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Retained Deposit

We are from Australia and booked through this company and we also have been scammed. They tried to charge my credit card for the deposit twice in one transaction just as well it had insufficient funds. These charges were never authourised they just went ahead and did it. It should have been 890GBp and the tried to charge 1690GBP. Then when I confronted them they said I had to be paid upfront. I was not happy to do this and tried to cancel but then they said there would be a 50% charge on my refund and I couldn't afford to loose half of the hire I had already paid so I felt I had no choice. Stacey assured me the money would be refunded as soon as the vehicle was returned...Now after many phone calls to UK and so many emails and tkts on their complaints site still nothing!!! I have lodged a complaint with the bromley Police and also with the Bromley Trading Standards..Now I just have to wait. Is there any other action I can take This amount is 2 times the rental of my car hire.


Rented a car with Carhire Wp 11 August till 01 September Returned the car in perfect condicion and now with no reason dont want to give my deposit back, been calling for weeks and sending emails with no reply, and when i got through acconts person is sick or doing the transfer of my money . I dont recommend the company to anybody. the worst ever.


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  • Ca
    Cantona_66 Nov 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ha, ha, ha, what a joke!

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  • Sh
    sharealike Dec 12, 2010

    This company is pathetic. Never go near it. Watchdog, Trading Standars all getting informed ...

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  • Mi
    MiaBaker22 Feb 18, 2011

    The website that is posted on someone's comments saying that you can go to it to get help to sort out he problems is Car-Hire-Uk's own website. It is a waste of time and they will not let you write comments, there is no contact numbers and you lodge complaints about no refund and they get closed. The whole thing is a scam.

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  • Pe
    Peter.Scott Apr 04, 2011

    site is a pile of crap, dont use it 6 months and counting for my 690 quid

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Retention of deposits

My complaint is with regard to Car Hire UK, I recently hired a Ford Ka for a period of 20 days, on collection from Heathrow airport I had to pay deposits totalling $1226.21 (560 pounds) on the understanding that it would be returned once the vehicle was returned to Heathrow Airport long stay car park, at the agreed time, full of fuel and clean as per my contract. I returned the vehicle as requested but now some three weeks later my deposits have not been returned to me.
As a consequence I am now paying interest on this money and have spent over an hour on hold trying to speak to some at the company.
Can you please help?

Catherine Mulalley

  • Di
    diplomat Aug 06, 2009

    I booked a car with Car Hire UK using online chat. After this i never received any confirmation as promised and when i tried calling their number 0870 922 2839 or connecting again using webchat, I always ended up with the same person (alias Graeme) even after aa hours of booking. Seems like only 1 employee.

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  • De
    Derek Chamberlain Feb 06, 2014

    Has this site stopped taking complaints about the above company, they have not returned my deposit, from my recent car rental with them. My complaint has not appeared. They are not answering e.mails and if you phone there is no answer. The it is a large amount but no one seems interested can anybody comment.

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  • Hs
    Hsing-Yi Chang Apr 29, 2015

    I have the same problem with them keeping my deposit. Worst of all, they claimed that the car was damaged. They asked me to pay extra 550 GBP. I don't know if there is a way to stop this. I rent the car from 4/17-4/24, 2015. I'm back to Taiwan.

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  • Te
    Terry Sumpter2 May 24, 2017

    I have had the exact same problem, as has it seems literally 100's of FOREIGN ONLY customers ...
    I have now made contact with more than one lawyer with expertise in this field, also the Police in UK, following initial contact I now believe following those contacts that because of the number of times they have undertaken this same conduct (several hundred) regarding non repayment of deposits in an almost identical manner and to almost entirely foreign customers, this may prove what is known as 'System' plainly put, a rehearsed and duplicated system to dishonestly obtain property (money) by deception, this may escalate these occurrences from a civil matter to criminal where the police will be happy to fully investigate it seems.
    To assist in my making this official complaint to that police office it would assist if some of the people who have or are still suffering at the hands of these individuals would at least send to me their email address in order that I can demonstrate to the police that they are real complainants.
    Between us and the criminal courts I am certain we can beat these people and particularly perhaps the main players that appear to be the same for us all, Ellen and Tina to name but 2 to receive their just deserts. Please send to [email protected] (my 'spare' email address)

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Car-hire-uk (no refund)

Like so many others who are using this medium to complain about refund I wish to share with all who read this that it happened to me too.
Having hired a car from this company and paid my insurance deposit and fuel excess amounting to 575 pounds i returned it half full and one month later after calling and emailing the company on countless occasions they still have not paid my deposit back.
Something should be done at Heathrow to ban this car hire company from its illicit practices. I live in South Africa and have little or no chance of getting my deposit back unless these fraudulent people are made to refund everyones deposit forthwith by the police or the standards board.
I would appreciate getting some feedback from other people who have been scammed so that i can know who else i can complain to.
Peter Turton

Dirty old man

I am a single female picking up my car at Heathrow this week 10/8/2010, this smelly dirty old man was disgusting, he would not stop staring at me and made sexual comments towards me, I felt terrible, they are horrible, I complained, it got me nowhere, they said your word against his !

