Cash Converters Internationalcustomer service/procedure



I had jewlery stolen from my house. It was reported to the police. Case number was provided to the shop. Person who stole items was intervied and admit that items have been stolen and place in Cash Converters Shop in Sutton Surrey. I called this shop many times. Every times I get diffrent answers from staff.

Also I attened shop with 2 police officers twice. They confirmed that I was a victim of crime. I present the proof that items belong to me.

Today one of customer assistent in Sutton shop asked me to pay £350 to get my items back. Manager of the shop was much more worry about the person who stole items then about me. ???? It cant be a correct procedure?

Do I have to pay for items which was stolen from me even if I have police report??? Polce officers waste there time and attened shop many times

Hello I am a victim here. What is going on? I cant belive all this mess and incompetance.

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