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unethical behaviour, not returning personal information and discrimination against children

RE: Complain about Dealership below:
Central Ave Crysler, Jeep, Dodge, RAM
1839 Central Park Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10710
Dear Sir/ Madam,
I wish to file a complaint about the dealership that I was connected through True Car concerning the unprofessional behavior and poor service from, Jarred Daniels Sales Manager. During our interaction, he had a chewing gum in his mouth, looking-talking down on us, and acting like he was doing us a favor just by being there. At the end of the interaction, I asked his manager's name and contact information to make a complain, but he told me that, he is the only manager, he does not do business with the people he does not want and told me the leave the dealership without giving any personal information and paperwork that signed by me and my husband. I have seen other salesman, looking at me, rolling his eyes, and laughing, and when I asked him, "what is so funny about me, tell me so I can laugh with you" he told me at least 5 times "Who are you?". I had to call police to get my papers back.
I don't know if General Manager encourages their salespeople to behave in this manner, but I find it completely unacceptable and unprofessional.

Please find the details of the poor and unprofessional services that I had to face below for your review.

8/10/2018: I was connected to 3 different dealerships by True Car, but we wanted to come to the dealership in Yonkers, as an existing customer.
8/11/2018: Around 3: 30 pm, we arrived to dealership and met with Alejendro Sepulveda, Sales Consultant. As soon as we met with him, I provided code. I also requested my name to be on the registration to be able to get pan "RN License". He assured us that it is very easy, but after registration I have to go back to DMV with my license to request. We only look at 2 DOGDE DURANGO, one of them was preowned with around $33.000 price, and the next one was DURANGO GT AWD with $40.495 base price. We decided to buy the new one with 3 seats in the middle row. After several back and forth conversation between Alejendro and his manager, it was verbally agreed to trade out previous Jeep for $12.000 and verbally agreed that the price to be $40.000 even with the coupons that I provided. He also stated that he will provide free oil change. Right before we leave, Alejendro introduced Felicia Liriano Sales Consultant to us and stated that she will be taking over our case with the agreement of meeting on 8/15/2018 to pick up the new vehicle from the dealership and return our vehicle with title back to the dealership. We left the dealership.

8/14/2018: Felicia Liriano Sales Consultant and my husband spoke on the phone.

8/15/2018: Felicia Liriano informed me at 3 pm that I have submit SSN before 3: 30 pm. Since I was working, I provide my husband's phone number for his assistance. On 8/15/2018, around 5 pm, my husband and I with 3 children arrived to the dealership. Felicia welcomed us outside, assist us to park our vehicle and brought the new vehicle. Then, we walked inside to sign the paperwork. As requested, I also provided a copy of SSN, passport and court issued name chance document. As we were signing paperwork, Letisha informed us that my name was not on the registration and on the place, only on the title. When we mentioned that this was not the agreement, we specifically requested my name on the registration, she told us that she will need to discuss with her manager. While she was discussing with her manager, I also discussed with my husband. Letisha offered to provide a new plate with additional charge of $200. This was the first mistake that we, as customer has to pay for Alejendro's mistake. I was already exhausted, so I just wanted to pick up the vehicle and leave. After about spending 30 minutes to review and sign papers, finally, we came to the contract. On the contract, I saw little over $45.000 as vehicle price. When we told Letisha that this was not the agreement, we agreed on $40.000 with financing. She did some calculation and told us that something does not match. When I asked her if Alejendro provide any report when he was transferring our case to you, her response was amazing. She told us that Alejendro only handed the paperwork, and she had go by whatever he wrote on the papers. When my husband saw higher price than what was agreed on 8/11/2018, he told me that he will not get the vehicle. After spending 2 days and about 10 hours with 3 children, I was extremely upset. Letisha stated that she needed to discuss this with her manager. I heard Letisha explained everything to her manager that we told her. Then, she came back and told us that manager will come and speak with us.

Jarred Daniels Sales Manager, came to the table, sat down and introduce himself as manager without his name. From the beginning, he had a chewing gum in his mouth, looking-talking down on us, and acting like he was doing you a favor just by being there. Instead of trying to solve the issue or simply apologize by accepting the discrepancy, he was there just to tell us "we did not understand what was discussed and agreed". When I see that I got upset and try to tell him that all this Alejendro's fault, again, instead of solving the problem, he decided show me the power of being a manager by educating me that I have to be respectful to him while he was chewing his gum. When I mentioned that chewing gum is disrespectful, he just ignored and continue to chew his gum. Then, he took all the paperwork from the table and left. He played with his computer and phone conversation with couple of people. Even though I am the one who is purchasing the car, he called out my husband for him to go his desk to tell him that it was not the agreement and decided to break the contact with my husband. When I see that, I approached him to ask for an appropriate person to make an official complain and request all the paperwork back. He told me that he is the only manager, he not giving any paperwork back that I signed or has PHI back to me. He also told me that he already returned the deposit back, he does not do any business with the people he does not want and asked me to leave. I asked him again to return my PHI and signed papers as they already broke the trust, he simply ignored me, took all the papers and walked away. I screamed after him to return my papers but he refused. I told him that if he does not give all of my papers, I am going to call police, he told me "go ahead". With the permission form the powerful manager, I called 911, and transferred to Yonkers Police Department. He refused to talk to them and they dispatch the police to store. As soon as he heard that the police were coming, he decided to give papers to my husband but I told him not to take as the manager asked for me to call the police. While all of this happening, there was another sales consultant, who was not involved in my case, leaning at the window by managers desk, looking at me, rolling his eyes and laughing. When I asked him "What is so funny about me, tell me so I can laugh with you". Powerful manager told me to his sales man alone while his salesman was asking me at least 10 times "Who are you?". I thought I was the customer, and he was the salesperson but it appears that he does not know his limitations. I am not sure how acceptable to make fun of with the customer with rolling eyes and laughing. While I was waiting for police officers, staff became extremely rude and as well as visibly unpleasant with the children. It must be my fault not have any corner for kids to spend time.

After this bad treatment, I made several attempts to connect with General Manager just to discuss the trust level that this is not the way Company wishes to conduct business with valued customers. Unfortunately, none of requests are returned and simply ignored. I attempted to contact to Principal of the dealership on my own, by checking Google and Linked in but none of my attempts have been successful.

Please do not hesitate to contact to me by phone at [protected] if there is anything I can assist with.
Zehra Duran-Odabas

repair to my jeep

went on 9 /17 to shut off my engine light replacedmed evap hosetotal 99..75 next day vehicle shut off and light came on almost had a bad accidentbrought it back to chrysler the next morn jeep had no power inursed it back to the dealer on the next bill he states the evap hose was replaced 9/08 not true derrick the service person said it was the spark plugs wich were replaced by white plains chrysler at 30000 being aretired mechanic im 81 its hard to believe i have all the bills this time to replace the plugs was 261.60 respectfully joseph battista