CarpetRightterrible service that has left me without a lower stair carpet I have paid for in full

O Nov 24, 2019

I ordered 2 sets of stair carpets from Carpetright Oxford UK at the end of August 2019. Mistakes about stock availability meant that I had to get substitutes but these I paid for in September and had the measurer come out measure and order. The order was muddled up- not by the person who came to measure but by a sales assistant in house. This was not apparent until the day of carpet fitting - which I had had to wait until 19 October. The carpet fitter realised half way through the job that the wrong carpets had been specified. I accepted the wrong carpet specification for the upper staircase and had it fitted anyway as I did not want to wait. I paid for the fitting in full.
I had to order on Tuesday 22nd a new carpet for the lower staircase. This was delivered to the warehouse but since then the carpet fitter Colin stimpson of 20 Crowberry Rd has evaded all appointments to fit it. He is refusing to answer his phone and gives excuses like traffic jams in rain and problems with his car to the Carpetright store.
It is now 24th November and I have waited in several Saturdays all day for the non-appearance of the carpet fitter . Carpetright is too disorganised to put pressure on him to complete the service or lose the contract with them. Carpetright does not even have an available customer service on a Saturday

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