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I was conned into a supposed free listing in their directory which I called back immediately after finding out they are not a legitimate who's who organization to cancel this transaction but am still waiting on a decision from my American Express investigation of their charges. I have not accepted any services or bogus plane tickets they offer from these crooks and do not feel I should pay for services they have falsely represented. They could not provide any names of organizations or people who supposedly nominated or referred me for this listing or qualifications of their staff who supposedly approved my listing and created my biography for this service. They have over 150 complaints filed against them including my own to the better business bureau of NY. I feel because I called back within an hour after realizing I was scammed and nonrefundable was never mentioned at any time during the phone conversation I had with them until I questioned their credentials did I receive this via email.


  • Sh
    Sharon Feb 05, 2009

    I, fortunately, hate high-pressured sales. At first I was honored, but still skeptical. When they mentioned the Platinum membership for over $800 or the Gold membership for around $600 and then said, I would have to order now without having time to think about it. I told them that I wasn't interested. I'm just glad that I did!

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  • Ss
    sss Mar 14, 2009

    did Amex come though? unfortunately, i got taken as well, and have filed a complaint for a refund with Amex.

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  • He
    Helen Mar 26, 2009

    I am a member of Cambridge Whos Who and I absolutely love it. It has helped me in so many ways. Give it a chance. I have networked with doctors and social workers with some issues that a friend had as well as using real estate brokers and financial investors. I think the Cambridge Whos Who was a honor to be included and it has really been an asset to my career.

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  • Ca
    Cathy Williams Apr 15, 2009

    False price quoted for advertising. Unauthorized chages on credit card.

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  • He
    Helen Who Apr 27, 2009

    Agree with the first 2. Avoid Cambridge Whos Who like you avoid the flu!

    Scam all the way. You want to network, go to That is all the networking you need without paying a penny!

    Helen, how long you worked at Who's Who? The next time you post in favor of a company, your name should probably not be on the company telephone directory!

    Good luck, walk away!

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  • Mi
    Mike Jun 11, 2009

    I actually fell for this thing yesterday and provided credit card information. Problem was, she forgot to ask for the expiration date. I went into a meeting right after and she left me 6 voice mail messages in 1 hour, stating that she needed the expiration date of my card. Since something did not feel right, I did some checking online last night. Upon hearing the many complaints, I called back this morning and let them know I was not interested. The high pressure was incredible.

    Any reputable company should be willing to provide even a 1 or 2 day risk free membership. The least expensive offer she came up with was $99 for 1 year. I will tell anyone who asks not to join.

    I agree with whomever mentioned LinkedIn. Perfect networking site and at no cost.

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  • An
    Anonymously Anonymous Jul 11, 2009

    Yep... I agree this is a suck you in so they can just take your money .

    I was contacted with a congratulations letter. As I'm already included in 3 different Marquis' Who's Who directories ... I assumed this one was legit starting off. But the second the lady started quoting me the price for platinum, gold membership. I became extremely skeptical... I pointed out that having the networking value and the additional ability to Google my name was of no value to me, as I'm already 'google-able', and for the business I'm in, the networking value they could provide is likely NILL. I already work with the world's experts in my business.

    I provided a lame execuse... then was offered a $99 trial membership. Which I also punted on. The interviewer/sale's lady got very abrupt, and stated that my profile would be linked in from their website and then she hung up.

    The acceptance package I'm supposed to get will go into the trash ... and I can guarentee you that they won't be inlcuded on my resume!

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  • Em
    Embarrased Jul 26, 2009

    I was taken in by their flattery, sales technique and false claims. Similar to so many other complaints I also realized the stupidity of my ways very quickly and demanded a refund the very next day.
    I was contacted by their complaint resolution manager and we started on a 3 week circus involving email exchanges, voice mail messages and then listening in to a recording of my call where the words "all sales are final" (which was quickly spoken and even on a 2nd listen barely audible), was interpreted by CWW as NO REFUNDS.
    After a lot of hassling they agreed to a refund minus $100 for "costs already incurred". They then sent me a letter to sign that included this text..."As discussed, this is a letter acknowledging the resolution reached today. Please sign it at the bottom and return it immediately. Upon receipt of your signed letter, absent of editorial adjustments and/or comments, your credit in the amount of $500.00 will be processed and posted to your account within 10-12 business days. This will close your membership. This offer is valid only if returned to our establishment no later than ..."

