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I waited a long time to take a cruse. Three years ago, my hubby and I finally got the opportunity to do so. The rest of this situation can only be chalked up to stupity. I got an email for a free cruise to the Bahamas from a new cruise line called Caribbean Cruise Lines. Please do NOT confuse this with the reputable Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Caribbean Cruise Lines has suckered Carmen Electra into being a spokesperson for them. Poor girl, hope she comes to her senses. Anyhow, I replied to this email just to see what was entailed. First off, numbers are computer generated and dialed several times a day. When you do answer you have to say hello a dozen times. Normally I hung up after saying it twice. I finally saved the number and found out who it was. I eventually got to speak with a real person who told me a bit about it. Somewheres along the line our connection dropped and she didn't call back. Again for several days I'd get calls. Hey I'm not gonna break my neck getting to the phone! On another occasion finally I spoke with someone else, I told the gal I had to talk to my hubby and she arranged with me to call back that following tuesday. Next day calls kept coming and tuesday was still 3 days away. I picked up again on friday of the following week and it's another totally different person. I told him I was expecting someone to give me a call back last week. Then what was to be the final straw occurred. I got a call two days ago, missed it.. so I decided, especially after checking out the $600+ airfare from WA to FL roundtrip was a bit more then I wanted to deal with, that I didn't want to have anything else to do with this conversation. So I called them to have them take me off their list.. First words out of their mouth was "Don't you want to go to the Bahamas?" It's not that I don't want to go, I just don't want to pay the incredible airfare.. I had a situation come up and asked if he could call me back in 10 minutes. His reply "To sign up for this"? I told him I didn't know for sure. He never called. So again tonight, one day later, another rep calls me, again I missed the call. I'd had it.. I called to get off their freakin list.. Again the first words were asking " Don't you want to go to the Bahamas"? My reply was NO and I told him about the calls and airfare. His reply was "We can SELL you airfare". That was it. I've been in sales for 26 years. You NEVER EVER EVER say you can SELL something to someone! You can tell them you'd love to help them to find a good price, but you don't tell them you can SELL them. That's the whole purpose of this company right now. Sure they'll give you a free cruise. BUT they want you to pay money for an upgrade, money for airfare, and money to spend even MORE TIME in Florida. It's not about you, as a customer. I can tell you that I have cruised with Holland America and Celebrity. What keeps me going back to them is "With MY Permission" they send me emails on specials. The give me wonderful upgrades without charging me, and they have always put me first and special as a customer. I have never felt as though they even had MONEY on their minds! I will not give Caribbean Cruise Lines my business. I don't care if they offer me a FREE cruise (which btw, the one listed about does cost you with what they tell you is taxes) FREE airfare, and a FREE week in Florida at their expense. NO WAY!!!

I just wanted to let you all know what I went thru with this company. Best of luck if you have to deal with them. Check out the other cruise lines that have been in business for a long time. Right now 3 day + Bahama cruises are going for under $200. And you're assured incredible service and a wonderful cruise on them :)


  • Ci
    cindic Jul 19, 2009

    The same firm called me with a free offer and now they won't stop calling my cell phone at least five times a week with a recorded message to get a free cruise. i have finally put my cell phone on the do not call list in hopes that it stops.

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  • Tr
    trinilady Aug 01, 2009

    Well first i would like to say i took the same offer the lady from WV spoke about...and i'm sorry she had an aggressive rep, but that's all in sales if you know anything about it...i have never been in sales myself, but i'm very knowledgeable about sales...well to begin the young lady that called my home was very pleasant, we spent at least 30mins on the phone, she was very detailed with the information, which is what i needed...upon given the details i decided to sign up and i also upgraded my cruise to a 3night cruise, which i'm looking forward to taking in 2weeks which i have already bon voyage to me...and i will let you know how my cruise was, and by the way i'm coming from maryland, and my ticket was'nt that bad maybe miss WV needs to check for flights a little much can always try or they give good rates...

