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Sep 17, 2018

I bought a $10 calling card from, I received an e-mail as a confirmation and it says that I'll be receiving a call for verification. I was waiting for the Call in which it didn't happened. So, I called their CS # at [protected] just to hear a recorded message that it... / bad service

Aug 03, 2018

Hi, Several months ago in April, 2018 I purchased $10.00 card on line to call my family in Europe. I tried calling right after purchasing the card and never been able to connect. Since than I did not Try to use the card again. I just noticed on my bank account that / international calling cards/ rising sun

Sep 03, 2017

callingcards.com8/16/2017 - Went to and did a rate search for calling Trinidad and Tobago from USA - Did $20 purchase of "Rising Sun" card for the advertised 444 minutes (from local number [protected] to foreign landline 1 686-663 -**** - upon connect, message stated 250 minutes remaining... / the old bait and switch routine

Oct 13, 2016

My wife callsThailand frequently from the USA, her old card had run out, I found this one on line. As it was new to me I didn't want to buy a lot of airtime, so glad I did. What a scam, the WorldCalls card that I had purchased advertised calls to Thailand at a very good rate (1.9 cents a... / hidden charges


Purchased a $10 card several months ago to keep with me for infrequent use. I read all the literature before buying the card and did not see any maintenance fee listed - I'm an engineer so yes, I did read all the fine print. I finally had need to use it last week and found a zero... / poor quality callingcards & service


I purchased a calling card from this company to call two specific countries. The company website promoted the card I bought a one of the top two to call the countries. I expended an inordinate amount of time and energy repeatedly calling without any sound on the other end of the line. I... / customer service hung up on me twice


I purchased a calling card on Within an hour I received an email to my Gmail account telling me I would receive a phone call asking for additional information. I gave my CCV to the representative that then called. She informed me that since I could not... / overcharging every phone call that I made


NEVER EVER buy from!!! I bought a US$20 calling card from them, but everytime I made a call, when I check back the balance, they overcharged me. I had to call back to customer service every single time and ask them to adjust the balance, and the last two times I... / supplementary cost!!!


Do not buy this card to call from Mexico. Line was busy most of the time plus you have to pay significant supplementary charge to call from a pay phone - more than doubles the rate per minute. Buy a TelMex card once in Mexico instead. It works very well and the TelMEx payphone are everywhere. Pierre / bad service!

Purchased a card in September 2007 specifically for use in New Zealand. Despite trying many pay phones there was not one where it would work for calls within New Zealand. A recording would come on that said the number was invalid but in each case when I went to a tourist center or begged...