    I refused as it was not a full refund. After a few more less polite emails, voice mail, and phone calls they agreed to a full refund.

    Anyway, my advice is to have NOTHING to do with them. It has NO value and anyone that signs up and is happy with it is NOT worth networking with. That goes for HELEN in above posting.

    IF you do get caught as I did, be unrelenting in your requests for a refund. Email via their website EVERY night, leave voice mails EVERY day and do NOT accept NO for an answer. They have NO right to keep your money. Their call recording is for Quality Assurance purposes and NOT a legally binding contract, they are not even allowed to present it as such...

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  • Sc
    ScammednAngry Aug 02, 2009

    Thank Goodness I didn't pay for anything. I will say that the emotional effect was devastating to me. After suffering three layoffs in three years, I was ecstatic that someone had recognized my hard work and nominated me. Like so many others, I completed the online profile and even stepped out of a training meeting for my new job in order to complete the lengthy phone interview. However, I put the brakes on when they started asking for money. They never could answer my questions about why I should have to pay for a membership. After all... they wanted ME, right?

    Long story short, the interviewer kept dropping the price, and I kept refusing to pay. My exact words were "I am in no financial shape to pay for a membership..." repeatedly. She finally ended with the $99 / year membership which I also refused. However, they still promised that I would be mentioned in the directory, I would receive my welcome packet and bio proof within a few days, blah, blah, blah.

    I have heard absolutely nothing since. In fact, I just realized this was a scam when I researched the company in an effort to find out the status of my "welcome packet". I told my family and friends about this, and I even had head shots taken in anticipation of this "great honor". Now I have to eat crow and tell them all it was a scam. Go figure, huh? Oh well...lesson learned.

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  • No
    no scam here Aug 11, 2009

    I have done a lot of online research after receiving my "invitation" in the mail. I entered in a buch of false information just to waste their time a little.

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  • No
    Not going to get me Aug 30, 2009

    I just received my letter in the mail. I am on other legitimate Who's Who lists already and what tipped me off to do some research about this letter is the statement at the bottom of the page. "Cambridge Who's Who is proudly not associated or affiliated with any other Who's Who Publication or Organization." Ok, right there its a red flag. I'm sorry that some of you have had to go through the depths of hell and back as a result of this company but I am grateful to you for posting your experiences because it keeps me from making a huge error. They should not be asking for money for memberships, especially since I do not have to pay anything to be on the other Who's Who lists...hmmmm clever scam but ridiculous that people don't want to work for their money in an honest way. Good luck to you all and thank you again for your posts.

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  • Po
    POKE YOKE Sep 15, 2009


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  • An
    Anonymously Anonymous Sep 18, 2009

    Poke Yoke - So right you are.. Marquis' Who's Who is not a scam... but Cambridge uses high pressure sales tactics to get their membership ... which is an immediate turn off for many people. I challenge you to prove your statement "I WAS HIRED BECAUSE THEM!!" ... Besides the poor english, I have serious doubts that anything they are selling could have been worth the cost.

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  • Pr
    ProSales Sep 18, 2009

    Yo "Poke Yoke" if you are any example of this group then I find it highly inlikely that ANYONE would be at all interested. At the very least you could learn the English language before going into some idiotic, unintelligible twit!

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  • Ju
    justnobody Sep 26, 2009

    Ha! Just got my invitation today. I found it incredibly funny as I am a part time substitute teacher's aide and don't even have an associate's degree. Wonder what list they got my name from?? lol

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  • Be
    benz2010 Oct 08, 2009

    This whos who organisation does fall into the classification of being a scam. Regardless of the fact that they deliver the product to you, they sell you on it by positioning themselves as an esteemed and to some extent, exclusive institution. That right there is the scam; that you are paying to join an established list of accomplished persons. Not a group of self promoting hounds.

