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Credit Enhancement Pro / Credit

on Aug 27, 2011

After researching several credit companies, I contacted John DeSane at Credit Enhancement Pro. He immediately looked at my credit report and after several discussions about what could be done, he went to work on my credit. I am so thrilled that I finally have a credit score of over 700, it... / non cancellation

on Aug 26, 2011

Multipal charges to credit card for $14.95 for a product that is not in use. Tried to cancel and unable.

Identity Hawk / Unauthorized bank transactions

on Aug 24, 2011

Joined the free credit score for the trial of 14 days, cancelled within 24 hours of signing up... It has been 2 months now that this identity hawk has stolen 29.95 each month from me. Called them to see how they got my info, said I joined when I joined the credit thing, told them I ended...

Kredit / Kredit

on Aug 1, 2011

Herzlich willkommen bei, dem bewährten Spezialisten, wenn es um einen günstigen Privatkredit oder einen attraktiven Sofortkredit geht. Sie benötigen kurzfristig einen Kredit? Dann gilt es, bevor Sie den kredit aufnehmen, gründlich zu recherchieren, wo Sie...

Score Scence / Supposed to be free

on Jul 25, 2011

I would have never given my credit card information if i would have known they were gonna charge me 29. 95 when i put my information in it said id be charged a $1 refundable charge. Next thing i now i check my account and they took 29. 95 when i called to dispute it and cancel whatever... Affilates / No payment for 3 months

on Jul 25, 2011

Dear LinkConnector Customer, Thank you for your email. LinkConnector pays out commissions the following month of when they were funded. I see in your account that Direct Agents (Free Credit Report/ has yet to fund the sales you provided in May. We have billed them...

Identity world wide / theft false charge

on Jun 28, 2011

Identity world wideThis company is linked to "Blooms Rewards" and made a charge to my card without my authorization. I was duped into signing up with bloom rewards in order to get a discount on my wifes flowers. Then Identity world wide charged my credit card 14.99 because they said that I agreed to it when...

Info.freecredit CA / withdrawl of unauthorized money

on Jun 27, 2011

I believed it when they said FREE CREDIT REPORT. Color me stupid...They have been drawing money (without my permission) out of my account. The bank is working with me (Chase) filing a claim. Meanwhile, I have to change my account number to protect myself from these dishonest clowns. We the...

USA Credit / money debited without my authorization

on Jun 20, 2011

Be aware that clicking around on other sites can cost you time and money! This company debited $149.95 without me even knowing it was going to happen. When I called USA Credit they told me that I had been on another site and had clicked on their link which "authorized" them to take the...

FCR (Credit Reporting / Fradulent Charges

on May 23, 2011

This Company "FCR" Free Credit Report hasbeen charging my debit/creditc card for $14.99 a month for over a year. I have necer signed up or authorized payment through my bank to this FCR site. They owe me back almost $300.00 or more back to my account. I have talked to my bankandthey will be...

credit reports / Payments taken without permission

on May 15, 2011

I am Gurbakhsh .L .Gagneja resident of Wembley and an elderly pensioner of 77 years old.On yesterday (14/05/2017) I discovered that my Barclays Bank account has been debted for £23.95, the payment was made on 10/05/2017 to Card Purchase- Quick creditscore C-Ref 128 [protected] BCC.On...

Bac Privacy Assist / DO NOT TAKE $ OUT OF MY ACCOUNT

on May 13, 2011

I got my free credit report and now I'm being charged $12+/month. I have complained about it TWICE!!! I want this taken care of and my $$ PUT BACK IN MY ACCOUNT!!!NOW!!! My next communication will be from my lawyer. I am on a fixed income, and by the sounds of this, maybe I can get...

