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McDonald'sabout a gift card

On June 27, 2019, I went to the restaurant at the above location. My kind students had given me a gift card to your restaurants for 50 dollars. I went to the drive through because I was in a hurry and handed the girl the whole thing. I got only a large diet coke and asked the girl how much I had left, she told me about 49 dollars. She handed me the top portion and bottom portion of the card because just in case there was a problem and forgot or kept the actual gift card. I assumed she gave me everything back. Later I went to the macdonalds near my house and tried to use one of the pieces she gave me back and was told that that wasn't the actual card, that the actual card was bigger than that. I decided to go to the restaurant and talk to the manager onJuly 2, 2019. I gave them all my details, the approximate time I went through the drive through, my car colour, make and plate and my name and full name and phone number - they told me they would check the cameras and would get back to me in a few days. About half an hour later I got a call to tell me that they only kept video footage for 5 days and so the footage was no longer available. Also the girl told me that they had checked all transactions for that time between 5;30 to 6;30 give 30 minutes
more or less and no transactions had been found for that amount - that they had checked for the whole day and no transactions had been made with a gift card for one large diet coke. Now 49 dollars is not a great deal of money but it was to my students who are mostly refugees from Iraq, Syria and Burma and Somalia and this should never have happened or been handled the way it was because I don't believe it was ever investigated, not in half an hour. Can you please look into it for me, I have been a customer of yours forever and nothing like this has ever happened to me.