Scam & Fake Checks Complaints


Reward Zone USA — $1000 Visa gift card

587897 I completed all the offers required for the Platinum reward, received the claims form, filled it out, had it notarized, and emailed that back along with all the required document...

Scam & Fake Checks  · Feb 26, 2020

Straight Talk Wireless — unlimited high speed data

221401 I am changing to a different company because clearly the word unlimited means 60MG of data period. I have to put more money on my phone just to keep my data on and I want to sue...

Scam & Fake Checks  · Feb 23, 2020

Complete Savings / Complete Save — Taking money from my bank account

596957 Completesavings have taken 30 £ from my account which i did not approved. It's the first time I am hearing about this company so i would like my money back. The second photo i have uploaded is a pending transaction.

Scam & Fake Checks  · Feb 22, 2020

Games Mania — Unsubscribing

My number is [protected], I got this number when I moved to Qatar. I don't know if there was someone using it before but I've been receiving SMS from Games Mania...

Scam & Fake Checks  · Feb 22, 2020 — I am being billed 10.68 on my bank account

AMZN Mktp US pending payment on my account. I have no reason to authorize this payment, and will be filing a fraudulent use of my card, by your organization...

Scam & Fake Checks  · Feb 21, 2020

Reward Zone USA — iPhone XS Max

I recently filled out a server from rewards zone USA and I got all the subscriptions and the game it asked me to get. I did every thing it asked in the subtext too. I've seen...

Scam & Fake Checks  · Feb 20, 2020

Complete Savings / Complete Save — Unauthorised payments in bank account

Hi I would like to have my money back, because I never authorised you to take money from my bank account. I wanted use your services only because I could get back money from a...

Scam & Fake Checks  · Feb 20, 2020

Joshua and Crystal Tessmer — They scammed a 71 yr old Widow woman out of her RV

660446 Joshua Tessmer, 10/29/1980 and Crystal Tessmer, 03/28/1982 from Waukesha, Wisc. please do the right thing and return the RV or call soon. They were living in their car for...

1 comment Scam & Fake Checks  · Feb 20, 2020

Complete Savings / Complete Save — No idea how

On the 17/2/2020 you've taken £15 out of my account!! I have no idea how! Or why and I want my money back! I shall be ringing the bank later! 😤 At no point have I ever purchased something from you!

Scam & Fake Checks  · Feb 19, 2020

Facebook — Wig

I ordered a wig off of a video on Facebook. The wig cam and it is a joke . It is not at all the same color or style that was in the video. This is ridiculous that these chinese...

Scam & Fake Checks  · Feb 18, 2020

Raj S; 9019645781 — fake call girl agent

660362 Beware of one fake agent Raj S, operating with no [protected], who pretends to send very good girls doorsteps without any advance. On reaching the girl will collect whatever...

Scam & Fake Checks  · Feb 18, 2020

TapJoy — game reward

315819 Dear tapjoy I finished all tasks but just received reward for 4/5 tasks for mafia city to reach lvl 10 mansion. Im waiting ten days since i finished the final task to receive the...

Scam & Fake Checks  · Feb 15, 2020

Vizio — management

My TV was acting up so I was given this number [protected] by a Guy from Spectrum who had an Indian accent. When I called this number, there was a bunch of loud people talking...

Scam & Fake Checks  · Feb 15, 2020

Facebook — fraud pruning shears

79149 I responded to an ad on Facebook about an electric pruning shears. It was supposed to be a Christmas special with a reduced price. The amount that I actually paid was $45.98 What...

Scam & Fake Checks  · Feb 14, 2020

Complete Savings / Complete Save — Money being taken from my account without knowing

596957 I have had 3, nearly 4 payments of £15 taken from my bank account by "wly*completesav". I did not agree to this and have only spotted it due to seeing it as a pending withdrawal...

Scam & Fake Checks  · Feb 13, 2020

Mr Price Group / MRP — mobile fraud

I discovered recently that there is a MrPrice mobile account in my name that I did not authorize and am being billed for. I got a call from some debt recovery company telling me...

Scam & Fake Checks  · Feb 13, 2020

Complete Savings / Complete Save — scam

I have only recently discovered that have been taking £15 a month out of my direct debit account since August 2019. I have paid a total of £100 pounds to...

Scam & Fake Checks  · Feb 12, 2020

My Life — information no good

I joined on 2.11.2020, and had $119 charged to my CC for a years subscription. I ran two reports. This was a test plan, because I had these two reports from Truthfinder. I wanted...

Scam & Fake Checks  · Feb 12, 2020

Sparkletts — water bottle - home and /office

How to cancel online service? This week, I received a thread, my debit was use illegal used by intruder to my online account with on the 8th of feb. And I did not...

Scam & Fake Checks  · Feb 11, 2020

Zestalimited — dronex

I ordered a indestructible dronex in 1/2/2020, I received it and it was not anything I was told it would be, it is a peace of junk. You can not control it at all, even after doing...

Scam & Fake Checks  · Feb 10, 2020

Brad Wozny — conaerist

Brad Wozny (who committed most of his scams from Colarado) is now in Canada. He moves around between Vancouver, Vancouver Island and Whistler. He is still trying to con people. I...

Scam & Fake Checks  · Feb 09, 2020

Pro Tax of Dothan AL. — tax fraud and scams

I alphonzo sanders am writing on behalf the the scams that this company has going on. They are sending people information up thru the banks and irs without proper documentation...

1 comment Scam & Fake Checks  · Feb 08, 2020

Donald and Felice Bernstein Shields Orlando Florida Swingers Club. — disgraceful behavior for a person in a medical field.

660154 For the past 5 years private detectives have followed her to sex clubs. While she said she was at work, she has brought her entire family into this life.They have information that...

Scam & Fake Checks  · Feb 08, 2020

Santa Barbara Tax Products Group [SBTPG] — tax preparer complaint

hi my name is candace coachman, i am writing on behalf of Pro Tax in Dothan, Al. I got a tax loan for 400 dollars back in December of 2019, with my checkstubs and i didnt not...

Scam & Fake Checks  · Feb 08, 2020

Qandies Limited — commande non honoré tong drum instrument

634585 Sous le nom de Lulusday Émail : [protected] se cache qandies limited se partageant en chine et à londres appartenant à wenjun lou adresse 2, f western commercial...

Scam & Fake Checks  · Feb 06, 2020