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  • Sh
    shfr Sep 03, 2009

    I got the same offer, but it was in the mail. I called and spoke with someone, who was very nice, and she transferred me to her manager who was named Albert. Turns out, the free cruise would actually cost me $798. I told Albert that I would need to discuss this with my husband and he said "your kidding me right." He then told me that I had to either take the deal now or he would give it to someone else. I told him thanks anyway and he hung up. I was very put off by his attitude and by the whole situation. I realize that the vacation package did include a lot of extras, but ultimately if you are looking to just take a cruise, you can easily take a two day cruise for less than $798 and without having to attend a time share or deal with rude people. Thanks but no thanks!

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  • Ch
    chynadoll0910 Sep 04, 2009

    i totally agree with shfr, i just got off the phone with them and when i said i will think about it cos i can't make a decision for 700++ right at this moment and he said that it is only one call per household which is no hung up or no call back later, it has to be now or never. And of course I said heck to the NO then. He then transferred my call to his supervisor, he asked me a yes no question. do I want the discount? do i want to go on a cruise? bla bla bla and I said freaking NO and he said FINE!!! and hung up. I was like... what the H just happened? wow...

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  • Si
    sillygir Sep 09, 2009

    I also received the FREE cruise in the mail. I called to see if it was legitimate and found that it is for a cruise but it happens to cost me a 249.00 down payment to hold my spot that I had "won". Not using my head I give these people my credit card info only to charge by account. I immediately called right back to have the package cancelled and they transfer my call about three times before bamboozling me again by saying they cancelled the payment plan...oh yea there's a payment plan! A few days later I find that my bank account has been overdrawn and now I'm stuck paying an inumerable amount of late fees for the lack of notice on this transaction. I called back today to see if they would cancel it and would you believe THOSE PPL BASICALLY TRIED TO SEE ME OFF on my trip. I had to stop the representative in the middle of his eight minute speech about what I don't know...and ask are you all going to refund me or not. He says that's what I'm trying to tell you and goes on with his speech about my trip...!!! WHoooo I'm a little angry right now. You know what I'll let this slide this time but I'll tell you who I won't be cruising with in the future!!! CARRIBEAN CRUISE LINE

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  • St
    strapmewi Sep 17, 2009

    Hey Trinilady - since you're SO smart and apparently an incredibly savvy world traveler - how's that incredible FREE cruise go for you? I see it's been much more than two weeks since you were headed out... and no comment about how great it was... too much crow for dinner on the FREE cruise?

    I just got one of these and was doing RESEARCH on it - and I see from all but one of you (and she probably works for them anyway) that it is exactly what I thought it was - a stupid scam and like usual - too good to be true...

    Really? I get a $1300 cruise, and then subsequent trips to Florida AND Vegas? All free? Wow... I must have won the sucker lottery!

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  • Du
    dummy123 Sep 19, 2009

    I got the same voucher in the mail, I called someone answered the first time, very nice guy he wanted the money right then, I tols him I didn't have it so he put me on with a manager, the manager worked something out with me. I was told to call the next day, I did and again someone answered, he wasn't as nice as the first guy I had talked to but he still knew what was going on with my account... I decided to take the deal and they broke it down into payments for me...But I don't know if this is a scam...I've only paid the first $100 and had to talk my husband into it, but now I'm worried. I've researched this all over the internet and some people say they've already gone and it was wonderful, others say it's a scam...and others say it's for a timeshare meeting...I'm just confused. Has anyone gone on the actual cruise? I just don't want to get caught in a scam my husband and I don't have money to waste right now...

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  • No
    Not a Moron Sep 22, 2009

    Well first of all, you don't give people you've never met your credit card number. Anyone can call up and ask for that. This is indeed a scam, they are making you pay $700 for something they said you have one free. Where is the free part, you have to pay money. They called me also and asked me to send $217 for port charges and said you did not need a passport. Daah I just came back from a cruise and they were very strict about having a passport. Then they offer you a stay in Orlando for 3 days and two nights and mention two upscale Hotels. I called them and them and they told me their real price and how to make a real reservations,

    Don't waste your time.

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  • To
    tomahawkkat Sep 23, 2009

    i just got a free caribean cruise ticket too and i'm glad i got on your site before calling. thanks a bunch!!!

