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Credit Report Websites, By Most Complaints | Page 4

Free Credit / Double charges


Lookout for this company! FREE CREDIT REPORT IS NOT FREE. Their website states get your free credit report, but in small writing it says you will be charged only 14.95 if not cancelled within 7 days. That's 14.95 per month until you cancel. No where does it say this is only for 1...

Capital One / will not remove from credit report

I don't understand why Capital One keeps applying penalties and interest on an account that they charged off over 9 (nine) years ago. Isn't there some type of statue of limitations for consumers and their credit when almost ten years has passed??? Well apparently not for Capital... / cancel my 7day free trial

I signed up for a free 7 day free trial to receive a credit report and score in my name. I cannot find any way whatsoever to cancel it. I see Might Net Inc on the bottom of my printed page, if that helps you. I do not wish to have the company charge me each month to continue receiving... / taking more then sopost to

was only so post to be charged 1.00 for a report and given 30 days to canceal the reports and its not been 5 days yet. i want my 14.95 back on my account now. the back will stop payment at your expense and will file a fraud charge againist you

Indane Gas / refills not sent in time

NOT RECEIVING CYLINDER IN TIME Dear Sir, I have INDANE gas connection from Shyam Sunder Indane Agency in DDA mkt, Janakpuri, I have booked my cylinder on 20 Aug, booking No 45, my connection No is 29677, but the cylinder has not been delivered. The telephone Nos are not being attended and...

CSASSIT IV / charge on my credit card

Do anyone Know the webpage of these service CSASSIST IV ????? to cancel the subscription ??? If anybody knows the anwer please foreward me

Transunion / cancellation

All I want to do is cancel my free membership so I don't get charged after the trial date. I was given this website to do so, but can't find cancellation anywhere???

Privacy Protection Plus / Scam on the Poor

"Free Credit Report in Canada" was the advertising - it was only a couple of weeks later that I received a bogus billing on my credit card. The free credit report never worked, as such I did not receive any of their services - and as if any sane person, who is concerned about re-building...


Please note this serves as a formal complaint against the company noted as Mighty Net, Inc. located at P.O. Box 1829, Agoura Hills, CA 91376. Company billed my credit card since Feb 09 for duplicate charges under the names of two different individuals. Company was contacted regarding these...



CPN4USTOREI came across this company through a google search. I contacted this company via email to call me to discuss there services. I paid this company on April 21st to set me up with a CPN with Tradelines and acquire some funding as well. I have to be honest with you, the last time I heard from...

HSBC Credit Keeper / unavailable free credit report

When I called Credit Keeper to cancel my agreement, I was told to go to their website and get my free credit report before cancelling. I chose to follow the suggestion. Another monthly charge later, I still have not found how to obtain this report on their website, only information about their service.

william jordan / money taken out of my bank acct.


there was a total of There was a total of $39.63 taken out of my bank acct. on Oct.27th2009 that was not authorized, Iwould like to get it put back into my acct.or a refund.Conformation#298933. [email protected] 4

MVQSAVEACE / Unauthorized deduction from my Checking account

I have had two deductions of $19.95 on my checking account, one on October 5th and another on November 2nd 2009.Why??

MTN / xtracool monthly draw

I Arthurcollins ofodueme from Anambra state receive a text this morning being 4 Nov.2009 that 1, 000, 000 was credited to me in the mtn xtracool monthly random draw please how can i log in my code my tel No. is [protected] and email is [email protected] / craigslist credit report scam

I was seeking out a new car on and emailed many listings. I found one for a used luxury sedan by owner that was supposedly just trying to find someone to make the payments on their car and that was why they were looking to get rid of it so cheap. Well they responded to my email...

Certegy Check Services / junk risk management

Check declined at retailer. Turned out they were working from an erroneous report by a database service (Early Warning Services). They refused to change anything and referred me to the database service. Database service indicated that they will continue these reports for 90 days, despite...

J.A.A.M LLC / credit fraud

this company posted an account(false( to my credit report s of 9/21/2009. i've never had any dealings with this copany and am currently disputing the charges. any attemps to contact them by phone [protected] leads you to a non-wrking number. i decided to google them to find out... / theft

I was applying for a car loan online and the site suggested as a quick free way to see my score and enter it on their application. I subscribed with credit card and it said the card could not be processed and please use another card. I corrected a spelling mistake on my... OR / unauthorized use of debit card - stolen money

It just showed up on our bank statement. Vayle Mauldin & my wife Rose have the account which was tapped without permission. The bank said we have to wait for it to clear, it's processing now, and then submit a form reporting the fraud to challenge it. I'm not sure it will be... / fraud


On 9/10/09 I tried to get a free credit score from experian... I wanted to get my free credit report and learn my credit score at the same time because I needed to pay off some old bills and wanted to look for a new apartment - I wanted to make sure nothing crazy popped up. Well... instead I...