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I agree for the charge should be $1.97, day 12/08/09 But I saw the charge was extra $19.97 total of $21.94 day of 12/10/09. I call them to cancel the service because of fraud. They agree for refund but up to date no refund unfortunatly the bank did nothing to stop the...

American Home Mortgage / Info reported to Credit Bureaus not associated with their company


I have never had a loan with American Home Mortagage. I had a loan with Options Mortgage until 8/2007 when I refinanced with Countrywide Mortgage. The mortgage was paid in full. I understand that over a year later American Home Mortgage bought Options Mortgage. I did not even know that...

US Credit / taking money out my account and the money isn't in my bank account


i want us credit to stop snding a check to my bank account, they're charging me fees at the bank.Because their returning checks to the company.i dnt know how us credit got my information, but i want it to stop.because i have 2 pay alot of bank fees cause of them, i just want it to stop now

Freecredit CA / Charged my account 14.95 it was to be free


I went to the free credit site, and they ask for my card number, but said it would not be charge, however when I received by statement I was charge 14.95 which I need to be credited back to my accout

Free credit rep info FCR / Scammed


I was trying to get a credit report and it said it was free, then the next day I was charged $29.99 and was scammed. It made my bank account go negative.

Mayanne Walters / Too much


I decided to use My Credit Health to check my credit reports, they said it was free. Well, every month for the last year, theyhave taken 29.95 out of my bank account twice, then they add 2.00 and about 20.00 for Privacy Matters. I do not work, and all charges come out of my checking...

Microsoft Windows 7 Promo Lottery / is it fake or real


Payment Release/Order Department (Contact the Assigned Payee Bank) From: Microsoft Windows Verification Team Sent: 11th, 01, 2010 11:47:53 AM To: Mahammad Gous Mohiddin The Microsoft Window Incorporation Croxteth Drive Liverpool L17 1AA, United Kingdom. Office of the Foreign...

marcio antonio francisco / fui vitima da freeloto e kevin aronin


marcio antonio franciscoDei entrada em um processo aqui no Contra, Brasil um aronin FreeLotto E KEVIN Este bandido pilantra vagabundo, vem enganando pessoas no mundo todo, eu ganhei freeloto U $ $ 11.300.000 nd e nao recebi, mas eu vou receber, pois agora o processo sera remetido para uma Suprema Corte de Nova...

agnes shearer / frud


my complaint is that i was told ill only pay postage of £3.95 and then thay withdrew £77.35 checked my balance and found out i had been charged 77.35 when i calld thay sed that i had 15 days to cancel the order was on the 17th of dec 2009 i still have not gote the pacag yet and... / Being billed for no service


Several months ago, I initiated a credit report with this company but never received anything from them. I assumed that I had erred in filing the application. However, I have now received two months' billing of $14.95 each from this company via my VISA credit card. I still have...

dcps finantial / misleading shaddy practices


This company said they would work with me to save me at least 2500.00 on my high interest credit cards by lowering the interest rates to near 0 percent. And they said they wouldn't charge the fee of 1095.00 until that work was done. Well, they lied. All they did for me was told me how...

First USA, NA / Unathorized credit inquiries


First USA, NA made two unauthorized credit inquiries for copies of my credit reports on Oct. 14, 2008 and Nov. 30, 2009. Trans Union said that these two unauthorzed inquiries reduced my vantage credit score down to 883 and they will be on my credit report for two years. My last credit...

We Report / scam!!!


I would recommend to anyone who reads this not to pay these guys a penny!! Hopefully you read all these complaints before you join because I didnt. I paid them $299.00 well over 60 days ago for there service, and at the begining everything was fine, they would call me back...

Info. Freecreditr CA / I did not agree to this fee.


Why the hell did you buy your credit report thru a third party? You should have gone directly to one of consumer credit reporting companies: equifax, experian and transunion. Plus all americans can now get a credit report free annually thru http: / / www. It's your... / Credit Physician


All of these comments were written by the credit physician Dr. Mike himself, they are not from real customers. Just read them and you can tell look at the one written by a "Dr.", what kind of Dr. misspells words? The Credit Physician is a horrible way to go, he takes your money, rarely...

mvq credit score / Unauthorized charge


I wanted to get info on my credit score. Once I saw a charge of $29.95 a month I backed out. I did not authorize to charge on anything. I was charged $29.95 within a week.

Replica Expert / GReat Company


"Hi ALL, I am new at Internet Purchasing. I found this website and place the order as a Christmas gift for my family. The Representatives and the sales department took my all information and place the order on my behave. I ordered to Replica Rado Watches. My credit card was charged a...

Web Credit Report Co. / I did not authorize this transaction


I did not authorize this transaction and I wish to have the $7.98 refunded to my bank account. I spoke with your customer service department today 12/2/09 and here is my cancellation #3175889. The check #155384 was used along with a ref. #1077381. Please take care of this matter...

My credit Health / unauthorized transaction


I was looking for jobs on craigslist and one of the job postings i applied for needed a credit report and a link was provided for my credit, I clicked on it and reviewed my credit and it was very clear to me i would not be billed, my bank called and advised me they removed... OR / unauthorized use of debit card - stolen money


It just showed up on our bank statement. Vayle Mauldin & my wife Rose have the account which was tapped without permission. The bank said we have to wait for it to clear, it's processing now, and then submit a form reporting the fraud to challenge it. I'm not sure it will be...