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  • Ja
    Jayzzz Oct 02, 2009

    Thanks for the info. I filled up some survey and offered free cruise for 3day/2 night. They said the free cruise would be from Majestic Cruise Line. But the calls i am getting every day from Caribbean cruise line with my info. The guy talked nicely and offered me 3day/2night cruise and i only had to pay port fees of $118 right away by credit card.
    He also offered me other package for #398 for 4 person 11days. Free hotel and meals in Orlando, free Vegas trip, theme part tickets, etc. Luckly i told him i will have to call back and hang up enthough he kept pushing me for the credit card info.

    Now i am glad i didn't make the stupid mistake. Please advise if anyone really went on cruise. I know there are people who post stuffs nice reviews so they get paid.


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  • Bu
    bundega Oct 10, 2009

    If you have fallen to this scam, please let me know. I want to take a serius action against this Company. They are well equiped, and surelly know how to deal with angry customers. The found their way out of things. However, the best way we can overcome this situation is by fighting together as a group. They have their lawyers who can protect them against average citzens. Please feel free to send me a message, and perhaps we can can work out something as a group. The impact on them will be more visible, thus giving us more strength.
    Thank you,

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  • N8
    n8dahwg Oct 12, 2009

    Dear Felipe I am the sucker that did actually accept the free trip but agreed to pay the absurd 898 that they wanted. I was told to wait 2 days to schedule my booking for the trip. I will wait till Thursday to see how this goes and get back to everyone. I feel like I've been scammed the more research I do but also feel like I got a great deal by them... We'll see...

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  • Sh
    shorty2345 Oct 13, 2009

    I also "won" a free 2 day cruise through Caribbean Cruise Lines. I'm still trying to figure out if it's a scam or not! The gentleman I spoke to said you did not have to watch presentations or anything. He said they give these promotional trips in hopes that you will cruise with them again and tell your friends. Plus instead of empty rooms, they know you'll spend money on drinks, gamblin etc. (Sounded good) I did pay for the port fees and the extended florida stay. My total charges were around 515.00. I'm afraid to book this and find it's a barely floating ship or that there is no such trip! They upgraded my room for free, received a free trip to Mexico and Las Vegas as well. All too good to be true...Help!

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  • Um
    umpire811 Oct 18, 2009

    I also was suckered into spending the 898 dollars. Wow i am a dumb college kid. i "won" this package a few days ago and now I am very nervous that it is illegitimate based upon all of these posts. Felipe, if you could sign for up to fight for my money back I will give you all the info you need.

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  • De
    devin11 Oct 30, 2009

    All of these comments are true because I know first hand. I just quit the 24 hour call center for the "free cruise" by Caribbean Cruise Lines. I was one of the "Money Hungry Aggressive Sales Reps." The cruise itself is free, BUT the customer does have to pay port taxes (which cost over $100 for two people) and beverages other than coffee or tea. The reps are supposed to give all details of free cruise and then go on into a separate vacation package that costs $538. Oh and by the way, the rep is reading you a four page script. The script is specifically made by PSYCHOLOGISTS to help persuade customers. At the end of the script the reps ask "Which will you be using Visa or Mastercard?" At that point the customer gets nervous and has objection. The reps are then trained to say, "Why's that? (get response from customer), "Other than that do you have any questions or concerns?" (get response from customer), and then STATE (not ask) "HOLD THE LINE." At that point the "Processing Director" (which is really the master of persuasion and rebuttals) gets on the phone and tries to pursuade the customer to buy the extra vacation package. Ridiculous business! The reason the reps and "Processing Directors" are so aggressive and persistent is because they make commission!

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  • Pe
    Peggy M Oct 30, 2009

    Please help me. I was stupid too and fell for this trip.My husband wants to kill me. I have an attorney friend that suggest I write you and see what we can do for all these people.
    We can do this.

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  • Co
    cocoa123456 Nov 01, 2009

    Honestly, it's not a scam. You get a FREE cruise and then they offer you a seperate vacation package built AROUND the cruise that you can either agree to take or not. Its that simple people! Actually, if you think about it, it is a pretty good deal. Youre getting 2/2 in Ft. Lauderdale at a Ramada or Sheraton with all meals, 2/2 cruise to the Bahamas with all meals and $50 to use at the Casino, 3/2 Stay at Ramada or Sheraton in Orlando with all meals, 7 day car rental with unlimited milage. Also your bonus vacations. Its designed to help people who actually cant afford to spend thousands of dollars taking a cruise.