If you are single woman


Retention of Deposit

I rented a small Ford Kia from Car-Hire-UK for a period of 8 days at 122.20 UK Pounds. They deducted a...

no refund of deposit

Similar story to everybody else. 670 pounds deducted from my credit card (I live in South Africa, so that is very painful in Rands). This they told me would be refunded when I returned the car. What a joke. Car was returned undamaged and with a full tank of petrol. I was also told to leave the documentation, key and car parking slip in the boot of the car. This I did and assumed they had a second key for the car. I also phoned the number they gave me (computerised call) and reported all the details they required. I have phoned, e-mailed and written a letter to this company, all of course a waste of time. What a scam.!!

Barry of Johannesburg.

And I thought only this sort of scam happens here!!

  • Ab
    AB RAKIB Aug 18, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also got cheated by Car- Hire- Uk, they keep my deposit 670 GBP. Any suggestion ?

    rakib, malaysia

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  • Pi
    pingvs Jun 03, 2016

    I got your contact from the internet from someone who has been conned by a company called (owned by someone called Mike Goodwin). I have also been conned in a similar manner in that my deposit for car rental has not been refunded since it was due on 12th January 2010. The amount is 150 pounds and I would be grateful if you could guide me as to any action I can take against this scammer. I have noted on the internet that several people have been conned in a similar fashion, yet this man continues in business.

    I look forward to hearing from you and would be grateful for any assistance you can offer me..

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  • Ma
    mapleleaftimber Jun 03, 2016

    We rented an automobile from this company from 16/11/09 - 30/11/09 and have not received our deposit. For additional money, I purchased the 75 pound sterling insurance . The company still owes me my refund and will not answer my correspondence. We had no problems with the hire so we are confused on why the deposit was not returned. My friends are going flying into Heathrow in March 2010 and asked me about my experience after reading the horrible but aparently truthful reviews about the company as I now am experiencing the same problems as others. I told them to stay away and I would not recommend them to anyone. Does anyone know what I can do to get my refund?

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We had occasion to hire a car from these people on the 1st April 2010, everything went really well until we had to get our deposit back. THIS IS A WARNING TO ALL CUSTOMERS OF THIS COMPANY.
We were told the deposit £ 500.00 pounds plus £ 60.00 fuel deposit would be back in our account the day the car was returned. This is not how they work, firstly they didnt put a hold on the deposit it was withdrawn from the account, upon querying where the deposit was we were given a real run around. There is no proper contact details on the site and all mail is not signed by anyone.
Eventually I sent mails to the office of fair trading as well as phoning the police, as well as reporting them to the Bromley business association. They were also reported to my bank as well as MastercardUpon searching companies house this business does not appear to be registered correctly.
The deposit of £ 500.00 has allegedly been refunded we will see what Mastercard say. As for the fuel deposit they say this has been kept due to the fact we chose the fast track system who knows what this is. Despite the car being returned full and clean. Steer clear of this lot!!!

  • Jo
    Jocelyn Knapp Apr 28, 2010

    I also have suffered from this company. The GBP 70.00 was never refunded even though the car was returned with a full tank.

    The car sustained a dent caused by someone on the street overnight. I have never had a copy of the repair invoice so as to claim from my insurance here. I also was fined for being in a bus lane the fine which they supposedly paid without consulting me or indicating if the payment was made within the 14 days at the 50% discount. I have emailed, phone etc. to no avail. No wonder they are cheaper - they make their money with this kind of fraud.

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CarHire UK Deposit - Refund Policy

We rented from Car Hire UK and found they had the best complaints resolution services and gave us a goodwill gesture of £20.00 off our next rental and a free upgrade, if you have a complaint email, George Henderson in the customer care team he is really helpful.