    Here in the US business culture its a major faux pas. So should anyone be heading to the states, remember to leave your Cambridge Who’s Who certificate at home. :-)

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  • Ca
    Cameron123 Oct 15, 2009

    I was conned by this scam and they charged my almost 300.00. Luckily my credit card number had changed two weeks later. Then this lady named Heather kept calling from an "unknown number" saying she was calling to say that the book was ready to be shipped and they would be charging my card another 350 but that the card was not going through. I told them I don't have the card with me and she said ok that she will try to process it again. Then came the month long charade of calling 6-10 times a day from an unknown number without leaving messages. I always pushed the ignore button and then they started calling me at work that took the last straw. I called Heather and left a nasty message that if she calls one more time my lawyer will be calling her next. It felt good chewing these scam artists out. She never called back again :)

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  • Wo Nov 11, 2009

    I was woke up by my business partner. She got this letter in the mail. She was smart enough to ask me "What is this"? I looked and was like of Hell maybe a customer sees her working hard. OK she deserves it. I went to the site to check and see what it was about. The main site to check the Alexa ranking. Their Alexa ranking is #295, 536 OK this is an average ranking among the 81 Million sites Alexa tracks. When I say average I do not even look at a site twice that`s over 500K. From here I went to the log in page for the sign up. It has a "No Rank" This means a site is so new Alexa is not even tracking it yet.

    So in short if it was honestly usable as a networking site and people actually used it It would have been picked up by Alexa already, as well as it would have a good ranking. We are in the middle of buying Alexa ranking #113, 487 and this entire site is based on Hookahs. Come on now really Hookahs a small leisure pipe for smoking tobacco has a stronger Alexa ranking then this whos who?

    I was respectful to Holly (or just wanted to get her some calls) and placed her info in the site. On the other hand when they call I will also be the 1 taking their call. This should be entertaining to say the least. I did telemarketing years ago and it was fun and I made a good living at it. May God be with the poor person I get a hold of.

    Oh and my view on the site? Yea Screams scam just like to Poetry sites that Publish you for free but be ready to pay very top dollar to see the publication since they sell you your own work back.

    Anyone reading this avoid the Cambridge guys. I will not say they are a scam (because they will try and drag me though court next) but then again I wont say my BMW is Black (ssshhh But it is).

    Be safe all and great advice. when you see something that involves your hard earned money Google the name with the word Scam spaced after it. Usually you will find something then just read up. That's how I found this place.

    Sincerley, Neal & Holly

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  • Jo
    JoblessTech Dec 01, 2009

    Hey I got my invitation today and its funny cause I have no job. However I looked up the company anyway and found all your complains and decided to check into there websites and so on and found this link to their domains and their original ip.

    Then I used a ip finder and found their located at

    Those coordinates are this Address (Check yourself if you like.)

    358 5th Ave
    New York, NY 10001

    From this point on I can't be of assistance but if this helps anyone catch these people I'm glad I helped because I was once scammed and it hurt.

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  • Br
    brainfreeze Dec 04, 2009

    I have to agree with the majority here. I just got a letter from this Cambridge Who's Who company today! Of course that little disclaimer at the bottom of the letter (i.e. "we are proudly NOT affiliated with any other Who's Who publications or organizations") helped me a lot. Not to mention the fact that I don't have a job right now, so how could I do anything "exceptional" in the past year?

    I decided to google it, and the FIRST thing to come up was about it being, in all (ok, most)intents and purposes, a scam. I was surprised to know that this has been going on for over 2 YEARS! Even if they don't consider themselves one, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, but ISN'T a duck? It's fake, plain and simple.

    But my real worry is how did they get my home address? I know junk mail is sent to anywhere, but it was so personalized and professional looking. My real relief lies in that I didn't fill out any online application, and this company hasn't been calling me (but I don't know if they would be able to in the future).

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  • Pv
    PVTEYE1 Dec 29, 2009

    Took $88.95 from my checking account about putting my name on a registery of who's who.

