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Here is some info that might be of help to everyone. Most contacts with this outfit are actually to Client Development Services, a call center in Henderson, Nevada. These people have crappy customer service and won't answer email or complaints. If you send them a complaint, they block your email address so you can't do any follow-up. Here are some email addresses that you can try but don't expect any responses. The first 3 are the owners of this company and the last one is just one of their flunkies. [protected], g[censored][protected], [protected], [protected]


  • M
      Aug 13, 2009

    this bank have call me telling me i old tham money for a cridit card which i never have. and i told tham i did old tham any thing they stop calling me thank god.

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  • J
      Sep 18, 2010

    thats all incorrect information. not where any of the many call centers are located. not correct email addresses

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  • J
      Sep 18, 2010

    oh and P.S. carecredit-GEMB is not at all any part of that unknown company he listed. GE is its own company.. ya know.. general electric.. we arent owned by anyone we are our own companythank you

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  • B
      Nov 24, 2010

    My agreement stated that I had until Dec. 9 2010 to pay off the balance. Well, I was down to $3280 on Nov.22 2010 and arranged to transfer the balance to Chase Bank but now before the transfer went through the balance has gone to $4237.93!! There is no explanation visible on the website for this $957 increase, but I assume that Chase notified them that the transfer was coming and they hit me with a ridiculous interest rate and fee before it was applied. Their actions are criminal in my opinion, and from what I have read here it is their common practice. So, beware do not finance anything through GE Money Bank. I never will again and intend to make complaints every way I can--attorney generals, BBB, finanace and trade commision--the works. I
    The "credit card" they issued is "Comfort Credit" and my advice is finance your furnace through your local bank--you will get a much better rate, and clear cut policy.

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