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Credit Report Websites, By Most Complaints | Page 4

info.freecreditr CA / I did not agree to this fee.I did not agree to this charge .

INFO.FREECREDITR INFOFCR.COM info.freecreditr ca Posted: 2009- 4-1 by Leatha C Jenkins I did not agree to this fee. I DO NOT WANT ANYTHING CANCEL CANCEL CANCEL ALL Complaint Rating: Company information: freecreditr P O Box 308 or 2516 RCR 1402 Point, TX 75472 United States I...

First USA NA / Unauthorized credit inquiries


First USA has run 8 unauthorized credit inquiries on me in the past 12 months. Who are they and why are they doing this? I have seen allot of other inquiries on several websites about them doing this to many other people It has hurt my credit rating. I have not applied for a credit card or loan. They did it as recent as Jan 2010 Riga Lva / Charges to credit card. didn't order

January 19, 2010, $109.85 was charged to my Capital One credit card; for what I don't know. I disputed the charges and Capital One adjusted the charges January 25, 2010. However, today I learned the charges were re-billed to my card. The day the $109.85 charges were removed, another...

creditcheck report / totally fraud mycredithealth

I have signed up for a free credit report, before charging my credit card for 19.95$ they didnt send me any notice. I asked them to cancel the account when i checked my credit card history couple of days back they refused to refund due to 7 day trail period is over. If i take this as my...



Found charges of 29.95 for the past 6 months on my bank statement. Called the MVQ company, and they claim that the charge was derived from someone in my home going on "" and clicking on an offer for identity protection. The problem is no one in my household ever did this. I... / Scam - No existence of customer service

creditattorney.comCredit Attorney profiles Utah Credit Attorney, P.C. 3214 N. University Avenue, Suite 616 Provo, UT 84604 1.800.811.9935 [protected] Dana M. Facemyer, Directing Attorney Sidney B. Unrau, Attorney Randy M. Lish, Attorney California Adam Fullman, Directing Attorney / very very good company

very, very, good company...they have a awesome website, and there knowledge of credit is the best i have seen, we did a husband and wife package, called the credit physician advantage, the process took us a couple months, my score went up 125 points and my husband... / 5 star rateing-excellent service

5 star customer service: i needed to get a car, but had some real credit problems, so i was given the name of the credit physician by the car dealership, so i called [protected] and visted there web site and wow, i got some real help, i had know idea how messed...

First North American National Bank / closed account 8 years ago, still on my credit report

I just found out that First North American National Bank is still on my credit report as an active account, I closed this account 8 years ago. How can I get it off there?


Through the use of a credit report website, I was automatically signed up for a monthly membership plus a membership to MVQ*CLUBSAVE, which has billed me $1.00/mo for over 9 months. Initially, once the charges show up I called and canceled, apparently there are more than one membership and...

Credit Notify / Misinformation-FRAUD

Citi Cards offered me a 30 day FREE trial of Credit Notify after my account number had been stolen and fruadulant charges were made. I accepted, after being informed that my FREE trial would not begin until I received an enrollment package from Credit Notify. Well, after 40 days I have...

Info. Freecreditreport / I was charge 14.95 and was told it was free. I did not authorize any commitment to future charges.

The promotion was very deceitful. It never gave me a free credit report as well. The website even jammed up so I thought nothing went through. And left it at that.

Intellus / fraud


STAY AWAY!!! I ordered a trial background check after being teased by an online ad that the trial would be free. Far from it!! There was no way to get a free report, and to make matters fall worse, they sign you up for $21.69/month service that you don't even know you're ordering... / Unfair charges to my credit cardf

I have been charged $14.95, 3 times since January for a credit report that is suppose to bee free. I would like my card to be refunded

MY CREDIT REPORT.COM / Correct Contact Number

[protected] I had the same experience with the incorrect number online. But the number stated is the correct contact number. She canceled with no problems and was very kind. No charges were made to my account but I canceled my credit card anyway for a new card. They really need to post...

GOUDELOUF GUY / impossible stop banking order

Hello, I do not know how to stop banking order from. These are pornographic sites for 24 h 00 and changed in uninterrupted order. impossible find sites, nor to stop order. JANERUS TECH [protected] KN 19, 95$ ACMP 180-[protected] GB 24, 95$ thank you for your advice Guy GOUDELOUF guy.[protected]

Identitycheck24 / membership complaint (NOT a member)

The credit group keeps entering me as there customer! Then they claim I have signed up ! they make it all butt impossible to disclaim that I have signed up for their service--I have not signed up /// unless they tricked me!/? Gipp.[protected] Thanks in advance for your Help

MVQ*/Adaptive Marketing / Unauthorized Billing-credit/debit card


Somehow this company captures credit/debit card numbers and charges a trial membership fee. Then they charge a recurrent monthly fee if you don't catch it on your statement and cancel in a matter of days. There are websites to cancel, if you can find them. Very tricky and dishonest...

Credit Sweep - Danny Garcia / Lack of Response


Unresponsive. Day 1 - Email to Danny, introduction/summary of services I'm seeking Day 3 - Left VM for Danny to confirm he got my email Day 4 - Email from Danny describing a one item cost and not a full pricing menu. Day 5 - Returned Email for an official estimate based on my report Day...

My Credit Health .com / fraudulantly taking money


i was checking my statwement online with my credit card and discovered this company have taken £21 from my account. i have never heard of this 'company' And as i live in northern ireland UK have no interest in my credit rating in the US and i do not buy online from america...