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  • Dk
    dkgt1234 Nov 02, 2009

    I also booked this trip but have been waiting over a week to get anything, does anyone have the # for customer service?

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  • Kp
    KPLG Nov 10, 2009

    I too was an uneducated cosumer, and unfortunatelly i fell for this. My husband was out of a job for over 5months and we are behind in all of our bills, when I called to cancel, the customer service rep was very rude and hung up on me. There is no indication on the letter they send that says they cannot refund the money you paid, so there is no legitimate reason why they should not do it. If anyone is taking legal action on this, please let me know. It is not right what they do and it needs to stop before someone else believes them.

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  • Lo
    LovelyFLady Nov 12, 2009

    I would just like to state first and for most- disgruntled EX employees shouldn't be on here making comments about the company because you are not working for them FOR a reason. Second of all- this is not a scam, I have personally purchased the vacation for my parents anniversary, they have taken the cruise and enjoyed every minute of it. I also work for the company and its very much legitimate. We offer consumers who cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket a very nice vacation for an extremely reasonable price. The cruise is absolutely FREE 100% no strings attached, we offer a vacation package to accommodate consumers coming from States that will need accommodations. We offer a rental car, hotel accommodations, food and the free cruise for a steal of a deal. Anyone claiming to be scammed by our company has either A. not listened to what they were being offered... B. Have buyers remorse and want to blame it on everyone but themselves or C. Just didn't have a good time, which is all understandable... but don't go knocking a company and other consumers for enjoying the fact that they can save money and take a great vacation. I think you as consumers should go off of what you think and don't base your opinions on those of others, as your Mother/Father once said- if everyone was jumping off a bridge would you do it to? Whose to say those people are giving you accurate information, just some food for thought. Have a wonderful day!!

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  • Iv
    ivans24 Nov 17, 2009

    i fell for it bad what do i do now

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  • Ne
    neen9 Nov 20, 2009

    I wanted to let all know that if you are at all able to get back in contact with the company within 3 business days of originally booking your vacation and putting a deposit down and would like to get your money back you just have to keep calling back and don't give up; also once you get to a 'specialist' make sure you ask if there is someone above them you can speak to, you will more than likely get told no a few times but someone will eventually say yes and put you on 'hold' for about 20 minutes and come back saying they went over the info on the account with their manager and have decided to cancel everything and will refund your money in up to 14 business days. I hope this helps, I had the same issue and hopefully I don't have anymore issues; i recently cancelled mine and am expecting a refund, I'm also going to cancel the card I used once the money is back in my account thay way no 'accidents' will occur...I would not trust this company again

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  • Sh
    shrunkenstars Dec 02, 2009

    I saw a commercial featuring Carmen Electra for Caribbean Cruise Lines advertising a free 2 night cruise to the Bahamas on their Bahamas Celebration ship. The commercial stated there were 500 free cruises to giveaway in my region and to go to their website immediately to claim one of these free cruises. I went to the website and filled out my basic info, this took me to another page that said I had qualified for the free cruise, it included a confirmation number and instructions to call [protected] ASAP to claim my cruise.

    I called the number provided the person I spoke to seemed very friendly and polite. He gave me the details of the free cruise I would receive, round trip out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL to Nassau, Bahamas, docking near the Atlantis resort. He said all that was asked of me was a $59.00 per person port charge/docking fee, and I would have to pay my own airfare to FL. I would have 18 months to schedule my cruise. This seemed like a good, legit deal to me by the pitch he gave me over the phone. He then told me I could also add an extended stay in Florida before the trip and after the trip that included a rental car, and if I added this extended stay to the trip I would also be given two additional trips, one to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and one to Las Vegas, NV. I asked him if I had to add the extended stay and additional trips to get the free cruise and he said I did not. He told me for the free cruise I had to pay $118.00 for two people ($59.00 each) and asked for my credit card information, I told him I did not have the money to pay the $118.00 right now, was it imperative that I do so, and he told me it wasn't a problem, and transfered me to a specialist.

