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I continue to get phone calls from this collection agency even though when I was finally able to talk with a person I told him there was no one by the name they were asking for at my address, nor had there ever been. I asked them to stop calling me. The next call I got from them was very nasty telling me the calls would continue until I responded and talked to them about the debt I owe and there was nothing I could do about it. Call was very threatening.

I've never been behind in a payment of any kind to any person so these nasty calls upset me.

I might add I am 74 and don't need to be harrassed by CBCS. Latest call today was from a James at [protected]


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    Cheryl May 31, 2009
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    My mother had a similar problem with the exact same company, they were calling her for my brother. My brother had just got his phone and even though my mother had it programmed into the phone she can't remember it, the phone is a cheap one, you cannot check the calls recieved or saved numbers while you are using the phone. When my mother told the woman that it wasn't my brothers # and to please stop calling the woman said "We will call you as much as we want, you can't stop us." Then she got a call from James and when she said that that wasn't my brothers # he asked her for the number and she said that she wasn't sure what it was because it was programed into the phone and she couldn't check it and he told her "If you don't know your sons phone number then you must not love him" these people need to be stopped.

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