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  • Up
    UPLIFT Jan 12, 2010

    Factually and actually, it is not a scam. There is no misrepresentation made to a potential member. If deemed eligible, then the individual has the choice to buy in or let it go. A scam is a manipulative ploy that indirectly prompts an individual to make a payment for a dubious situation if so perceived. There are many distinguished members. I presume that those with issues will find the $100k requirement of The Ladders a scam as well. If you cannot afford to pay for something, it is not proper to make reference to a scam. The decent thing to say is "I cannot afford it." ~ evidence based approach or ~ "I do not think it is worth it." ~ non-evidence based. It is that simple.

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  • An
    Anonymously Anonymous Jan 12, 2010

    Sooo... if somebody sells you a piece of plain white paper for $1000 ... claiming tons of benefit from said piece of plain white paper - where the going rate for said piece of paper is about 1 cent ... you are saying this isn't a scam?

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  • Ed
    Edward Hamilton Jan 16, 2010

    I just received my scam letter from Cambride Who's Who and actually took the time to go to the website they claimed had my biography but when they didn't have my business type listed it confirmed that they knew nothing about me and probably found me through corporate records from my state.

    I'm glad this site is here to expose this type of scam.

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  • Da
    .Dakota2010 Jan 19, 2010

    Well, all I have to say, if it’s not a scam, than I do not know what one would call it if the person ‘interviewing’ you to see if you ‘qualify’ to be member of their organization when they themselves do not know their organization. I’m from Canada and was sold on the free flight under the impression from the representative Lynn that it was good in Canada. After signing up, I checked out more details on the flight. Within one click on their company website, it clearly states that it is only within the US; useless for me. I have called to cancel and in waiting for the charges to be reversed (they have left a voicemail saying it will be reversed but wish me luck). Sounds like fraud to me -> intentional deception made for one’s own gain.

    Food for thought for anyone considering this organization.

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  • Al
    AlexMt Feb 08, 2010


    with all objectivity to people who have paid and like the service (if you pay for something, you will say that it's useful as a way to make you feel better than you just weren't scammed so I understand your comments).

    Well I was happy of joining yet another networking service which was advertised as free. Then after the nice little speech by the phone person, they went into Memberships. I don't mind a professional service to charge for more services but want I told her that I'd like to take time to think about it, then she moved on and offered me a better deal, then I told her I would like to take time and read more information on it, then she wanted to give me yet another deal. This went on for about 10 minutes (people who agreed from the get-go, sorry but you definitely got scammed as you could have gotten a Platinum membership for half the price of the initial offer...)

    As I work in sales, I can smell pressure sales closing. The lady read her book right and did a great job as selling. When I told her there was no way I was agreeing on a deal on the phone and I wanted to review it, she didn't even want to send me more info by e-mail and just told me I was going to be added to the free directory. What kind of organization is that if they can't even let members take time to review the choices before making a decision. If you have to agree on a sale right there on the phone or it's over, it shows exactly what kind of scam that is. They know if they let you gather more information on the product, you will find out that it's not worth it and you will definitely no buy it.

    So, if a product can only sell through pressure over the phone and a complimentary plane ticket, I would highly suggest you to stay far from it.

    And to the people who are in the directory, congrats and make the most out of it. I'm sure it's great but you could get more out of your LinkedIn account (notice how you can upgrade your LinkedIn account but no one calls you to try to pressure you into doing so).

    Hope that helps

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  • Th
    thesolonia Apr 01, 2010

    I was contaced at work by these people and they claimed that this membership would be very beneficial to me in my networking. All I had to do was submit my$800 platinum membership fee, with a $700 payment now and the rest after I receive my welcome packet. I also had to submit my current resume, mailing address, photo, and my preferred credit card with numbers. I refused to give out any information financially and advised them that they were calling a government employee and that I needed a phone number to contact them back for verification. At that point the lady named Susan Davis hesitantly gave me the number and extension. This is a sure scam! Don't fall for any of this especially when you can belong to any other who's who network without having to pay a dime!

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  • Fr
    FromBoston Apr 02, 2010

    Like you all, I was also contacted by a lady from the phone number 516-535-1515. It was a high pressure selling. Nobody like to get honored by paying for it. If it is not a scam then it is a foolish idea to execute at the first place.

