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Credit Report Websites Complaints | Page 12

Shushanik Gasparyan / collection on my credit report which is an absolutely inaccurate information

shushanik gasparyan on Aug 7, 2017

Shushanik GasparyanI have called several times and I have left messages several times on companies voice mail, I have received zero respond and no answer from your representatives, I have also made a complaint on FTC and awaiting for response, your phones do not work, no answer or customer service all the...

PNC Financial Services Group / credit report of mortgage

Lisa NB on Aug 3, 2017

Mortgaging a home that I currently own with a paid off mortgage from PNC. Credit report shows as a paid foreclosure. Need to have that accurately reported as a a paid mortgage for financing purposes. Report ID: 12307BXC40C3100. PNC mortgage # [protected]. I have attempted to contact PNC... / the company/site

Christopher Basinger on Aug 2, 2017

ClickYourScores.comI was on a site that popped up that I have used several times before and never had problems and their add came up to check my scores for free. I would receive the new I Phone 8 from the site if I signed up for the site so I did. Stupid me. Stupid me. I entered one card...

Pay Pro Global / payment for online purchase of software

Jakob Roider on Aug 1, 2017

Following the Invitation by Softperfect/ Networx speedometer to contribute to their software development I was asked to pay 25 USD, which I was happy to do. The payment service provider apparently is Pay pro global. I submitted my credit card details. Then PayPro asked me for the...

Kathryn A Lynch / service

Kathy Lynch on Jul 31, 2017

I made simple call at 800 AM PT on July 31, 2017 to have my credit freeze removed temporarily to switch phone services. The first person I talked to I could not understand ( English very poor) and they transferred me to two others. I asked if they were in the US and they said no. I asked...

Petronas / deduction of money from visa card

Kareem Hassan on Jul 29, 2017

PetronasI stopped by petronas rawang and I filled up petrol with 75 Rm using the visa card suddenly I found that it deducted 200 Rm !! How is it possible? . The date was [protected] Friday my card is visa card issued by rajahi bank . I don't understand why it deducted 200 Rm imagine what car...

Equifax / credit report/ credit score

Humayun Motiwala on Jul 27, 2017

I had not a lot of time on hand as my landlord needed my credit report and score to begin the process of my new lease. I paid $25 CAD and I was given the credit report of my twin brother under his name instead of mine. I called to get this corrected and wasted 2 hours on hold. I had to...

Ipsy / not receive package tracking number 9274899988866424803376


I was suppose to receive my ipsy bag at 07/14/2017, the post office sad it was a problem with the address, i realy don't know why because there's my name in the mail box, i try more them 4 time to reschedule the delivery but nothing happen, now i change my address and i want to know when...

The Brick Warehouse / dining room chair.

Tannero1 on Jul 23, 2017

I bought a double reclining couch, a reclining chair, a queen size bed and a kitchen table and a dining room table and six chair last August 2016. A major purchase for me as I'm retired and on a pension. The chair and couch had small rips from the delivery men and when I complained, a...

Reliance Home Comfort / air conditioner

Joan and Alexander on Jul 18, 2017

As per your commercial and sales person told we would get a $500.00 check in the mail within two weeks and to date we have not received it. The air conditioner was installed on June 22, 2017. We have tried to reach the sales person by phone twice and also sent a e-mail to her and she ha...

Capitec Bank / staff member

thabo elvs on Jul 13, 2017

I am a happy with capitec back but what happened to me this past days with one of their staff johannes mmakgabo was totally poor service, I gave him my payslip on the 8/7/17 so that I can get facility loan then he checked if I qualify indeed I qualify then he suggested that I take long...

PlatinumMillenniump 866-752-9968 Nc 06/05 / charge $67.00 unauthorized

John P Warden on Jul 13, 2017

On June 6 ordered 2 items for nominal fee of .99 and 7.95 then 13 days later was charged a fraudulent charge of $67.00 for membership that I did not authorize. I called them and they said they would send me an email and refund my money... needless to say the email was not forthcoming and...

Telkom SA SOC / settlement letter

Mzikandlela on Jul 13, 2017

I have settled and account 11 days ago and i have no letter of acknowledgement/ settlement to date, i have made numerous call s requesting this till today nothing came fourth from the credit department . the cancellation of the contract this year in March and it is still showing that...

Telkom SA SOC / telkom free data showmax promotion - bad credit nightmare

Peter Dreyer on Jul 10, 2017

In September 2016 i used Telkom's Showmax promotion to sign up for the (R99.00) free data promotion. at the time I was not aware that you ALSO had to create a Showmax Account also for R99.00. So after using the Telkom link and inputting the Telkom voucher into the Showmax website, I was on...

Accurate1Solutions aka A1S.LA aka Allen C. Stallworth aka Christopher A. Stallworth / credit counseling service

JeffreyB on Jul 9, 2017

Accurate1Solutions aka A1S.LA aka Allen C. Stallworth aka Christopher A. StallworthI am so thankful that the attorneys looking into people who have been defrauded by Accurate1Solutions and Allen Stallworth reached out to me. I thought I was the only one who had been taken by this crook but it appears he has swindled others out of money as well with promising of solving...

Accruate1Solutions or A1S.LA or Allen C. Stallworth or Christopher A. Stallworth / credit counseling service in los angeles, california

Erica GL on Jul 9, 2017

Accruate1Solutions or A1S.LA or Allen C. Stallworth or Christopher A. StallworthI was also defrauded by this company and it's so called president Allen Stallworth. I wish I had done a more research instead of listening to this Ephren Taylor-like swindler with his empty promises of "magical" credit repair so I could repair my financial situation after my divorce and...

Accurate1Solutions or A1S.LA / credit counseling / credit repair


Accurate1Solutions or A1S.LAOne of the things that people need to realize about Credit Repair Organizations is that they have a right to go after these fraudulent companies if they find that they have been wronged or defrauded under the Credit Repair Organization Act (CROA). 1. The Credit Repair Organizations Act...

Christopher Allen Stallworth / Accurate 1 Solutions / credit repair

ValerieSM on Jul 8, 2017

Christopher Allen Stallworth / Accurate 1 SolutionsI am so happy I did not give this slick willy fraud any money. He and his company are a complete sham. He has no clue about credit repair and utilizing a known industry trick of adding those not familiar with credit onto a list of credit card accounts as authorized users and presents the...

Christopher Allen Stallworth - Thief, Crook & Habitual Con Artist - / credit repair /

Robertforever on Jul 7, 2017

Christopher Allen Stallworth - Thief, Crook & Habitual Con Artist - Accurate1Solutions.comI wish I had done my research before getting involved with these crooks. Allen or Christopher or whatever he goes by as I can only guess what name he goes by really makes promises on behalf what appears to be a legitimate company but in reality, it is a front for cleaning people out of...

DirecTV / never had service with you

Kathy Breaux W on Jul 7, 2017

I kathy Williams attempt to get service with you around 2/2016, paid a deposit with checking acct., the representative came out twice to my 732 Azalea residents in port allen and could not get a visible connection because of a large tree in my yard. Please remove the reporting off my...