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The money was in the account on the 28th as per our agreement i have a listing of transactions on my account for the 28th.
You made no attempt to take the money out on the 28th. Legally you are in default. This i will turn into the federal trade
Commission as to cashnetusa not abiding by the designated terms and making attempts to remove money from my account
On an unauthorized date. This is the same reason the loan went into default the first time, your company cannot take
Money out of any account at any time they feel like it. You seem to be making up rules as you go. I will be glad to let
You make a collection attempt, it wold be my pleasure to put this in default status. Any further attempts to remove
Money from my account will be considered theft and you will be liable for all costs, i have a current complaint with
The ftc and my account has been monitored for such acts. It is time for you to abide by the laws governed to protect
Consumers from fraudulent attempts to remove money from their accounts. You are in breech of internet law and will be
Contacted by the ftc. This is what the internet is trying to rid itself of.
This is the email i sent them back, they totally messed up my first checking account. I had to close
And open a new one because they kept trying to take money out that was not there, my nsf
And check fees were in the excess of 400 dollars. Thank god the bank felt sorry for me or
Something they waived all of the fees. I gave them a different account that i had set up monitoring
In and out transactions. They did not try and take the money out until 1. 5 days later. Which again
The theory of payments is you know when the money will be there and arrange accordingly. You
Do not arrange for a payment to be taken out at (Well let's see i will take you r payment out on
No between the 10 th and the 15 th) any time they feel. Hope this will help to get rid of the businesses
That are greedy fast way money makers. They actually fraud you into believing they are here to help.

Bah humbug


  • Lo
    lopero Dec 11, 2009

    they called me that i owed them money i never barrowed. they said if i didnt call back by 530 two officers would visit me at home 7 place of work i called back at first they said that they were sueing me i told them when the loan was taken out & what bank, ( being that i dont have bank account they hung up on me i called back got same lady saying she would have to pull up my file when she had just told me she had all the evidence in front of i call back again a lil mad & said i didnt take out no dam loan the guy said i will not talk to u if u use swear words & hung up . so i called back & really started swearing & he said i will be the one getting introuble for that i told him whatever im not the one treating people & making thier familys worry he hung u . I NEVER TOOK OUT LOAN dammm

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  • Ed
    EdiG Jan 19, 2010

    I can honestly say that this individual is not alone. A strikingly similar situation is currently happening to me with CashNetUsa and now I am waiting to hear from their legal dept. Not only are they a predatory lending company specifically trading on the misfortunes of people in this economy they lie, change their rules at their convenience, make it impossible to talk to someone in authority, hiding instead behind professional collectors to deter any problems. Instead of trying to make things right they created a fiction so that I would give them my new account information and then went back on their word so here I go again trying to stop them from attacking my account illegally.

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  • Pe
    PensiveTara May 07, 2010

    This is a known scam. Whatever you do, DONT PAY See link below for more information

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  • Ma
    Madddddd55 Jul 20, 2011

    A Company called American Legal Services called and said cash was due today or they were filing in court tomorrow. The number that came up on my phone was 1(49). When I called them back they said it was a loan from Cash Net US. They had my last 4 SS#, Bank Name & old address. I never had a loan!!! They number they gave me to call was [protected]. Mans name was Kevin Black with Indian accent. Next time he called I said I will meet you at the court house with lawyer and police...Time will tell

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  • Re
    rebecca Snapp Sep 26, 2011

    Cash net usa cleaned out my checking acct and Im getting threatening phone calls at myh work place from a heavy accent person named Steve Martin who claims to be an attorney and he is threatening to turn me into the New York Police department and put a warrent out for my arrest if I do not pay him 700.00 and he is also going to make me lose myh job!

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  • CashNetUSA_Official Sep 28, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi rebecca Snapp,

    As an employee of CashNetUSA, I can tell you that what you’re experiencing has nothing to do with our business. Our in-house collectors follow strict policies and procedures, industry best practices, and comply with the law, one of the reasons why our customer satisfaction ratings are so high. On top of that, we don't have a Steve Martin working here, we don’t use attorneys to make customer calls, we never interfere with the employment of a customer, and the New York Police Department has nothing to do with our business.

    Without knowing all of the details of your situation, it sounds like you’re experiencing a debt collection scam, using our name to lend it legitimacy.

    Here is a link to our security alert regarding debt collection scams: .

    Please see below on how to assess whether your call(s) are from fake collectors and also below is a list of what to do about these calls. There are two of our specialized numbers to call depending on your specific situation (depending on whether you have or have not taken out a loan from CashNetUSA or our affiliated companies before).