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  • Fr
    freeze hands up Apr 11, 2010

    i was sent a letter inviting me to join whoswho and their sister company USA honor society.these scam artists maDE THE MISTAKE OF SOLICITING AN ASSISTANT USA ATTOURNEY GENERAL working in the fraud plan is to personally handcuff ray garcia and hook him and book him.dont drop the soap ray

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  • Victor Jasin Apr 16, 2010

    Not everyone is so gullible as to think that they are important and worthy of recognition when they are not. Some of us list with Cambridge Whos Who because it is a novel marketing approach and gets obvious attention. I knew of the "scam report" and I knew there were fees involved as did some 400, 000 or so others. Simply bottom lining this as a scam does a disservice to paying members who otherwise have tools and resources with that list that others like LinkedIn don't provide.

    If you felt you are scammed and duped perhaps you deserve what your ignorance and overextended feelings of self-worth are naive enough to make you believe.

    Amway, Herbalife, Shaklee and many other otherwise reputable companies have also fallen victim to "scam" rants. Buyer beware and if you are too stupid to do some checking and due diligence before you give someone your credit card info then you need your judgment and intelligence examined.

    If you have any problems with the above statement I can be reached as per info below.

    Vic Jasin
    1009-85 Fiddlers Green Road
    London, Ontario
    519 657-4286
    [email protected]

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  • Up
    UPLIFT Apr 16, 2010

    Mr. Jasin provides quite a pseudo-intellectual tactic to defend his payment for inclusion. There are not 400, 000 paying customers ~ that number provided by Cambridge Who's Who includes non-paying "honorees" as well. Incredibly, Jasin's name when put in Google does not provide his "press release" as Cambridge Who's Who would claim. In fact, my own research on Cambridge Who's Who found web pages, its own company website included, full of programming errors, which makes all of the web hoopla worthless. Search engines do not index poorly formed websites/pages. When a representative of Cambridge gave me a name to search for, the person’s press release only appeared after typing, "Cambridge Who's Who" after the name. For $800-$900 USD, there are personal branding professionals with much more web shrewdness and who will individualize and not template one's web presence or otherwise and programming also allows for direct linkage to social media as well. Cambridge does not provide a novel marketing approach ~ except, give credit where credit is due ~ it makes profits through the duping of others. If Mr. Jasin believes he made the best business decision, so be it. We shall laud his new found and novel identity for marketing himself. If you want to test the waters ~ just call a recruiter and throw Cambridge out as a credential. It is more than likely that the counsel provided will indicate to leave that out of your career management equation.

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  • El
    E. L. Collazo May 01, 2010

    I too fell victim to Cambrdge Who's Who scam. They have been telling me for the past month that they would provide me with a full refund of the membership fees. Still waiting for my credit card agent to credit my account. I however, did not report them to the better business bureau, Instead I have reportedthem to both the Massachusett and New York Attornney Generals Office. They have the power to go after this organization and force them to provide refunds to those individuals they promised refunds to. Also, if they are breaking any laws, and they probably are, the AG's can drag them into court. I recommend that anyone who has been ripped off to not only report them to the BBB, but to also report them to your states Attorney General. They will take this type of complaint serious nad prosecute if necessary. Lets take them down fast and hard. ELC

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  • Victor Jasin May 02, 2010

    And yet another grandiose victim who felt deserving of a listing for what? You and 149 others in N.Y complained? Well for your info there are around 400, 000 others who are happy users of the service. There is NOTHING in their procedures that makes you pay for a false/fraudulent statement or claim. It's naive self-aggrandized folks like you that appear as victims. What happened you went and bragged to everyone you were on a Who’s Who celebrity list and found out it’s the marketing hook/technique they use to get you to look at the service that is available for anyone who wants to pay the price?

    I too thought I was being invited over some fortune I hadn't considered, then I realized there is nothing of such consequence and esteem that would qualify me to be listed as some outstanding personality or entrepreneur worldwide. I called and I was told "after" the interview that it would cost money. I wasn't happy that I wasn't told up front and chose not to respond right away.

