C., Oct 09, 2019

    Received 9:12 am 0.[protected] BTC

    Glory Hallelujah!

  • CEX.IO Customer Care's Response, Oct 10, 2019

    Dear David I. C.,

    Thank you for sharing your perspective on the overall situation with us.

    Please accept our apologies if the procedure looked to you cumbersome or bring some inconveniences.

    After mindfully checking your commentary posted here, we have noticed the points that could have been misunderstood. So, we would like to bring more light and clarify it for you. We do hope that it can smooth your impression of our company.

    Here at CEX.IO, we seek to bring the possibility of crypto trading to our customers in a safe, regulated and efficient manner. So certain verification procedures have been developed and must be passed by every user.

    So let's begin with the question about the private information and why certain agents do not have access to such kind of details.

    As you may notice, our Support Team is stratified in different sub-teams in order to efficiently process the users' requests. You were going through two different procedures: Obtaining Identity Verification level (which requires a National ID to be sent for completion) and precaution security check which in some cases performed to ensure users' funds' safety.

    Only authorized personnel from our Compliance Department can proceed with both of the procedures as they have the appropriate information access level needed. That is why your requests were transferred accordingly.

    Before we were able to verify that the transactions are being conducted directly by you, the withdrawal option has been suspended.

    Then, after additional confirmation by phone, this function was resumed and your withdrawal was processed normally.

    This function availability was not connected to the documentation we requested for Identity Verification as you may assume and we are sorry for provoking such misunderstanding.

    We hope for your understanding and further fruitful cooperation with you.

Oct 07, 2019

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