    The specialist asked me for my credit card information to secure my free cruise, not knowing it would be charge because I had stated I didn't have the money currently, I stupidly gave them my credit card number. After I spoke with the specialist, he said he would transfer me to their confirmation department. The confirmation department confirmed my mailing address, phone number, and email and made me repeat all that information back to them. Then she gave me a reservation number and said all I had to do was contact the company by calling [protected] within 18 months, with a 60 day grace period before the date I wanted to sail to book the free cruise. We ended the call with me thinking I had just gotten an awesome deal and I would save up to pay the $118.00 later on in the year.

    After I got off the phone I decided to search online for pictures of the ship and information about it, I'm an avid cruiser and I was very excited to see what my ship would look like, while searching I found many people stating the free cruise was a fraud, they would attach hidden fees to the cruise, they would charge your credit card without prior notice, etc. I decided to check my credit card and make sure nothing funny was going on, and sure enough, I currently have a pending charge from CCV-Caribbean Cruise Lines for $118.00, even though I explicitly told them I could not pay right now.

    Infuriated I called the customer service number and told them I wanted to cancel the information booklet they would be mailing to me and I wanted a refund for the $118.00 they charged to my card. The first person I spoke to transfered me to the 'appropriate' department for my inquiry. This person I spoke to informed me there were no refunds or cancellations allowed and that I was told that on the phone, I explained to him that I did not think they were going to charge me right away and I wasn't told there were no refunds. He was very rude to me, badgering me, talking over me, yelling at me for talking while he was talking, so I asked to speak to someone else or his supervisor. He stated that my inquiry did not warrant speaking with a supervisor and I was who he needed to speak to. I honestly have never been spoken to so rudely by a 'customer service' agent before in my life. I continued to ask him to transfer me to his supervisor, at least 15 times before he finally did.

    When I spoke to the supervisor and explained my situation and that I would like a cancellation and refund he had no problem with this and advised me I will have my refund within 3 business days. So I guess I will have to wait and see if that actually happens. Here's to hoping!

    Don't get scammed by this company, I got sucked into the idea of a free lunch, when we all know there is no such thing. Just because Carmen Electra is in the commercial does not mean it's reputable, and always do your research first before you are pressured into giving your credit/debit card number.

    P.S. I did get my refund, but I had to threaten reports to the BBB (which the rep stated they have a B+ rating with, but it's actually a D) and the cite the Florida Sales Act (which the rep stated does not apply to my state, but that isn't so) to do so, just as the above poster stated and I stated previously, they will be very rude to you and refuse to transfer you to a supervisor, but keep at it! Also I have done extensive research on this company, the Bahamas Celebration is a refurbished ferry that they are marketing as a brand new ship, it was not fitted for warm weather sailing, only cold weather transportation, therefore, there are no open air areas of air conditioning, what a pleasant way to compete with the heat in the caribbean. Save your money and go on a REAL cruise that you can enjoy, there are great deals right now because of the economy. I have always used for my vacations and they are great, wonderful customer service, and no I don't work for them.

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  • Ne
    negymnast Dec 09, 2009

    I just received a phone call from this company. I have no idea if it is legit or not, but I also don't have a credit or debit card. When I told the representative this, he hung up real fast. If you have problems with representatives calling you multiple times and requesting to get off of their calling list doesn't work, try saying you don't have a credit card.

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  • Ri
    RIRI Dec 16, 2009

    RUDE MONEY HUNGRY ### HOLES!!! WHEN YOU DON'T WANT IT THEY ARE ###IN PISSED OFF AT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ! THEY DOWN TALK YOU LIKE THEY KNOW YOU AND ALL THEY ARE IS MAD THAT YOU DID NOT EXCEPT, AND THEIR NON-SELLING ### HANG UP THE PHONE AFTER STATING " YOUR LOSS" hang up) i would travel and give my money to people with a little more respect for their customers, maybe by stating "i'm sorry we will be unable to further assist you". DON'T SAIL THE CARIBBEAN THE SERVICE AS YOU CAN SEE SUCKS AND YOU PAY FOR THAT, ###!!!