    Recognizing Fake Collectors

    Our in-house collectors follow strict policies and procedures, industry best practices, and comply with the law. These fraudulent collectors do not. You should be suspicious that a collection caller is fraudulent if:
    · You have never received a cash advance from/through CashNetUSA, Payday Advance, Cashland, Cash America or SuperPawn.
    · You received a loan with one of our businesses, but paid it back in full.
    · The caller threatens violence, intimidation or uses foul language.
    · The caller threatens arrest or other criminal action, or references your driver’s license or check fraud.
    · The caller threatens to garnish your wages.
    · The caller is unable or unwilling to provide loan agreement information or payment history when you ask for it.
    According to some of the people who have received fraudulent collection calls:
    · The callers have a strong Indian (Asian), Middle Eastern, or other foreign accent.
    · The caller reads out your bank account, Social Security Number or date ofbirth (this is done by the fake collector to show legitimacy).
    · The caller has very poor English speaking skills.

    Reporting A Fraudulent Collector Call

    · If you have never received a loan from/through CashNetUSA, please call 888.801.9075 to provide us with the details of the incident that we can share with authorities.
    · If you have never received a loan from/through Cash America, Payday Advance, Cashland or Super Pawn, please call 800.773.3147 Ext 3822 to provide us the details of the incident that we can share with authorities.
    · Contact your State Attorney General’s office and the Federal Trade Commission and file a complaint. Use the FTC link and reference “fake payday collection fraud.”
    · Do not give out any personal information to inbound callers.
    · Tell fraudulent callers that you have contacted the authorities and that you have been instructed not to pay or give out any personal information.
    · If you are a current CashNetUSA customer, log in to your online personal account to confirm the status of previous loans. If you are a current Cash America, Payday Advance, Cashland or SuperPawn customer, please contact the customer service number located on your loan documentation.

    For more information, please refer to the CFSA ( or Better Business Bureau ( websites. The FTC has also published a list of Debt Collection Questions and Answers to help consumers found at .

    I hope this information helps, and please call our numbers above with any questions.
    Finally, please know that this information is not provided by a lawyer and is not intended to be legal advice.

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  • Mh
    m. hardy Nov 19, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i took out a payday loan from cashnetusa for $250.00. paid them back on the first of the month as per agreed. then took out another loan for the same amount. because of excessive overdraft fees assesed by my bank my wife and I ceased doing businness with said bank. Shortly thereafter I started receiving harassing phone calls from cashnetusa claiming that my $250 debt had now escalated to $430. Phone calls taking place all hours of the day and night from them threating to take action if I didn't comply. After enduring these calls for over two months I announced to the next caller that I didn't give them permission to record my conversation. This morning I was contacted by a man who identified himself as Richard Erickson from credit debt recovery representing cashnetusa. He said that if I didn't pay them $650 he was going to have me prosecuted for fraud. I informed him that he was comitting wire fraud, violating interstate commerce, loan sharking, and extortion. His phone number is [protected]. He said he was calling from New York. J. My name is M.j. Hardy.

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  • Fj
    fjacobs12 Jun 08, 2012

    I took a loan for $250, which was paid back also. Now they are calling me trying to collect over $600. The harassing phone calls started December 23, 2011 at 6:33 am. I received 5 phone calls prior to 7:00 am on that same day before I turned the call over to my husband. The man on the phone refused to give his name and told my husband that I was a lazy ### and he was going to come to my town and kick my husband's ###. At approximately 8:07 a.m. the same day he called me again and I told him I was having the call traced (the number was unknown). He hung up. I didn't hear anything from them until just now 10:16 am 6/8/12. I told him I don't owe any money to them. I hung up. He called me back immediately and told me that I don't work, I could sit on my fat ### and he was going to sue me. He hung up. These people are unbelievable!

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  • Ke
    keith wars Sep 30, 2013

    I have been getting calls from cashnetusa wanting me to take a loan. I have told them not to call my phone we didn't want their loan. and not to call back. this morning which is the 30th of sept. 2013. I get this call saying they r going to sue me for 475 dollars . which I never got. the man is a from iran r that is what it sounds like. the number is [protected] . I told him we didn't owe him and we would see his sorry ### in court. I called my bank and we have never got a deposit for this amount . I hate people who just want to free ride off of others

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  • Fa
    Faith ESBNB Nov 16, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The following actions are illegal practices that Debt Collectors sometimes engage in: (1) A debt collector fails to honor your request to cease communication with you. (2) A debt collector calls your place of employment after you have given verbal and written notice not to call you at work. (3) A debt collector calls before *:00 am or after 9:00 pm in your time zone. (4) A debt collector makes an excessive number of phone calls (more than 1 call per day). (5) A debt collector falsely claims to be an attorney or sends letters that look like they are from a law firm. (6) A debt collector continues to contact you even after it has been advised that you are being represented by a financial assistance company. (7) A debt collector tells someone other than you, your spouse, or your attorney that you owe its client money. (8) A debt collector misrepresents the amount of money owed, or the legal status of the debt. (9) A debt collector gives false information regarding your credit. (10) A debt collector threatens to garnish your wages or take your personal property. (This can only be done with a court order.) (11) A debt collector threatens you, or your family. (12) A debt collector threatens you with criminal prosecution or implies that you are committing a crime and could be arrested, advertised as a payday loan site. When I got a call from them I was told there were 2 separate pages with a bunch of boxes to check. When I finished no mention was made about the Repayment Information, just told to read over and give the last 4 of social security number as an electronic signature. Gave me a $650 Line of credit, not a payday loan. Then they charge 299% APR and in the State of Virginia payday loans go as high as 300%. I had other open-end lines of credit and the highest they went was 18.00%.

