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Intelius (Credit Monitor) / didn't sign up for product

That is absolutely absurd. I never authorized such a transaction and it's quite sneaky how your company operates. I'm well aware of all the complaints you've had towards your fraudulent company. I'm also well aware that your business operates under all sorts of...

mini*credit report / charge not authorized

To who i t may concern, I have called before to cancel my account and it continlues to be charged to my credit card. Please finally cancel this account.

Equifax Credit Watch With 3 In 1 Monitoring / unauthorized charges


I signed up for Equifax's Credit Watch Service with the understanding that I had 30 days of free trial service before being charged a monthly fee of $14.95. I did provide a credit card number at the time, which I expected would be charged a month later if I did not cancel the service...

CityBank / False Credit Reporting

In 2008, my 86 year old mother accepted a CityBank card through ATT. She has Altzheimers and was placed in a home a few months later. Only problem is I had no knowledge that she had put my name down as a card user. I live in another state, had never made application for such a card, never...

FreeCreditReport.comTripleAdvantage / William Kemp Advantage website has been charging my banking account for Over two years Now.1st off This company have'nt kept its end of the barging by providing me with the services that the company promise me in their policy. I'm being charged for a service that...

quickcreditscore / result!!!

Flag this messageFW: Cancel membership of [protected]Tuesday, 14 July, 2009 2:15 PM From: "Contact Quickcreditscore" <[email protected]>View contact detailsTo: [protected] Dear Kevin, A full refund £ 14.95 has been processed on your behalf. Please allow 7-10 working day...

Credit Keeper / Charging when account was cancelled

I cancelled the account with credit keeper back in december of 2008. since then i was charged until april without my noticing until i was charged an overlimit fee from my bank because of that unexpected transaction. i am still waiting the results now july of 2009 to see if the will...

MNI*Creditreport / 12.95 they charge on my credit card

I would like to file the complaint against the MNI*Creditreport.<br /> 866-8833309CA They do not have the right to charge $ 12.95 on my credit card. It should not charge any on the credit cards which hurt people who would be interested to know if their reports are good or not.. Damn... / unauthorized charges


an absolute rip off, i cancelled during the trial period and i was still charged 12.95 after a month. i will never use them again

imperial legal axiom financials / rip off

we payed thenm good money to fix are credit the lady that we are worken with threw housing parnership pulled up my boyfriends credit report not much had been done his credit score was lower i been readen about complaints about this company i gave thenm the last money i had they are a rip...

Mni Credit / Unauthorized Charge on Credit Card


This is not a real free credit report site. They trick you with a 30 day time frame to cancel the monthly service, and then charge you in 7 days. This information is on their site but buried for the average consumer who orders free credit reports once a year. Use the free phone service...

Credit Report / stop deducting 12.95 from my account

Please stop deducting 12.95 from my account. I only used the credit report once. Since then I have been penalized with this monthly charge. What am I paying for? I can not access my credit report without going through the entire 1, 2, 3 steps of the internet process. Please stop. The... / Charged my account when i did not open any with them

I never registered anything with There was an email from freecredit report which said free trial for first few days, where i registered and then cancelled it. I was not using my account for past 2 months since i was in a business schedule and when i checked my account...

Minicredit / Didn't order

A charge of $14.95 has been added on my Discover Card. I did not order a report from this company, so have I ever seen a report from this company. Please refund the $14.95. Beth G.

Experian / / 3 bureau report incomplete


I believe the 3 bureau credit report on is a rip-off. Here is what I experienced: I paid the additional $24.95 to view all three bureau reports on "". Everything on the reports looked ok, but when I viewed my scores, the Transunion score was off...

Domiancreditcard / took99.00out account

they took 99.00 out of my account without my knowledge and I told them that I wasnt instresting they withdraw it out august 7 at founder credit union

Shen zhen gueston trade co.,ltd / Gueston wholesale plaza| Buy wholesale cheap brands from china supplier directly

Shen zhen gueston trade co.,ltdThe Gueston is 100% authentic supplier from China.We cooperate with many company and businessman in all the world (The most client are from Europe, As USA/UK/France/Italy/Span/Australia/New Zealand/Denmark/Germany/Ireland/Switzerland/Sweden/Canada/Norway etc). We are big supplier in...

WE REPORT RENT / Stephen Ames / Stole money, no services rendered

I too have been taken by Mr. Stephen Ames! AKA Darkstar. He is a scam artist, he is taking peoples money on line and does NOTHING! He has gotten me for $400.00, and knows that PayPal is limited to a 45 day dispute period. DO NOT USE WE REPORT RENT if you don't want your money stolen!...

Central Credit LLC, Finance Reseller / did not contact company


Upon reviewing my credit report, found Central Credit LLC requesting credit information. We have had no contact with this company and would like to know who and what they are and why they requested information on me.

Privacy Matters 1 2 3 / Be careful, you will get 3 identification numers you have to cancel them all

I signed up for Privacy matters 1 2 3 becasue of a strange letter I got in the mail. I got the basic information, however I found their complaint process pretty useless. I decided to get my "truly" free credit report from Experian directly. I got the problem resolved and decided to cancel...