Cash Converterspoor treatment from management and health and safety risk caused to my child


today i visited cash converters with my 4 child we picked out some games for the xbox and made our way to the tills while we were waiting for the guy serving us to get the discs my 2 year old daughter screamed she was in her pushchair she had touched a hot fluresent bulb which then fell on the floor as this had been on and it was now 4pm this was very hot and burnt her fingers i pointed it out to the guy serving us he said thats a new one on me another fella who also worked there came over and appologised then the assistant manager mel came over and shocked both me my kids and the 2 men who worked there she shouted in a very nasty manner telling me i should control my kid and not let her touch i pointed out surely this hot bulb should be covered with a cage seen as its at the height of children in pushchairs and i thought this would be in health and safety as this hot bulb has now hurt my child she told my daughter its her own fault at 2 years old i feel this person is a very bad representation of your company she turned and went out the back the two guys were looking as shocked as i felt then one said sorry and the other agreed it was a health and safety matter and she was wrong to blame my child on that i told the guy the £30 worth of games i was purchasing at the time he could keep as i wasnt paying a company thats treated myself and my children like that i feel she has a very poor attitude towards customers and then to find out she is an assistant manager did really shock me the 2 guys in the shop has more calmness and were curteous and seemed to actually care that my child had hurt herself

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