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I was granted a 180 day consult under VA community care for them to check out everything wrong with me at Carle Clinic. I was granted this because the VA (Hines Va Chicago) not only did MALPRACTICE on me but everything else that should have been fixed over a 27 year period hasn't been which was the sole purpose of going to Carle. I was in a hospital prior to this because I had tried to get help for 13 years prior from the VA and couldn't get the help and tryed for the last 2 years outside the VA to get into Carle. I was there less than a day when a doctor came up and said he was a doctor in charge of ortho hips asked where are my xrays. (now this doctor not knowing what I had been through at the VA, I didn't want to take hours to explain that I saw no request for xrays but in fact tried just to get 2 appointments scheduled through the VA to Carle and couldn't through the VA which is exactly why we were trying to get this 1i9 day consult we got. So he tells me that a group of orthopedic doctors will be up to talk to me and I said great! I also said that at the hospital I just came from days prior they did an MRI and cat scan of the hips (I also know through previous doctors I need double hip replacement. St Matter also told me when I was there I had serious issues needed addressing before they did any surgery. Heart having issues, fall bladder possible removal and stones possible, liver problems from the VA giving me narcotic meds so long that its running my liver. (as you see the VA not taking care of so well and that's not the original reason for Carle. It's all bones and pain problems. So I told this nurse that I needed paperwork filled out so my power of Attorney could speak to them at carle and I have this power of Attorney because of all my issues at the VA. I told the nurse my meds (strong narcotics) are way over due and if they're going to make me suffer I'll check out and I told the same nurse that if I have paperwork I can easily get them the car scan and MRI from the hospital than just took them of the hips 3 days prior. About an hour passes. No orthopedic doctors. I get told I'm being discharged. I asked why because I have a 180 consult there and was given no fact I had my power of Attorney on the phone during all of this and they gave her no reason! I told them I am not requesting this and that I hope they understand I have life threatening injuries going on. I was totally ignored. I was discharged with no vehicle (ambulance brought me the day before) no jacket, transferred from a hospital to he here (have pneumonia also by the way! And no leys to house with no ride home. I got a call the day after from a nurse from carle and didn't even want to talk after what I just went through. Then 3 days later get a letter (with no phone number to reply back to) saying I had an issue with staff and I was the problem!) Iam guessing they saw after discharging me think one in their right mind should have discharged me so the reason for the letter. Paul V. Curtis [protected]

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