L Oct 08, 2019

I applied for a job late Friday evening for the following night. I simply asked where did they live? The next morning I got a reply about 7 am I was at work so I replied back at 10am. They then stated please don't take this personally but I already sent a bad review about you because I THOUGHT you weren't going to reply back. I didn't except a job nor back out on any job, I just didn't reply back to her as fast as she would have liked. I told her I was confused as to why she would do such a thing. He explained she has had bad experiences when it comes to people ghosting her. I apologized for her experiences but that had nothing to do with me. I had told her I messaged her about a few of her other job posts and didn't get a reply. She said she was the employer and was arrogant to think she should have to reply to me! Next day, my account is terminated. I did nothing wrong and she does not know me. I have excellent reviews and work with several families from And I was in the top 5% for my location. To be terminated from someone's false accusations who does not know you and not having any proof other than just a comment from someone is just wrong! It is my word against there's but I can send our conversation to show all the proof needed tht I was not in the wrong and my account should not have been terminated. I make a living from babysitting and now I do not have my account. Very wrong!

  • Customer Care's Response · Oct 14, 2019

    We're so sorry to hear about your experience. Please feel free to email us at [protected] or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter and we'll be happy to review your account for if you'd like. Hope to hear from you soon!

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