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  • No
    not-scammable Dec 17, 2009

    My experience was similar to what everyone else says. I spent lots of time on the phone but made it clear I would not be giving them my credit card number. I got passed up to the pressure rep and she tried everything... the price kept going down, and she got ruder and ruder. Eventually she was contradicting many things that the first rep had told me and came up with new excuses when I pointed that out.

    Prizes do get awarded, but prizes you have to pay for, are not prizes. They're scams. It's very simple.

    The final price by the way was $159.

    I went that far with it becuase they actually had my name and address, spelled correctly (I spell it wrong on scammy stuff and promotional materials), and the rep was happy and polite. Just shows you, that scammes can be better prepared...

    All they got from me was an email address --- that's unique to them, although they don't know that. So, now I get to see how far they pass it along, as it's readily identifiable every time they use it, since they are the only ones in the entire world I ever gave it to.

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  • Ec
    ec12345 Dec 21, 2009

    I got several calls from them, even after I said no to each and every one of them to the "offer". The first time I said I wanted to consult with my wife, the rep. said "do you have to get permission for everything from your wife?". I told him it is not a matter of permission but I involve my wife in all these decision. The call went downhill from there. Next day a "supervisor" called, I complained to him about the sales tactics of the first rep., well, wouldn't you know it, this guy was worse. I told him I was insulted and please go away. A few days later another "supervisor" called, and the same ### happens.

    I would not go even if it was really free, let along having to give them my credit card info and pay for a bunch of fees.

    A big warning sign, their web site doesn't even talk about the ship(s) they have. What kind of "cruise lines" do not list their ships and show you all the great things about them? If a cruise line uses other companies' ship, they should be transparent about it and tell you which companies and ships they use.

    Stay away from these scammers!

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  • Za
    zachhaddox1 Dec 25, 2009

    hey i just paid for the cruise. It came to 118 for port tax and im not sure its legit or not. If any one has info on this can you please email at [email protected]
    it still hasnt allowed me to sign into the website yet.
    please email if you can help

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  • Ch
    Chrishawnda3 Dec 28, 2009

    Thanks to all of you for the detailed information concerning this cruise. I just received the same voucher in the mail and it sounded too good to be true. I called my husband and told him about it. He said, "Let's Go!" I had to do my research first. I thank God for this website. I work too hard for my money and I'm glad I second guess everything. I do feel bad for all of you that were scammed and really appreciate the fact that you posted your experiences with these scammers.

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  • Br
    brunette246 Dec 29, 2009

    I talked to a lady on the phone who was very nice and respectful. She offered me the extended stay, and i declined. I only payed 100$ for taxes for the cruise (for me and my boyfriend to go) and that is it. If you people are complaining about the 500 something dollars you spent, that was YOUR choice to book the extended stay. For just the cruise, spending $100 on taxes is not bad at all, a normal 2 night 3 day cruise would cost two people up to 600 easily. I am happy that I took up this offer and I will be going on my cruise in March, I am sure it will be amazing.

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  • De
    Desteb Dec 30, 2009

    What people fail to realize here is that if they were agreeable all the way thru the sales pitch, yes of course things went smooth. The sales rep got what they wanted so there was no need to be rude or hang up. I posted the original post in hopes that I could help people avoid what I felt was a scam. And by the looks of things, I did for the mostpart. For those of you that have taken advantage of the offer, I wish you the best of luck and hope that you have a wonderful cruise. I truly mean that. I have found that booking my own thru my chosen cruise line works best for me. I start looking way in advance and watch as prices go down based on how fast cabins are being booked. But, again I add this warning in regards to this particular cruise line. I have been on seven cruises and I would never book with them. In fact I wouldn't even accept a totally FREE cruise from them after all I went thru with them. I'm happy paying what I do for the ones I take. Keep in mind that with the cruise being FREE as they claim you will want to verify port costs. The rep on the phone will not like this but it is your right to do so. Best of luck...

