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Power Academics

One person sent a complaint about the academics of Canyonville Christian Academy. Please know that we are...

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Poor academics

To any parent considering sending your child to this school, I would ask you to be cautious and to please...

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Terrible boarding school

This school is terrible. It is a boarding school. The food here is terrible making all the students gain at least 10 pounds if not more. I practically have to stave myself to stay at a healthy weight here. They also kick out their students if they don't like them. for personal reasons, but say its about grades. Some people this last school year got kicked out "because of grades" when other students with worse grades can stay. Its not a fair school and they definitely play favorites.

The principal of the school Doug Wead never visits the school and has no idea whats going on... but he can decide what the rules are and who gets kicked out. It doesn't make sense.

If you ever consider this school find a new one unless they completely change their system.

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    Don Jacobs Aug 07, 2008
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    Well, Anonymous - all I can say is "Whaaaaa..."

    I am sure the school is asking students to leave, I am sure they have VERY good reasons, beyond grades. Students will never get the full story, that's just the way it is. Part of the difficulty of managing a boarding school is knowing how to deal with the "bad apples" that have the potential of spoiling the school year for the whole class.

    I do know of a few cases where it was DEFINITELY in the best interest of the school AND the students to remove a couple of students before any big problems occurred.

    By the way, is there a website for parents like me to complain about whiny spoiled kids?;^>

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    Leilani Sutherland Nov 19, 2008
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    I wrote this a while ago out of anger. My friend had just been kicked out and I wasen't too happy with the decision. I know the staff is trying to make the best decisions for the school and for the rest of the students. I'm sorry. CCA is actually a great boarding school. I loved being at CCA.
    Students at CCA feel welcomed right when they get there. The students are friendly and the dorm life is so much fun. The food also improved so much this year.

    Does anyone know how to erase this complaint?

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