    Then after consideration that the marketing methods and the fact they PUBLISH your profile for review and display for others, I realize this was a UNIQUE opportunity with an appearance of esteem. I paid less than I would pay LinkedIn for the same features for the same length of time and had access to features not offered at the lower premium level of LinkedIn making Who's who a LEGITAMATELY advantageous listing for my marketing and business promotion purposes.

    I paid for the service less than 3 weeks ago and as yet only received a package and have verified OTHERS who have listed and received additional exposure in the Google search engine, thus my motivation to call back and agree to pay a short 1 year term. So far what I have is all I need to justify my fee. LinkedIn like Who’s who DOES fall on search engines. You can’t find me YET because I haven’t completed submitting my info yet and haven’t updated all my info and authorized publication YET. I am not looking for a recruiter as I’m not seeking employment. I am a “pro bono” retired consultant that simply seeks to put my name in as many search engines and desent networking sites as possible. You’ll find me on LinkedIn and Plaxo and Who’s who after I complete my info and authorize it’s release. I don’t need a professional marketer, and for the less than $200 I paid it’s cheaper than LinkedIn alone for the same period of coverage.
    If your only motivation is accolades and public adulation then you DESERVE your so called victimization. Your lack of intelligence and good judgment on the issue puts you in good company with the other 149 NY complainants. They are NOT breaking laws, they are NOT fraudulently claiming ANYTHING that you seem to think. The fact that their approach gives that impression, is NOT a scam, it gets you in the door to hear the rest of a pitch you have a CHOICE of accepting or turning down. You find out all you need to know BEFORE you agree to pay. If you are STUPID enough to pay and not understand what you have just done, then you need a shrink not the BBB.

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  • Victor Jasin May 02, 2010

    Let’s take them down fast and Do you guys/gals even realize how stupid your described self directed dilemma sounds? If they DON'T give you your money back and promised then without question I would pursue whatever recourse to get said funds returned. Try get your money back on pretty much any online service that is high volume and you will have a long time to wait REGARDLESS of who it is. If you are so pissed that you are seeking revenge and want justice for something that JUST ISN'T ILLEGAL, then your spouting all that in places like this are what's wrong with you naive innocents.

    I'd say I sympathize if you didn't get what you hoped, but you had a choice of saying no BEFORE you paid, and by the time you paid everything you need to know was provided and nothing promised in their service is remiss. Reading through the list of complainants is like reading through the editorial section of the Inquirer. You dumb yourselves down folks by what your hot headed comments are suggesting. If you show me ONE court excerpt of successful judgment against Who's Who then maybe you have a legit and sane reason to display your naive self-directed error.

    So far I haven't heard of anyone who had to go to small claims court to file suit before they got a refund of money. And then, some go through with all the info and details and authorize their publication/data and suddenly decide they are embarrassed because a few bozo’s like you guys here decide to whine about being stung in a scam. If you got what they said they'd do and their contractual obligation was met then I'm sorry you misguided innocents, you have no recourse. If before they do what they've said you change your mind, fine get your money back and if they said they would, fine push to get it which there is no evidence anywhere that supports that ultimately those asking for refunds DONT' get said moneys return.

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  • An
    Anonymously Anonymous May 02, 2010

    Vic: Maybe we should just take you at face value and assume you aren't getting reimbursed in any way by Cambridge Who's Who. Please return frequently to this list and let us all know what your quantifiable benefit was from dropping that kind of money for their marketing. Like I said before, where you can that and a whole bunch more for free elsewhere.

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  • In
    InTheKnow Jun 03, 2010

    I received my “invitation” this week and was skeptical. Nothing in the letter says anything about a fee. It comes across that you should be honored to be receiving this invitation. Bottom line, this is just SPAM. I actively use LinkedIn and find it a great tool for networking and professional development. It allows you to collaborate with other professionals in your career field and industry at NO COST. They too have a premium membership level that might be useful for people actively looking for a job or to recruiters.

    Linked In is the “facebook” for all your work related relationships. How are you supposed to effectively expand your network using a tool that charges a minimum of $99/yr?

    I Googled myself and my page on LinkedIn comes up at the top of the search results!

    Thanks for taking the time to post your complaints about Cambridge. Complaints is great by the way.