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  • Je
    Jean1014$$$ Jan 03, 2010

    I was offered ( and accepted) the cruise (and the extra vacations) for $298. I was told that I have up til June 2011 to take the trip, that I will need to pay $118 for port fees 2 months before I travel. I was also informed about the time share tour. We haven't decided when to book the trip yet. Hopefully we can take it for our anniversary I hope that this is all legit because this is supposed to be the "honeymoon" trip, since we didn't take one when we were married in '96. I hope this is not a scam as so many are saying. But if it turns out to be one, what should I do next?


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  • Je
    Jean1014$$$ Jan 03, 2010

    If this is a scam, what should I do nest?

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  • Ca
    Canuck1968 Jan 04, 2010

    My advice is do not sign up to anything over the phone. Canceling the vacation is not as easy as they claim.

    I also for some reason allowed myself to be talked into accepting a cruise with them and had a devil of a time canceling it. I was assured by the rep that I would have no trouble canceling it and getting a full refund if I did so within 3 business days. I called the next morning and canceled it. The customer service rep was very rude and kept asking why I signed up for a cruise when I was not really interested. After almost 30 minutes I was finally told by another service rep that I did cancel my vacation and was told that I would get a full refund in 5 business days. After the time went by there was no refund. I called again and was told that there was no record of a cancellation! The 3 business days elapsed and I missed my window of opportunity to get the refund. After much protest I finally did get a cancellation number and was told again that I would get a refund.

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  • Lu
    LuisMendoza Jan 15, 2010

    I have the same problem to with ramada hotels, now Caribean Majesstic cruises or something, if someone reserved a book and now they want to cancel but they wont give your money back... contact me and we'll get a lawyer to try to get at least part of the money you put... ok? some money is better than nothing... so please contact me and the more people we have the better, we will take down this scammers!!! [email protected]

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  • Lu
    LuisMendoza Jan 15, 2010

    I have the same problem and I want to counter-attack, if someone has the same problem, please contact me and we'll get a lawyer to represent us to get at least part of our money back, ok? think about it, some money is better than no money, we have to act now, so if you want to be a part of this my e-mail is [email protected], ok? we'll take this people down for good!!!

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  • Za
    Z-ANGEL Jan 15, 2010

    Hello everyone, I went on this trip, had no extra charges on my credit card and only paid the port/dock Fees of $118 and we did not accept the extra days in Orlando.
    If anyone has ever been on a cruise - you would know that Gratuity & Service charges are out of pocket expenses that are required on every Cruise. This is a steal. We had a wonderful trip.

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  • So
    sojaco Jan 16, 2010

    I just got this offer in the mail as well. I knew it sounded too good to be true. First, of all the representative refused to answer direct questions about income requirements, extra charges, etc. As soon as she went back to her script and dodged the questions, I felt scammed. When the rep told me to hold, I then hung up. All I can say is trust your intuition. If your gut tells you something isn't right, then hang up. Perhaps, it isn't legally a scam, but it is a deceitful, unethical and abusive. Never trust a company that will not give you direct answers to your questions. If the company is offering a great deal, they won't need to or try to use aggressive sales pitches and confusing rhetoric. The devil is always in the details. Companies with deceitful practices won't give you the details. As for the comment about the disgruntled employees who are posting here? It is obvious that the comment was posted by an employee or manager of this scamming company, in fact, TOO OBVIOUS. If you are reputable to start with, the comments of EX employees won't hurt you. Most disgruntled "EX employees", are "disgruntled for a good reason. Most people who are fired for their own mistakes, own up to it and don't go around slamming reputable companies. I would rather listen to a disgruntled EX employee, than a money hungry present employee of a "rip-off" company. You obviously have no conscience or ethics. You will get what is coming to you. What goes around comes around. Although, I didn't fall for this "legal" scam, I am still insulted and angry! This company will never prosper. You can count on it!

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  • Sh
    Sheena W Jan 23, 2010

    i just paid $355 for an upgrade for the cruise. they told me to call within 48 hours to make my reservations. i tried over and over to log in on that website they gave me and it never went thru so i decided to do some research on it to see what my cruise is going to look like in thats when i saw this page and all of these complaints i hate that i ever got that stupid vocher and i called and talked to a rep and said i wanted to cancel my trip and for them not to take the money off my card and they said sorry theirs no refunds where can i go from here.

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