You can write to
Car Hire UK
165 Masons hill

  • Sh
    sharealike Dec 12, 2010

    Pathetic, simply pathetic. There is not one person who has had a good experience with this company, they are not praised on other sites for there outstanding service are they. This is another Micheal Goodwin account opened to try and counter the people who hate him and his company. Just pathetic. STAY AWAY from this company and the other ones he runs, do your research.

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  • We
    welshenglish Feb 10, 2012

    Good to hear somebody had a good experience. I however have had the same problem as everyone else has posted here.

    My deposit has not been repaid. This is apparently not a one-off.

    I can not recommend Car-Hire-UK. Possible customers: Be Warned!

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Refund not paid

Not good, if you are deciding to hire from these people, try a quick search on the Internet and be warned. You may get your deposit back IF you are lucky and have lots of patience and living in the UK would help.

We thought we would ignore all the warnings and give them a try, humans can be soooo stupid. Once you have paid your deposit you are on your own!!

  • Br
    brunchmann Nov 21, 2009

    Ample evidence that this company continues to operate in a fraudulent fashion. Not knowing them, we rented a car for a week in August 2009. Still fighting to get my deposits, £250 in all, back. Have reported the company to the police, hopefully that will help.

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  • Contact the Area Trading Standards Officer at Bromley Borough.

    Telephone: 020 8313 4830
    Rapid Response number: 07903 852090
    Fax: 020 8313 4450
    e-mail: [email protected]

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  • Car was hired in August - managed to obtain a car refund months later but only after numerous phone calls and emails. They still refuse to refund the fuel deposit and have become very personal in their attacks on me.

    Keep up the fight and don't give up

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  • Su
    Suzanne Healey Dec 16, 2009

    I found this company quite good, you obviously done something quite wrong, we had one complaint with the accounts, and they quickly resolved it for us.

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  • Jb
    JBRow Feb 23, 2010

    Like yourself I decided to ignore these comments and I am pleased I did, all round brilliant service. I can only presume you had damaged your vehicle or have lied about something as I returned my vehicle, called them to inform and my excess was in my account within 16 days admitily longer than I would like but the service more than made up for it.

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CarHireUK Complaints

Car Hire UK, has one of the best complaints resolution services we have used, they investigated the...

Never confirmed booking

I am planning a trip to England next year (2010) and will arrive at Manchester Airport. I contacted this compamy thru thier website and booked a vehicle. They sent out an auto reply saying my booking had been recieved and a confirmation would follow. About 10 days later I still had not confirmation, so I emailed them asking when I would get my confirmation, also I asked what the problem was and could I help in any way. A few days later I got a reply saying there was no problem and my confirmation would be sent shortly. Again I waited about 10 days and still no confirmation. I emailed them again saying if there was no confirmation by the end of the working day please could they consider the booking cancelled. Two weeks later and I still have heard nothing from this company. I contacted my bank, once I had explained they marked my card as lost which would stop any money being drawn and they are sending me a new card. I will not be contacting this company again and would strongly recommend against anyone else contacting them. If they run their fleet of cars like they run their office staff it must be a fleet if wrecks.

  • Jo
    JohnDoe Apr 16, 2009

    Found this address after a bit of hunting. If the address is real then we have somewhere to serve court papers, if it's a fake then he is in bigger trouble since he will have used a fake address for his company.

    Car Hire UK
    Michael Goodwin
    165 Masons Hill
    Bromley, KENT
    BR2 9HY, GB
    [email protected]

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  • Fl
    FloridaTraveler Jan 27, 2010

    I would cancel your reservation ASAP and change your CC#. This company is dishonest and will make it difficult to get your deposit back. I will never use them again and will continue to do my best to keep other people from making the same mistake I did. In my opinion this company is scaming overseas tourists.

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  • Pe
    Peter.Scott Apr 04, 2011

    hired a car in september 2010, and am still yet to recieved my deposit, it has been 6 months! Still trying and will serve court papers soon any suggestions?

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  • Mo
    M. Oliveira Nov 05, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am still waiting for my deposit of 570£ since march!!!, this is disgasting!!! Stay away from this company. M. O; paris

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Decode car hire Murcia Airport

Tried Decode to hire a car in Murcia Airport, Spain. The price quite cheap but could't find any feedbacks about this company over internet. When arrived at Airport I had to pay additional 10 EUR because I picked up the car in "out of hours" time. For me it has been always the same - if they say "all inclusive" then in reality there always has to pay some additional hidden charges!!

