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Credit Report Websites Complaints | Page 49

CREDITREPORT.COM 866-8833309 CA / Double Billing

I applied for monthly credit report from CREDITREPORT.COM [protected] CA . For the past months, I have been double billed each month. The latest bills are stated below. 12/11/09 12/13/09 CREDITREPORT.COM [protected] CA $12.95 12/16/09 12/17/09 CREDITREPORT.COM [protected] CA $12.95 I would...

We Report / scam!!!

I would recommend to anyone who reads this not to pay these guys a penny!! Hopefully you read all these complaints before you join because I didnt. I paid them $299.00 well over 60 days ago for there service, and at the begining everything was fine, they would call me back... / Sold my information!

Ee sold my personal information including my credit card number to at least three seperate companies. BEWARE!!! Info sold to:, Privacy 1-2-3, and Card Score Express.

Info. Freecreditr CA / I did not agree to this fee.


Why the hell did you buy your credit report thru a third party? You should have gone directly to one of consumer credit reporting companies: equifax, experian and transunion. Plus all americans can now get a credit report free annually thru http: / / www. It's your...

Equifax / charged me $12.95 for a free credit report

I answered questions for a free credit report. I did not even print out the credit report. Was given the address of to contact within 10 days if I did not wish to be charged or to cancel monthly fee for credit monitoring of my account. Now I have... / Credit Physician

All of these comments were written by the credit physician Dr. Mike himself, they are not from real customers. Just read them and you can tell look at the one written by a "Dr.", what kind of Dr. misspells words? The Credit Physician is a horrible way to go, he takes your money, rarely...

mvq credit score / Unauthorized charge

I wanted to get info on my credit score. Once I saw a charge of $29.95 a month I backed out. I did not authorize to charge on anything. I was charged $29.95 within a week.

Replica Expert / GReat Company

"Hi ALL, I am new at Internet Purchasing. I found this website and place the order as a Christmas gift for my family. The Representatives and the sales department took my all information and place the order on my behave. I ordered to Replica Rado Watches. My credit card was charged a...

Web Credit Report Co. / I did not authorize this transaction


I did not authorize this transaction and I wish to have the $7.98 refunded to my bank account. I spoke with your customer service department today 12/2/09 and here is my cancellation #3175889. The check #155384 was used along with a ref. #1077381. Please take care of this matter...

My credit Health / unauthorized transaction

I was looking for jobs on craigslist and one of the job postings i applied for needed a credit report and a link was provided for my credit, I clicked on it and reviewed my credit and it was very clear to me i would not be billed, my bank called and advised me they removed...

MVQ Privacy Matters Identity / Unapproved Charges to Credit Card

Tried to get "free credit report" instead was billed not just the $1, but was signed up to a membership to the tune of $29.95 a month. In one day I was charged charged two times $1, then was charged $2 for something called twenty four protection and was also charged two times $29.95... / fraud


On 9/10/09 I tried to get a free credit score from experian... I wanted to get my free credit report and learn my credit score at the same time because I needed to pay off some old bills and wanted to look for a new apartment - I wanted to make sure nothing crazy popped up. Well... instead I... OR / unauthorized use of debit card - stolen money

It just showed up on our bank statement. Vayle Mauldin & my wife Rose have the account which was tapped without permission. The bank said we have to wait for it to clear, it's processing now, and then submit a form reporting the fraud to challenge it. I'm not sure it will be...

Credit CPR Group / Danny Wise

Credit CPR GroupThis guy Danny Wise has been running this scam for years, he take people's money under the guise of being a credit repair service and then he disappears and you never see him, or your money again. I urge anyone who's been scammed b this loser and high school dropout to contact...

Dun and Bradstreet / Incomplete information


DnB has the worst system. They only collect information from people who feel like reporting and information is not verified. Anybody can call dun and bradstreet and provide any info they like. As a business owner, they will call and update their records and I can tell them our sales are 50... / $14.95 charge not authorized

I received my bank statement today 11/20/09 for a $14.95 charge on 11/09/09, I never used the website for a credit report nor did i authorize this agency to debt any money from my bank acct . i want my money reembursed immediately.

Quick Credit Score / cancelation

Once again a complaint about this companies practise of taken money from accounts after cancelation. I have never recieved anything from this company in regard to my credit report even so they continued to taken 19.95 per month since I cancelled it in august. I eventually got through on...

MVQ*PRIVACYMID / They are taking 29.95 out of my account

I wish for you to quit taking out $2.00 for MVQ*CLUBSAVE and $29.95 for MVQPRIVACYMID and MVQ*PRIVACYM. I was not notified of this and am really getting mad. I always end up with overdrafts in my account because of something I didnt even know was going on. My name is Christine Mattern. And... / taking money out of my account

This company keeps taking money from my bank account the sum of £19.95.And what do i benifit from it .NOTHING.I did a favore for a friend, let them use my computer to do a credit check on there own credit.I used my debit card to pay for the result of the credit for my friend.But i... / theft

I was applying for a car loan online and the site suggested as a quick free way to see my score and enter it on their application. I subscribed with credit card and it said the card could not be processed and please use another card. I corrected a spelling mistake on my...