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Credit Report Websites Complaints | Page 46

Info. Freecreditreport / I was charge 14.95 and was told it was free. I did not authorize any commitment to future charges.

The promotion was very deceitful. It never gave me a free credit report as well. The website even jammed up so I thought nothing went through. And left it at that.

Windstream / was not removed from credit bureau as promised.

This Company was paid in full and they refuse to remove from my credit bureaus as promised. If I would have known they weren't going to keep their word I never would have rushed to pay it off. Please remove from my credit bureaus. Thank You. / CraigsList/Credit Report Scammer


The people behind this blogging site, are also behind multiple fake apartment/job listing sites on Craig's not fall victim to this scam and NEVER follows links sent to you fromwhat you think are legitimate emails being generated from listing you find on...

Experian Direct / Credit report ripoff


I accepted their offer for a "free" credit check. Without knowing, the began charging me $15 a month for what I later found out was a "membership." I didn't realize I was being charged for close to a year. When I called to complain and cancel the recurring charge, a person named...

Info. Experiandirect. Irvine / Fraud


I accepted their offer for a "free" credit check. Without knowing, the began charging me $15 a month for what I later found out was a "membership." I didn't realize I was being charged for close to a year. When I called to complain and cancel the recurring charge, they said it was all...



HOW TO GET A REFUND: Try to cancel online at their website. You will not receive any confirmation that you have cancelled. Next call [protected] Have your phone # available. Tell them politely that you would like a refund of all the charge... + / scams

Sj and have taken 19.95 from my account x2, you cant cancel this from youre bank, if you phone [protected] and tell them to cancel youre accounts they will, thats what i did and i feel stupid for falling for this scam, even though i didnt realise that...

Credit Notify / Misinformation-FRAUD

Citi Cards offered me a 30 day FREE trial of Credit Notify after my account number had been stolen and fruadulant charges were made. I accepted, after being informed that my FREE trial would not begin until I received an enrollment package from Credit Notify. Well, after 40 days I have...

Mighty Net Inc. credit reporting / charge for credit report suppose to be free

I signed up on 2/16/10 for a yearly free credit report thru After printing it out I called them on 2/17/10 to make sure I wouldn't be charged for anything and cancelled and got a confirmation # 3798. On 2/23/10 I find a charge debited to my...


Through the use of a credit report website, I was automatically signed up for a monthly membership plus a membership to MVQ*CLUBSAVE, which has billed me $1.00/mo for over 9 months. Initially, once the charges show up I called and canceled, apparently there are more than one membership and...

First North American National Bank / closed account 8 years ago, still on my credit report

I just found out that First North American National Bank is still on my credit report as an active account, I closed this account 8 years ago. How can I get it off there?

wereportrent / fraud

Stephen Ames is a scam artist, con man, thief, liar and down right piece of crap of a human being. He prays on people trying to re establish themselves and those who are vunerable. He takes your money, and then does nothing until your time limit, on paypal or with your credit crads run...

Quick Credit Score.C / amount debited to my bank account

I applied for a "free"credit report, but was horrified to see that I was charged some £19

Experian / 'Free' Trial of Credit Expert


I applied for a free credit report from Experian - Credit Expert and decided to cancel it the same day. I emailed the Company and received a response to say they were looking into my email. I then found my credit card had been charged £6.99 and after a lot of searching, I found a...

Info.FreeCreditReport.c / payment

They witdraw $24 from my credit card although it states on their site free credit report. It did not state anywhere obvious that it would cost me $24

Info. Freecreditreport. CA / Cancelled request for free credit report and being billed

I ordered a free credit report from Credit and somehow I was connected to CA. I cancelled my account with Free Credit on 1/28/10 and now I am being billed from CA. I was informed by Free credit Report... / 5 star rateing-excellent service

5 star customer service: i needed to get a car, but had some real credit problems, so i was given the name of the credit physician by the car dealership, so i called [protected] and visted there web site and wow, i got some real help, i had know idea how messed... / very very good company

very, very, good company...they have a awesome website, and there knowledge of credit is the best i have seen, we did a husband and wife package, called the credit physician advantage, the process took us a couple months, my score went up 125 points and my husband... / Scam - No existence of customer service

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Found charges of 29.95 for the past 6 months on my bank statement. Called the MVQ company, and they claim that the charge was derived from someone in my home going on "" and clicking on an offer for identity protection. The problem is no one in my household ever did this. I...