Credit CPR Group / Danny Wise


Credit CPR GroupThis guy Danny Wise has been running this scam for years, he take people's money under the guise of being a credit repair service and then he disappears and you never see him, or your money again. I urge anyone who's been scammed b this loser and high school dropout to contact...

Dun and Bradstreet / Incomplete information


DnB has the worst system. They only collect information from people who feel like reporting and information is not verified. Anybody can call dun and bradstreet and provide any info they like. As a business owner, they will call and update their records and I can tell them our sales are 50... / $14.95 charge not authorized


I received my bank statement today 11/20/09 for a $14.95 charge on 11/09/09, I never used the website for a credit report nor did i authorize this agency to debt any money from my bank acct . i want my money reembursed immediately.

MVQ*PRIVACYMID / They are taking 29.95 out of my account


I wish for you to quit taking out $2.00 for MVQ*CLUBSAVE and $29.95 for MVQPRIVACYMID and MVQ*PRIVACYM. I was not notified of this and am really getting mad. I always end up with overdrafts in my account because of something I didnt even know was going on. My name is Christine Mattern. And... / taking money out of my account


This company keeps taking money from my bank account the sum of £19.95.And what do i benifit from it .NOTHING.I did a favore for a friend, let them use my computer to do a credit check on there own credit.I used my debit card to pay for the result of the credit for my friend.But i...

J.A.A.M LLC / credit fraud


this company posted an account(false( to my credit report s of 9/21/2009. i've never had any dealings with this copany and am currently disputing the charges. any attemps to contact them by phone [protected] leads you to a non-wrking number. i decided to google them to find out... / Cannot Cancel


Since filing my complaint earlier today. I have now found the CORRECT TELEPHONE NUMBER TO CANCEL THIS REPORT!!! Hurrah it is : [protected] Hope this helps someone to cancel their account!

Bill Cloyd Nforc Hoosier Chariots Jupiters Chariot Keystone Midwest Atlanta Great Lakes Chariot / Con Artist / Fraud / Theft / Deception


Bill Cloyd Nforc Hoosier Chariots Jupiters Chariot Keystone Midwest Atlanta Great Lakes ChariotNow you see them... now you don't!! Interesting how the President, Bill Cloyd, and little co-captain conspirator Vice President, Ray Cloyd, so proudly displayed thier images and personal respectives on thier newly presented scam website, Jupiter's Chariot, but then all of a... / craigslist credit report scam


I was seeking out a new car on and emailed many listings. I found one for a used luxury sedan by owner that was supposedly just trying to find someone to make the payments on their car and that was why they were looking to get rid of it so cheap. Well they responded to my email...

MVQSAVEACE / Unauthorized deduction from my Checking account


I have had two deductions of $19.95 on my checking account, one on October 5th and another on November 2nd 2009.Why??

william jordan / money taken out of my bank acct.


there was a total of There was a total of $39.63 taken out of my bank acct. on Oct.27th2009 that was not authorized, Iwould like to get it put back into my acct.or a refund.Conformation#298933. william.[protected] 4 / Unfair charge on my credit card


On Sept. 28, 2009 I was charged $14.95 on my Visa card. I thought I was getting a free credit report from Free credit I would like my refund back. This is unfair to the people who visit this site.

Agedefy / Healthfocus / Vitalityclean / credit card no's scam


nature berry sent me the trial packet then gave my credit card details to 2 other companys age defy & healthfocus then sent me an un othorized ored palaced on 30/9/09 - ludicrious - both bogus no contact at all with these two companies they are selling ourcredit card no's to other...

Credit Diagnosis / Ordered 3 in 1 Credit Rpt - Never Received


I was looking at a number of different credit reporting sites and found Credit Diagnosis. They had an add for a credit report which combined the 3 credit reporting agencies Trans Union, Equifax and Experian. Their temporary trial membership was $1.00 to join which was to be refundable. I...



CPN4USTOREI came across this company through a google search. I contacted this company via email to call me to discuss there services. I paid this company on April 21st to set me up with a CPN with Tradelines and acquire some funding as well. I have to be honest with you, the last time I heard from...



Please note this serves as a formal complaint against the company noted as Mighty Net, Inc. located at P.O. Box 1829, Agoura Hills, CA 91376. Company billed my credit card since Feb 09 for duplicate charges under the names of two different individuals. Company was contacted regarding these...

MVQ-TWENTY4PROPLUS / Unauthorized withdrawl


I just got my bank statement showing two withdrawls by MVQ-TWENTY4PROPLUS for $17.95 initially and ten day's later for $20.95. I don't know how they got my account information. Obviously it was by some sneaky way and not straight up front as if they were proud of their...

MVQ*Privacy+ / Fraud


logged onto the site looking for a credit report and ended up a member of something I know nothing about. They charged my credit card with $2.00 and were about to charge $27 per month unless I cancelled my membership (which I wanted none of) only to find out you cannot get an addre...

FAIR COLLECTION AGENCY / THEY HAVE info on my credit report that I know nothing about


these people have put on my credit report that i owe them $10, 000 i know nothing about this i have never lived in MARYLAND my wife and I purchased our home in 12/26/06 from WELLS FARGO so I don't know what this is they started calling my home in 3/09 and I also told them that they were calling the wrong no.

www.creditexpert / idid not subscribe


i did not subscribe thet are debiting from my debit card woth £6.99every month for six month.please return my money.