MVQCredit Score/MVQCreditScore Express/MVQ24ProtectPlus / Fraudulent membership fee

on May 2, 2011

I have been charged $19.95 every month for membership fee since Feb 2011 for which I did not sign=up for. These sites are fishing for membership money using some web buttons as baits. When the consumers are browsing or on-line shopping using credit card, these companies shows some button... / charges on my account that was not authorized

on Apr 22, 2011

I was offered a credit report for 1.00 and scorescense deducted 29.95 in march 2011 and april 2011. I would like to have this put back in my account immediately! / scam

on Apr 18, 2011

Got a card in the mail today from Something told me it was a scam, so I went to the complaint screen. So glad I did. Thanks to all of you for reporting what a scam this is. I could have made a big mistake. I live on a fixed income and can't afford scams like this. To all others, beware of these jerks. / Deception/Misleading

on Apr 17, 2011

On 2nd april 2011, seeing the ABSOLUTELY FREE posters everywhere on website, I registered for a free credit score check. It was (and is still) not stated anywhere on the website that this is a 10 days trial service and their monthly charges are 19.95£... / Inquiry Removal Fraud

on Apr 8, 2011

I'm writing this report to let everyone no that InquiryRemoval Daniel Cardillo, Quick Solutions This company said they could remove my inquiries @ $40 each on my equifax report. This took place about 60days ago, as of today nothing has happened, the inquiries are still there and...

Dollar2host / no register free domain and they dont moneyback

on Apr 6, 2011

the company which called dollar2host sent domain registered confirmation. But they dont . I wait it 3-4 days. every call they said " it will registered in 3-4 hours... but nothing registered. I registered my domain from other company. the company registred it in couple minutes. after I...

Info Free Credit Report / I did NOT order this Report.

on Apr 6, 2011

Looking at my Discover Charges I found 13 consecutive months charges for "Info Free Credit Report Info Com Ca". Charges of 14.95 per month starting 03/20/10 till my latest statement of 03/20/11. I did not order nor did I sign off on a subscription for monthy reports, nor have I recieved...

Streamraycams / unauthorised charges

on Apr 2, 2011

I was chrged money. I had attempted to make and account on some of there web sights but it never worked each time to i never used the sights and now im seeing they charged me $129 and $10 and theres some other charges i believe came from there sighs as well. I never othirised these charge...

ID Life Guards / Fraudulent Charge

on Mar 28, 2011

Fraudulent $12.95 monthly charge from ID Life Guards suddenly shows up on my AT&T phone bill through company ILD. I have never heard or had any contact with this company before. I call ILD to get the charge removed, ILD representative is helpful and immediately promise to block any further...

Info. Freecreditrep / Fraudlent charge

on Mar 21, 2011

Info. Freecreditrep Infofcr.comA charge of $14.95 showed up on my online banking statement, so filed a fraud claim. Also, I have been using Equifax to give me alerts and gave Equifax my bank info to charge me. Linked? I don't know, but this is a scam.

MVQ Credit Score Complete / Cancellation of Membership

on Mar 20, 2011

I called to cancel my membership with MVQ Credit Score Complete. My membership was cancelled but I was told I could not get a refund of $19.95. I would think that if you cancelled your membership that wasn't used, you should be able to get a refund.

National Consumer Assistance Center / Erroneous credit report

on Mar 9, 2011

National Consumer Assistance Center made an erroneous report of a 2003 bankruptcy filing on my client's credit history.

Mni* / Unauthorized Charges

on Mar 7, 2011

I don't remeber signing up for any credit score checking website, but some how MNI*CREDITREPORT.COM got a hold of my credit card(that was cut up 2 years ago and paid completely off!) and is STILL continuing to charge my card!! As a military member serving overseas, this kind of crap...

free credit info / Free Crdit Info-illegal withrawel

on Mar 6, 2011

This company illegally removed funds from my checking acct via automatic debit. I did not authorize this. How do I get rid of them without my back charging me a $30 stop payment fee? Sincerely, Karen Foresman [protected]

mvq credit score express / Unauthorized Charges

on Mar 5, 2011

I found charges for 29.95 and I NEVER authorized it. I don't even know this company and I sure as heck would NOT use any credit services except the three main ones. I just kept hitting the zero button until I got a live person on the phone and they would not give me my money back...