  • Do
    Doris Oct 19, 2009

    I booked a hire car for 2 days in December 2008 with this company over the internet. I gave my credit card details to someone (I now believe they were in a call center, possibly not in the UK at all) I was met at Heathrow, by a friendly individual called Terry, who took us to the car in the airport carpark. We dropped the car off the following evening in a London Hotel. Terry met us there and took the car - there were no problems with the car. When I got home I saw that my credit card had been overcharged.. The quotation was 131 pounds and my card had been charged 810. I made numerous phone calls, sent emails, even registered letters. The phone system kept me in a queue for over 30 mins and on the two occasions that I spoke to someone, the cut off the call when I explained the situation. I have now sent all the details to HSBC Visa card disputes department and they are investigating.

    There are several other reports on the internet of exactly the same situation occurring. I am not going to let this matter drop. If anyone has managed to resolve a similar case, please let me know. Thanks!

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  • Ni
    NIKA_ Oct 20, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The website has a wealth of resources for cheap Crete Airport car hire. Read news and get information about everything related to Crete Airport car hire. Searching the lowest prices from the best companies with Decode Car Hire Crete Airport.

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  • Un
    unhappy girona client Dec 22, 2009

    Like the other complaint about Amigo Autos the other company involved was Goldcar.

    Dispite their written terms they have now decided to enhance their profits by excessively charging for the tank of fuel and then saying even on a short hire the car can't be returned full. Thereby forcing you to use their fuel, for which they charge twicw as much as it would cost you to fill the tank. They threaten if the car is returned full to charge you for the mileage used.
    I will be avoiding them and would suggest their are plenty of companies who don't try to rip you off for us all to use in the future.

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No airfreshner in vehicle

We hired a wonderful brand new vehicle, and the vehicle smelled of tobaco, we called the company up who advised us that they operate a no smoking policy and the vehicle was brand new. So we said we needed an airfreshener in the vehicle and were going to bill them for it, my wife hates the smell of smoke, the vehicle should of been smelt before delivery to us, and for this reason we issue a great complaint about them across the internet

Car Rental UK - Car Rental Gatwick

Car Rental Gatwick Airport
Car Hire UK
165 Masons Hill

Dear Car Hire UK
Thank you for your recent car rental service at Gatwick airport, however we write to complaint of the free upgrade you gave us, on arrival, we booked online your Group A mini class, and paid £123.33 for 10 days, the meet and greet service was very much appeciated and made the rental very good, your staff were very polite and we were initally impressed with the service you offered, however you gave as a group F full size yes the vehicle was a lovelly nice new vehicle with all toys satellite nav etc, but not WHAT WE ORDERED!!!

We feel that the vehicle was far to big for me and my father for our trip to vist in the UK, and unless you refund all our money £123.33 in full we will not remove this notice COmplaint online so you either compensate us or we will let others no about your upgrade policys!!

Yours truly

A B Ms
Rental ID [protected]

  • He
    Henry Ottrr Nov 07, 2009

    CarhireUK -

    They dont do free upgrades to there prestige range, we really wanted to drive the New SLK 230 Convertible but they would not upgrade us free of charge.

    we were really disapointed as we wanted to drive this vehicle.

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CAR HIRE UK Qouted me 185 Pounds to rent a car from 12 June to 21 June 2009.
The deposit was 500 Pound, and the fuel deposit 70 Pound.
The transaction went tru on the morning of 12 June when we picked up the car at Heathrow airport.
We returned car on 12 June with nothing wrong with teh car.
Last week we e mailed CAR HIRE UK on the [protected] adres about our deposit.
After a long wait they shortly replied ""This is the total rental charge, there is no refund.""
This is false and since now i havnt received any invoice stating any amounts.
Please assisit me on this problem urgently.

They know we are back in South Africa and that is a problem comunicating with them.

  • Ma
    Martin Freeman Jul 18, 2009

    Sorry to hear you are the latest victim of If you search google you will find plenty of complaints regarding this company. I would contact David Bullar from Bromley Trading Standards Email:[email protected] he has helped several people like your selves regain their deposit, also if you paid using a Visa card fill out a dispute form with your bank and they should be able to help.
    If you want to put a name to this company it's Michael Goodwin and the address is Car Hire UK 165 Masons Hill, Bromley, Kent BR2 9HY.

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  • Lh
    lhawk7 Jul 21, 2009

    Me too! I'm still waiting for my 600 pounds. Thanks for the advice.

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Michael Goodwin

Please ignore any postings with my name "Martin Freeman" that extol the virtues of I...

No Refund

Found this on another web site. Michael Stephen Goodwin AKA has another...

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