    BTW – Poke Yoke, I’m glad that you found Cambridge useful but insulting people because that expressed dissatisfaction with a service company uses high-pressure sales techniques and has a questionable value at best makes me think that the job you landed is in telemarketing at Cambridge!

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  • Ou
    oudette Jun 10, 2010

    I just a call today from Cambridge Who's Who and spoke to a person who asked me details about my business. I was ecstatic because I thought this will for sure help my business grow. Towards the end of the conversation that's when she told me all about Platinum membership and the fee. The person on the other line was pressuring me to provide her my credit card info at the moment. When I told her that I would have to think about it and get back to her she immediately offer me Gold membership that cost approx. $500 (from $800 for Platinum) then to $300 then finally to $99. The person on the other line kept of persuading me and pressuring me to give my cc info even after I said I don't have my info handy with me. I told her that I will call her back and give her the info and she finally agreed to let me off the phone. Now here I am putting my two cents in with my experience with the rest of you. Best of LUCK to everyone whatever you decide.

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  • Me
    Meganr5 Jul 02, 2010

    I filled out the online application and they have been calling ever since wanting to "Interview " me...most of the time they call and hang up...I never really looked into it much but the next time they call I am going to tell them to stop ripping people off and quit calling me! So sorry to those that can't get their money back but thank you for posting so others know not to give out financial info to them.

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  • Tr
    triahl Aug 03, 2010

    I have no idea if they are scamming or not but i paid over $800 not even 8 months ago and now they want another $900 for the book and printed material. I think they should absolutely add more value. Getting a little certificate and press release for $800 is not worth its value. Now if they gave you the plaque and all the other things they try to sell you 8 months after you buy the 'prestigious' lifetime membership then perhaps you would feel as though it was worth it. My advice. Spend the $800 on your own press and find another organization that offers more value for the price. Best of luck!

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  • Mo
    moti4 Aug 21, 2010

    I don't know whether this is a spam or not as I have not used their services.

    However, their sales techniques have left a lot to be desired. I thought I was asking for info about joining a successful women's network from the link on facebook. I got the phone call for the interview a few days later and similar to the above posts, was then told of the memberships and the fees. I was completely taken by surprise. I said I would need to research the company and what the membership was about before committing to anything but the pressure was put on that I had to accept right then and there or never get another chance. Donald Trump Jr.'s name was mentioned - he's listed as the Global Director of Branding and Networking. The price dropped to $189 which I ended up giving my credit card info for. The next day my heart dropped as I reviewed all the comments online. If Donald Trump Jr. is indeed involved with this company - then shame on him for putting his name to this kind of sales technique - he really should know better! I immediately called Cambridge Who's Who and was forwarded to a voicemessage system. I left a message saying I wanted to cancel and get a full refund. I also sent a message online on their website saying the same. No response. Day 2 after the telephone interview and again I called and was forwarded to a voicemessage system. I left another message and referenced my first message. A few hours later I received a call back. The rep asked why I wanted to cancel and I said that after reading the reviews online I didn't want to have membership in Cambridge Who's Who and wanted a full refund. The rep said she could bring the price down to $99 for a 1 year membership. I said no thank u, I don't want to be a member and want a full refund. Surprisingly, the rep didn't argue further. She was polite and said she would send me an email with a letter and I needed to esign it or fax it back to her. A few minutes later I received the letter in my email indicating I would get a full refund.

    After reading others' experience I was surprised with the ease of my request for a full refund being honoured and by the politeness of the rep.

    My two cents to Cambridge Who's Who - if you are serious about building a professional networking and branding company and want to attract serious members, leave out the high pressure sales technique. It's reminiscent of timeshare sales tactics and is avoided by most consumers. It also puts your company in a dubious light. Why would you not want people to have time to think about whether they want to join or not? What's the point of having so many disconcerted and unhappy members? All the negative comments that come out of that are only hurting your company. Be upfront about all levels of membership and fees and about what the members will receive in return - then give them the time to decide whether they want to join or not. This will go a long way towards improving your own image and branding and give you more legitimacy, and in time the negative comments may start changing into positive ones. You put yourself forward as a branding company - learn to brand yourself better first.

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