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Jefferson Associates
& Law Firm
Account Balance: $825.00
Docket File : FRC/4296/BS-11-2018
Creditor : Ca$h Advance Inc.
Payment Plan : $100.00 x 08 Payments
Payment Mode : EFTPS Secure Payment Service
We refer to our above Invoice and previous requests for payment. We note that despite our requests this account remains outstanding. Please note that you are now in defaulters list.
Unless you now attend to payment in full strictly within next 12 hour of this letter it is our policy to refer the matter to our Collection Agent, Fast Track Debt Collection Attorney, for recovery without further notice. Please note that if such action is necessary you will also be liable for collection costs and interest pursuant to our Terms & Conditions of Trade in addition to the total debt amount.
We understand that Bills can sometimes be inadvertently overlooked or not prioritised. Your response is mandatory towards this matter. If will not receive any response here, than this case will be taken as flat refusal, this can be effect on your credit, social security benefits, & other government benefits, Your employer can be contacted with the letter of garnishment of wages.
If we do not hear from you within hours, we will have no alternative than to commence with further debt collection procedures. This will include instructing out Federal Trade Commission, Credit Bureaus, and Employer etc. Court proceedings will be issued within 07 days from the date of this letter if the account has not been settled.

You will be prosecuted for following Allegations;
· Bank Fraud
· Violation of Federal Law of Debt and Banking
· Intentional Theft by Deception

There will be no further warnings made for demands of payment. Court proceedings can include the additional expense of legal costs and interest being added to the balance of this account.
We trust that you will now give this matter appropriate attention and attend to payment today, so that no further action will be necessary on our part to recover payment. If you have already attended to payment, please disregard this letter.
To settle this matter outside of court email us (Payment Arrangement: $100.00 x 08 Payments) : mailto:[email protected]
Settlement Amount: $825.00
Payment Plan: $100.00 x 8 Payments
Payment Mode: EFTPS Secure Payment Service
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Attorney Mark Johnson (Recovery Department)
Jefferson Associates & Law Firm

Oct 02, 2019
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  • Kh
      Oct 10, 2019

    Never applied or borrowed ANYTHING from THESE people...Jefferson Associates
    & Law Firm
    Docket File : FRC/4296/BS-11-2018
    Subject : Letter Of Demand
    Creditor: Cash Net USA (Parent Company Cash Advance Inc.)
    Outstanding Balance: $825.00
    (i) IT IS HEREBY STIPULATED AND AGREED, by and between plaintiff’s attorneys and the defendant: consents to the jurisdiction of this court and waives receipt of the summons and verified complaint, appears herein, consents service acknowledgement and settlement stipulation.

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