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I was sexually harassed by a co-worker and was later that week yelled at and threatened to not contact the Human Resources department again for an issue without following the chain of command. Well, as I was told when I was highered if not comfortable with this, go higher. So I did as this individual C***s C*op** is still employed there at Car Toys and I am not. He is there cause he is the highest seller and they could not afford to lose him. D***e*l N*l**y than moved me to another store thinking I would quit and soon followed by me taking 2 weeks vacation that really pissed him off and when I returned from vacation not a week later I was fired. And let me tell you after a cartoon investigation of less than 10 hours it was recommended by Loss Prevention that I be fired. After I posted a huge blog on myspace I was terminated. Why there is no good reason and this is why I am receiving Unemployment, because I was wrongfully terminated.

Since than I have run into several unsatisfied customers from Car Toys and I tell my story and let the customers know employees are smoking weed and playing basketball and football on work premises and his too affects their install. And theft is brought up and I let them know yes it is a huge issue and happens and they are creative about it but I was fired for supposedly selling an item I still have in my possession. I am a whistle blower and this is why I am gone and the fact that I did not put up with someone sexually harassing me and management approves of it apparently at Car Toys. And may I add they brought an employee back for my position that they laid off right before me. And mind you she padded inventory, I shorted so much out when I took over cause she claimed items were in the store that were not there.

You tell me. An awful place to shop and get service.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Sep 04, 2018 2:16 am
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Hello my is Jose López [protected] location with problems 810 NE loop820 hurst tx 76053 tel [protected]. Yesterday Sunday 11/19/17 time 10:00 am I took my car to put a new radio because the radio having problems this the third radio. Now yesterday the employees iwas messy will my Car amp he burn now. No one is responsible

Aug 20, 2018 8:44 pm
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We brought our cadillac in for a new stereo. The technician blew our drivers airbag. It will be 3 months on monday since we brought our car in. They dont call us back. Tried regional manager and have heard nothing. As much as i dont want to...i think i will need to start a lawsuit


Do not go to the Car Toys in Tacoma, the Manager their, Marcus will try to screw anybody's wife he comes in contact with. I will not give out his last name, but I am pretty sure you will figure it out if you come in contact with him at the store. Trust me, I have personal experience with this ###. If you do go, please do not leave your gf or wife alone at ALL with this home wrecker, he will do anything and say anything to screw your girl or wife. Anyways, it's a crappy store, you can get better service and products at Best Buy.

I have gone through the same experience and I work out of the Colorado region. They move the victim instead of the harasser. I went up the chain and all 3 HR reps have claimed they cannot substantiate my claims, besides the code our store manager introduced to check out hot women from our large window that looks out onto broadway. How can you investigate in less than 24 hours? They don't follow company handbook and when I directly quoted from the handbook they still refused to abide by it. My store manager just got a slap on the wrist and I was forced to move to another store. Sexual harassment and sexual discrimination is prevalent and accepted in Car Toys. Shame on all 3 of the HR reps who are women. I am contacting a lawyer as should you. Please let me know if I can do anything to help. [email protected]

Sep 20, 2013 3:47 pm

I bought a system with a GPS and back up camera, they did not work right and then not at all and my glove box fell off (installaiton wires went thtough the glove box) I took it back to have it fixed and the "installer" blamed the problem with the GPS on my car and told me "Ifixed it for you" like he did me a favor (It was not my car it was a censer on the installed system) and the camera is fixed. I get in my car and the camera is not fixed so I go back into the store to tell them, they take the car back into the shop, come tell me that the camera is a bad one and they have one on the way right now from the Lynnwood store, after awhile he comes back and tells me they can't find one and I need to make a appointment so I do for the next morning, I get in my truck and my middle console is so loose it feels like it's broken, so I go back in again and complain the "installer" tells me he did not do this and we got into a shouting match.
He attepted to fix it the whole time being a major jerk and the Manager told me he believed the "installer", all this should have never happened. Everything else is fixed hopefully I never have to go to another Car Toys again.
Customer service is on such a weak level at the Car Toys in Everett WA. on Everett Mall Way
Congratulations Car Toys you lost me

Aug 29, 2009 10:46 pm

Yeah, you better be careful about who you deal with at Cartoys. I used to do buisness with them for the last few years. But not anymore. They got some new people who don't have a clue about customer service. I am an aftermarket manager at a local dealer here in Dallas and will never do buisness with Cartoys. They are only care about customers who are spending money right now, once they have your money your not a priority anymore. It is sad to say, but I met their Regional Manager and he is a arrogant @sshole who rubs off on his sales managers. All their talented employees who care are gone and left before the storm got worse!

Mar 25, 2008 9:21 am

Were you aware of any theft rings within the Car Toy business while you were employed there? Which location were you at? We recently had a complete install done, when we picked it up our alarm system was disabled. They said it was all wired correctly and it must be a remote problem, of course they didn't carry the remotes so we were on our own. One week later the system was stripped in the middle of the night, and they attempted to steal the car before we chased them off. They had a key in the ignition that didn't belong to us, knew our address and knew exactly what they were coming for. Coincidence? If you have any information that might support our instincts please share them with us. We are meeting with the investigator soon. Thank you.

Nov 07, 2007 7:26 pm

I'm sorry it happened to you, and it's not right. There are Lawyers you can contact who won't charge you unless they win the case against the company. Sexual harassment, and sexism, wrongful termination,etc... all are multi-million dollar lawsuits. There are women's leagues available to help you as well. Good Luck.

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