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Credit Report Websites Complaints | Page 51

www.creditexpert / idid not subscribe

i did not subscribe thet are debiting from my debit card woth £6.99every month for six month.please return my money. / submitted a debit from my account

From: The above consumer submitted a charge to my account $29.95. I did not authorize the charge. I canceled a prior consumer reimbursed my account and now here is another charge. I want a refund to my account. Lisa L. Glenn

Intelius / didn't sign up for this

I didn't sign up for this, and I have no idea how they got my bank account information. How can I stop this???

Privacy Protection Plus / Scam on the Poor

"Free Credit Report in Canada" was the advertising - it was only a couple of weeks later that I received a bogus billing on my credit card. The free credit report never worked, as such I did not receive any of their services - and as if any sane person, who is concerned about re-building...

Transunion / cancellation

All I want to do is cancel my free membership so I don't get charged after the trial date. I was given this website to do so, but can't find cancellation anywhere???

CSASSIT IV / charge on my credit card

Do anyone Know the webpage of these service CSASSIST IV ????? to cancel the subscription ??? If anybody knows the anwer please foreward me

Indane Gas / refills not sent in time

NOT RECEIVING CYLINDER IN TIME Dear Sir, I have INDANE gas connection from Shyam Sunder Indane Agency in DDA mkt, Janakpuri, I have booked my cylinder on 20 Aug, booking No 45, my connection No is 29677, but the cylinder has not been delivered. The telephone Nos are not being attended and... / deceptive Advertising

Our company reputation has been greatly damaged by the use of the nearly identical name We have received dozens of complaints from people who could find no web site with the URL but instead have found our website... / taking more then sopost to

was only so post to be charged 1.00 for a report and given 30 days to canceal the reports and its not been 5 days yet. i want my 14.95 back on my account now. the back will stop payment at your expense and will file a fraud charge againist you / cancel my 7day free trial

I signed up for a free 7 day free trial to receive a credit report and score in my name. I cannot find any way whatsoever to cancel it. I see Might Net Inc on the bottom of my printed page, if that helps you. I do not wish to have the company charge me each month to continue receiving...

Capital One / will not remove from credit report

I don't understand why Capital One keeps applying penalties and interest on an account that they charged off over 9 (nine) years ago. Isn't there some type of statue of limitations for consumers and their credit when almost ten years has passed??? Well apparently not for Capital...

Free Credit / Double charges


Lookout for this company! FREE CREDIT REPORT IS NOT FREE. Their website states get your free credit report, but in small writing it says you will be charged only 14.95 if not cancelled within 7 days. That's 14.95 per month until you cancel. No where does it say this is only for 1...

Free Credit Report 360 / Fraud

On august 18th, 2009, i was seeking out a way to obtain a free copy of my credit report and credit score. I googled "free credit reports" and many sites were available. One of the sites i clicked on was free credit report 360. I filled out the information requested of me, such as name...

Equifax / refused to cancel purchace made by mistake

While trying to get a copy of my credit report, I initially had difficulty logging in after providing them my credit card information and called Equifax support to resolve the problem. In retrospect the person was more of a sales person than tech support. He advised me to purchase the...

acai berry and Effective Cleansing Antioxidant / Fraud - taking more money than stated

Can anyone please give me a valid email address of Trading Planet or VIV3 Labs? I ordered what I was a free trial of both Acai Berry and Effective Cleanse Antioxidant, when going through the details on line, after putting in a promotional code on each the price showed as £1.00 each for...

Privacy Protection Plus / Unauthorized access to information


This company is a big scam. I signed for an offer on another website and they were able to access my information, including credit card info from the original website. I was not aware that they could access that when you clicked on their icon. I will be more careful in the future about...

Privacy Matters 1 2 3 / Be careful, you will get 3 identification numers you have to cancel them all

I signed up for Privacy matters 1 2 3 becasue of a strange letter I got in the mail. I got the basic information, however I found their complaint process pretty useless. I decided to get my "truly" free credit report from Experian directly. I got the problem resolved and decided to cancel...

Citibank / false collections

My Mother had over 10 credit accounts with Citibank, I was on one account. My Mother passed away and I acted as her Excutator. I contacted Citibank and provide them with 15 copies of her death certificate and they said they close all her accounts andwould consoladate any outstanding debt...



Ez-Pay Sbi Prepaid Atm Card / card is not in proper status. invalid card

i got ez-pay sbi prepaid atm card in college schoorship since last 3 weeks.the card is not working and card is npt in proper status.the balance is that card the must be 5700 but its showing nill ne knows about that card.please activate my atm card and tranfer my trust money from goverment.thankyou.