    I paid off the first that I borrowed, unfortunately, I borrowed more. The second time they withdrew by ACH withdrawals both October and November 2012 a total of 388.48 making my checking account in a negative balance of 449.94 and I did not authorize these withdrawals. That cost me 838.42 and I wasn't able to pay my other bills and all my credit accounts were closed. I also closed my checking account so they couldn't do any more damage and open a new account with another bank. I want them to give me back the $838.42 that I lost Which is more than a month's check. They can pay my poor Father $3000.00 in lost money that I could pay him to help with the cost of living with him (he's 82 year's old and dying and I will not loose him to people who take advantage of others.)

    On January 9, 2013, Pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Act 15 USC 1692 Section 809 the above referenced account is in need of validation of this claim as required, To validate this claim I require you to provide me with the following: (1) The amount of the original debt (2) Manner in which amount owed was determined (3) Interest/fees applied to original debt (4) Any penalties associated with the original debt and reason(s) for those charges (5) Proof that any interest charges does not exceed that allowed by the law in the State of Virginia (6) If you have turned this over to a collection agency and the debt has been assigned the debt you must provide your State of Ohio license number (7) Proof that you are licensed to lend and operate a payday loan business in the state of Virginia and provide your State license number (8)All payments received regarding this debt with you including date and amount of each payment (this requirement was established by the case Fields vs. Wilber Law Firm, Donald L. Wilber and Kenneth Wilber, USCA02C0072, 7th Circuit Court, September 2004). I'm sure you have access to this information as I do.
    At this time I'm advising you not to contact me by phone that we will correspond by email. (Gave email address)
    Please also be advised that you are being placed on notice that you are not permitted to contact any employer, friends, acquaintances, family or contact numbers regarding this matter. This communication is also written notification that any authorizing ACH withdrawals from my account and any agreement of wage assignment are hereby revoked.
    As of Receipt of this communication, all forms of collection activity must cease until this debt has been validated in accordance with the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act.
    If your office can and does provide all the information I have requested within thirty (30) days from the receipt of that information, I will proceed forward with all actions I'm advised that is deemed necessary or appropriate. If your office fails to respond to this validation request within thirty days from the date of your receipt, all references to this account must be deleted from my credit file and a copy of such deletion request to be forwarded to me immediately.

    They ignored this notice and a second was sent on January 16, 2013 in which I got a response to from Timothy Ho, President of Enova International on January 17, 2013, and on January 18, 2013 from Season Wolfe, Consultant/Legal of Enova. Both have failed to validate this debt with all requested information. They did not provide proof that the interest charge did not exceed that allowed by the State of Virginia. They claimed that I had to abide by Kansas laws and I don't live there. A business license for Kansas, Office of the State Bank Commissioner, Consumer and Mortgage Lending Division, Supervised Loan License issued to CNU of Kansas, LLC with CashNetUSA under it's title is only good for doing business in Kansas. They must have a Virginia license to do business in Virginia, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

    I have had numerous phone calls from people claiming to be lawyers saying they represented CashNetUSA and who broke a number of Federal laws in which I have reported to the FBI and the Attorney General's office. CashNetUSA, Enova, Enova International, and CNU of Kansas, LLC and all documentations of their failure to comply have been turned into the Attorney General's office along with all documentation showing also they did not cease collection activity during the 30 days. Also all emails, bank statements, bank letters, research I did and contacts.

    Each time I check I'm finding more and more websites with large numbers of complaints against this company's bad business practices and denying that they are not using people who use illegal collection practices that are against Federal laws is starting to wear thin. They have not sent me the deletion papers that this has been closed and deleted from my credit file. So far all of the above mentioned illegal practices that debt collectors sometimes engage in I have had to deal with and report.

    They will not cease communications except emails. Several claimed to be lawyers and the phone numbers turned out to be on scam lists. One even called claiming he was an Attorney with the County I live in and my brother answered the phone listed to my father and said he was looking for me that I failed to appear for a court summons that I never received. My brother was listening in on the extension and heard every word he said. Including the fact "He'd like to be scammed like this too." He talked very fast and kept asking if I owed a debt to CashNetUSA over and over and I said I owed two to my old bank. Then he told me "They have a nice jail here." By that time I was frustrated with him and he asked for my account number, address, and told me I had to make $100.00 a month payments. I called the attorney General's office and asked what to do and canceled my debit card and asked for a new one. I also made a report to about the incident and a company named Hyperion Collection Agency admitted they had my account but they denied that the name I gave wasn't employed by them and they were sending my account back to CashNetUSA. has over 140 complaints listed for bad business practices for CashNetUSA and all of them are unresolved.

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