MVQ Credit Score Complete / Have not received report

on Mar 3, 2011

They were suppose to give me my credit report with an option to sign up for continued service . I have never received the report. They charged me the dollar and for every month since have charged me $29.95 without giving me any service or the report. The only proof I have is my bank...

GEMB/JCP / unknown delinquent charges

on Mar 2, 2011

I received my credit report and it states that have been deliquent on account #[protected] three times, with the date showing Nov 2010. I have NOT been delinquent on the account and would like an explanation. It shows the balance being $281. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Charlene Davy [protected] [protected]

INFO.FREECREDITREPORT.C INFOFCR.COM / Free Credit report is a scam

on Feb 28, 2011

I signed up for a freecredit report at freecredit I had 9 days to cancel it, I called on the 9th day to cancel it and they took the money out of my account anyway (14.95). When I called them to ask why and insisted that I want the money put back into my account they told me NO...

Creditscorematters / Unauthorised payment taken from bank

on Feb 21, 2011

I used the above mentioned website to get a free credit report around 6th January 2017, I cancelled my membership on 11th January within the 10 day trial period to avoid any money being taken from my bank account. I noticed that a payment of £19.99 was taken from my account a couple...

Vertrue, Inc CREDITDIAGNOSIS / charges to bank account

on Feb 19, 2011

CREDIT DIAGNOSIS - CREDIT SCORE EXPRESS sign up for $1 to get my free credit report they charge the dollar to my debit card. Then 5 days later charged my card $19.95. I called them and ask for my money back they refused. I called my bank to charge back the lady at the bank inform me that...

UNITEL / A message received from you

on Feb 18, 2011

I have received a message from you telling me that my phone number has been awarded 1.820.000 pounds at MD UK. I need to have more ditails about this. Acording to the message I must claim Email: The cell phone number and my full name is the following: phone number [protected] Full name...

MVQ*FREESCORE 800-316-8824 CT / Unauthorized Charges

on Feb 14, 2011

I apparently signed up for a membership with, who is now charging me $19.95. I did not sign for any services with them. I did, however, requested a "free" copy of my credit report from by getting a new membership which was canceled within the 7 free-trial...

Pm Identity / anauthorized debit of my account

on Feb 14, 2011

This company fraudulently took $29.95 plus $2.00 from my account for over 6 months. As I was away traveling, I had no idea until they emptied the account. They say I filled out a free trial on the internet. I have no recollection of this, but they got my bank details from somewhere. Even...

reklámok és üzenetek / panasz

on Feb 13, 2011

Tisztelt Társaság! Kérem kivizsgálását az alábbiaknak: A,,,,, társaságok kinálnak jó üzletet. Csak...

High Credit score and / Taking unauthorised funds out of my bank acct

on Feb 11, 2011

I have just realised thatHighcreditscore. co and Rewardsnow. co. uk have both been taking £19. 95 and £ 14.95 a month out of my bank acc since Februray 2011 while they did not send me any details or credit report even they cannot give me the member login details I am a...

Platinum Credit Clinic / Illegal signage, scam

on Feb 10, 2011

aka K2 Credit Solutions - run by Garrett Watson in Tampa - beware! No one can repair your credit but YOU! You can challenge items on your credit report, but aside from that only doing the right things can fix your credit - there is no magic bullet, but these guys will be happy to take your...

CREDITADAPTER.COM / Scam on 7-day trial

on Feb 4, 2011

I signed up initially to a website "" and they were supposed to send me information about my membership and website so I can use my 7 day free trial. A week has passed and creditadapter charges my checking account $29.95. When I called, their responses were scripted a...

Dunn & Bradstreet / Scammers!

on Feb 4, 2011

Dunn & Bradstreet has been trying to get my company to spend over $500 on their product known as "Credit Protection Program". When I have refused, they have become rude and threatening towards me. The salesperson named "Warren" has threatened that my company's credit score will suffer if I...