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Reviews and Complaints

pharmacy and cashier / bclc ticket sales

I am a daily medication client at the above location. My prescription is worth around $40 dollars per day and costs are paid due to my disability stratus in BC.

On weekend days I have had a pharmacist named Martina ( I believe ) who is not a regular employee and works at different location.

She has dispensed my medication on many occasions incorrectly, refuses to address me in a professional manner, and will not even dispense my medicine according to provincial guidelines.

As a person who has been in customer service for 35 years I find she lacks empathy, the ability to take my medicine seriously and needs an attitude correction.
My concerns have been explained to the pharmacy manager ( Amy ) and nothing has changed.

On at least 10 occasions I have tried to purchase BC lottery corporation tickets and only 3 of the 10 staff were at to complete my request, and of those 3 people only one got it right ???

Previously I had worked in pubs and know a test is needed to be able to sell lottery . Either the training was grossly inadequate or the employees either do not care or do not understand English?? Unfortunately I think it's a combination of a few things.

They do not care about the job, they are not properly trained and they just don't give a flying f_ck!

I will be contacting the BC lottery corporation. On Tuesday and filling a complaint with the BC College of Physicians and Surgeons, about dispensing abnormalities and non compliant pharmacists .

As well as relaying this process and outcome to CBC and social media bloggers .
Christopher Anstee [protected]

return of memory card

My wife purchase this memory card for the SDM on Mar 31 2019. We tried this memory card for some reason not able to detect on the car dash cam. We brought this along with the receipt to return on Apr 07 2019 they staffs were not listening and saying this product cannot be returned. Looking at a customer point unprofessional service provided by the staffs showing unfriendly manner. I am totally disappointed with the service from SDM staffs and todate I am a regular customer with SDM from now on I would step back and will considerate shopping with SDM. If you need to reach me my email address is [protected]


return of memory card
return of memory card