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Credit Report Websites Complaints | Page 5

Westlake Financial Services / my loan has been paid off over 90 days and it still shows I owe westlake money

cujo222 on Jul 3, 2018

My loan has been paid off over 90 days I have emailed Facebook messaged, called 5 times five of which I have been lied to hearing everything from "its being updated as paid now to the credit reporting agencies to it take six months sometimes. I have not gotten any results with you or the...

Deborah Harris / complaining about david alexander id #[protected]

Deborah L Harris on Jul 3, 2018

On April 10, 2018I I placed an ordered with Ardyss Business Partner: David Alexander ID #[protected] order #390702 receipt #[protected] for $164.57 When the order was placed it popped up that it was in the UK, not someone local for me. I tried contacting Mr Alexander to cancel the order and get a refund. I have begged him to PLEASE give my money back

Transunion / credit score

Stacey Chisolm on Jul 2, 2018

TransunionFor the past 12 months I have faithfully watched my credit scores fluctuate up and down. I paid off all creditors April 2017. My score, slowly rose to a 670. I unfortunately lost my job and was forced to file bankruptcy. My score dropped again to a 656 until Feb. 3, 2018 when it dropped to...

Equifax Information Services / unethical behavior

Stacey Chisolm on Jul 2, 2018

Equifax Information ServicesFor the past 12 months I have faithfully watched my credit scores fluctuate up and down. I paid off all creditors April 2017. My score, slowly rose to a 670. I unfortunately lost my job and was forced to file bankruptcy. My score dropped again to a 656 until Feb. 3, 2018 when it dropped to...

ScoreSense / unauthorized fee of $39.95 for one "free credit score"

fanitab on Jul 2, 2018

Simply put this company charged my checking account $39.95 for a supposedly free credit score. I'm not having this crap. I closed my checking account and re-opened at another bank. This [censored] is a scam and the last $39.95 they get from me!! I did not authorize these idiots to charge my...

My Tagged account / Reinstate my account

Rabie39 on Jul 8, 2018

My Tagged accountHello, i have amazing account was deleted by tagged without my permission, i read tagged FAQ Rules TOS, i didnt find a reason for cancelation of my account, so tried too much times TO contact tagged direct support staff but they did not answer my emails until now and my account stayed...

Radaris America / data fabrication, falsehoods, libel, lies posted as truth on this satanic website

NoThanx on Jun 20, 2018

This company has posted slanderous lies and libelous information about me on their website. They lie and do not bother to check facts or verify any information. They libel and lie all over people and call it the truth. They say I'm related to people I've never heard of, and they report me...

Experian Information Solutions / website

ExperianSucks on Jun 15, 2018

I have a credit alert and have tried to CALL and go online to speak to someone about this, but their website sucks!!! Holy crap, get with the program! Your options do not address my issue and I cannot get a single human being on the phone. Ridiculous! Worse is that you have been hacked and...

Telkom SA SOC / overcharged

Elias Mokoma on Jun 13, 2018

I have a mobile wifi contract of r269 a month which I can afford with my monthly allowance but this rediculious amounts you've been deducting are april the debit order was r502, in may you never deducted (of which I assumed it's because you over charged me in april) now...

Quiktrip / store was closed temporarily for cleaning!!!

Terri Osburn Lindsey on Jun 10, 2018

QuiktripI have never seen this happen before in my life!!! Why would this employee close the store for an hour the posted note said on outside of doors to clean????? She can't clean when it's not busy??? There were 10 of us standing outside waiting and she disappears!!! Saying she the manager!!!...

Geico / generali global assistance identity protection through geico

Walter Mark Wilcox on Jun 8, 2018

6/8/2018 I tried to activate the online credit monitoring service. They have a poor online activation system which asks questions the client has no idea what the right answer is. In my case it asked questions about street addresses and mortages from probably 20-30 years ago. An unhelpful...

FinChoice South Africa / payout letter requested from 2017

S Sontsi on Jun 7, 2018

I Was handed over for collection in 2017 by Finchoice to Shapiro Sheik which is one of their debt collector, and I was given a settlement discount to pay up the Loan, I have paid the Amount of R14.975.00 as that was the Amount that was requested after the discount as I have told them to...

Google / unknown reason for regular charges from bank account

Bronwen Pinker on Jun 6, 2018

I have had $11.99 removed from my bank account without my consent. The charge description is: Google'G.coHelppay# and I would like to know the origin of this withdrawal and cancel it. I find that this is quite a common practice among many companies hoping people won't check their bank... / ordered a top feb 25;2018 / [protected] receipt no. invoice id mm1802230636313455. amount 30.27 usd

Wasketehaminipe on Jun 5, 2018

Check above you ve got all no. The order never came to my house. We are in June?... not good service. You tell customers that if the order is delivered on time guaranteed money back? According to your reviews a lot of unhappy customers. Find or trace my order or send me my money back. How...

Optimum / cable boxes

italianqt on Jun 2, 2018

I wanted to switch back to my old box. The customer representative talked me out of it. I'm very annoyed. If I want the old box back it should be my choice. He was very rude! Can someone please help me get my old boxes back? I feel it is my choice as a customer (for many years) to switch...

Cell C / updating my details at transunion and experian

Lindelani Sydney Sihadi on May 31, 2018

Was a big cell c subscriber never had any problems until when I couldn't make any payments towards my account due some unforeseen reasons so my account was behind make an effort to settle the whole amount was owing which i did last year june 2017 so this year wanted to get Myself a car so...

Lexis Nexis / credit reporting

Wanda Curlee on May 31, 2018

Yes I have been working with Lexis Nexis for over 14 days not to delete a dismissed judgement from my credit report. I have sent them court documents to prove to them that this case that they are still reporting as open as been dismissed. I finally was able to go to the courts to have thi...

ABSA Bank / I am complaint about my money taken away in my account

Odofin on May 29, 2018

My name is odofin fatai and have a complain about my money. I paid an online website called iwantu, and now have being having serious problem with them with my bank money, they be taking money way from my account without my aware on that. They had taken almost 600rand way from my bank...

Orbit Showtime Network [OSN] / osn customer service

Pakinam Nabil on May 25, 2018

After calling osn customer service asking them to cancel the service because i have applied a deal with ben sport, they claimed to offer me a special offer, 50% discount for six months to stay with your company. Therefore, although i have started the deal with ben sport, i called and...

Canada Post / mail delivery

joy keith on May 23, 2018

for 2 months now I have not received credit card statements, or account statements from 2 different bank Do not always have the same mail person or delivery time so is difficult to check with. I contacted both banks which have confirmed that mail has been sent to the proper address. Since this is extremely personal information I cam quite concerned.