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CB Scam and Fake Checks Routenote Music Distribution ($15,663.44) RouteNotenot paid my balance for 2.5 years!
Routenote Music Distribution

Routenote Music Distribution review: ($15,663.44) RouteNotenot paid my balance for 2.5 years!

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I do not recommend RouteNote to any musician!

Artist name: James Monteque

Track Title: Deep Stories

UPC: [protected]

ISRC: GBSMU7009091

I informed them that I did not commit any violations and You have to pay me the profit earned on my song

after all, youtube sent this money to RouteNote

and RouteNote didn't pay me my earnings from my music

even though I didn't commit any violation; RouteNote told me

"It has been bought to our attention that your account has been directly involved in YT Partner Programme circumvention through the use of sound recording assets uploaded to CID claiming ineligible video content"

Action has been taken to remove your assets from YouTube and all payments on your account will be frozen until such time as an investigation has concluded."

RouteNote can't accuse an artist like that.

Who used my music where how when it's not my problem,

As a result, you got a balance from youtube on my music. And this is my balance! you have to pay me for it!

as a result :

1-RouteNote got this money from youtube

2-RouteNote earned this money over my music

3-RouteNote blamed me and didn't pay me my balance

Until you pay me my balance, I'll write everywhere about what I've been through

Desired outcome: I want my balance paid to me

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