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Credit Report Websites Complaints | Page 10

Info. Freecreditrep / Fraudlent charge

Sweetmanrw on Mar 21, 2011

Info. Freecreditrep Infofcr.comA charge of $14.95 showed up on my online banking statement, so filed a fraud claim. Also, I have been using Equifax to give me alerts and gave Equifax my bank info to charge me. Linked? I don't know, but this is a scam.

MVQ Credit Score Complete / Cancellation of Membership

kyford1966 on Mar 20, 2011

I called to cancel my membership with MVQ Credit Score Complete. My membership was cancelled but I was told I could not get a refund of $19.95. I would think that if you cancelled your membership that wasn't used, you should be able to get a refund.

National Consumer Assistance Center / Erroneous credit report

Robin C. Blair on Mar 9, 2011

National Consumer Assistance Center made an erroneous report of a 2003 bankruptcy filing on my client's credit history.

Mni* / Unauthorized Charges

Julianne.M on Mar 7, 2011

I don't remeber signing up for any credit score checking website, but some how MNI*CREDITREPORT.COM got a hold of my credit card(that was cut up 2 years ago and paid completely off!) and is STILL continuing to charge my card!! As a military member serving overseas, this kind of crap...

free credit info / Free Crdit Info-illegal withrawel

Karen Foresman on Mar 6, 2011

This company illegally removed funds from my checking acct via automatic debit. I did not authorize this. How do I get rid of them without my back charging me a $30 stop payment fee? Sincerely, Karen Foresman [protected]

mvq credit score express / Unauthorized Charges

NewMexico on Mar 5, 2011

I found charges for 29.95 and I NEVER authorized it. I don't even know this company and I sure as heck would NOT use any credit services except the three main ones. I just kept hitting the zero button until I got a live person on the phone and they would not give me my money back...

MVQ Credit Score Complete / Have not received report

Tom Butler on Mar 3, 2011

They were suppose to give me my credit report with an option to sign up for continued service . I have never received the report. They charged me the dollar and for every month since have charged me $29.95 without giving me any service or the report. The only proof I have is my bank...

GEMB/JCP / unknown delinquent charges

charla1954 on Mar 2, 2011

I received my credit report and it states that have been deliquent on account #[protected] three times, with the date showing Nov 2010. I have NOT been delinquent on the account and would like an explanation. It shows the balance being $281. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Charlene Davy [protected] [protected]

INFO.FREECREDITREPORT.C INFOFCR.COM / Free Credit report is a scam

dalsparky on Feb 28, 2011

I signed up for a freecredit report at freecredit I had 9 days to cancel it, I called on the 9th day to cancel it and they took the money out of my account anyway (14.95). When I called them to ask why and insisted that I want the money put back into my account they told me NO...

Creditscorematters / Unauthorised payment taken from bank

MissymissP on Feb 21, 2011

I used the above mentioned website to get a free credit report around 6th January 2017, I cancelled my membership on 11th January within the 10 day trial period to avoid any money being taken from my bank account. I noticed that a payment of £19.99 was taken from my account a couple...

Vertrue, Inc CREDITDIAGNOSIS / charges to bank account

chrisbarlowsd on Feb 19, 2011

CREDIT DIAGNOSIS - CREDIT SCORE EXPRESS sign up for $1 to get my free credit report they charge the dollar to my debit card. Then 5 days later charged my card $19.95. I called them and ask for my money back they refused. I called my bank to charge back the lady at the bank inform me that...

UNITEL / A message received from you

Cardoso Manuel da Silva on Feb 18, 2011

I have received a message from you telling me that my phone number has been awarded 1.820.000 pounds at MD UK. I need to have more ditails about this. Acording to the message I must claim Email: The cell phone number and my full name is the following: phone number [protected] Full name...

MVQ*FREESCORE 800-316-8824 CT / Unauthorized Charges

customer2011 on Feb 14, 2011

I apparently signed up for a membership with, who is now charging me $19.95. I did not sign for any services with them. I did, however, requested a "free" copy of my credit report from by getting a new membership which was canceled within the 7 free-trial...

Pm Identity / anauthorized debit of my account

lsia on Feb 14, 2011

This company fraudulently took $29.95 plus $2.00 from my account for over 6 months. As I was away traveling, I had no idea until they emptied the account. They say I filled out a free trial on the internet. I have no recollection of this, but they got my bank details from somewhere. Even...

reklámok és üzenetek / panasz

Erzsi23 on Feb 13, 2011

Tisztelt Társaság! Kérem kivizsgálását az alábbiaknak: A,,,,, társaságok kinálnak jó üzletet. Csak...

High Credit score and / Taking unauthorised funds out of my bank acct

Naeem Amjad on Feb 11, 2011

I have just realised thatHighcreditscore. co and Rewardsnow. co. uk have both been taking £19. 95 and £ 14.95 a month out of my bank acc since Februray 2011 while they did not send me any details or credit report even they cannot give me the member login details I am a...

Platinum Credit Clinic / Illegal signage, scam

Sign Snatcher on Feb 10, 2011

aka K2 Credit Solutions - run by Garrett Watson in Tampa - beware! No one can repair your credit but YOU! You can challenge items on your credit report, but aside from that only doing the right things can fix your credit - there is no magic bullet, but these guys will be happy to take your...

CREDITADAPTER.COM / Scam on 7-day trial

abaluca on Feb 4, 2011

I signed up initially to a website "" and they were supposed to send me information about my membership and website so I can use my 7 day free trial. A week has passed and creditadapter charges my checking account $29.95. When I called, their responses were scripted a...

Dunn & Bradstreet / Scammers!

Amy L Geek on Feb 4, 2011

Dunn & Bradstreet has been trying to get my company to spend over $500 on their product known as "Credit Protection Program". When I have refused, they have become rude and threatening towards me. The salesperson named "Warren" has threatened that my company's credit score will suffer if I... / Craigslist SCAM/Fraud

GinaK9 on Jan 29, 2011

This company is behind a credit report scam seen on craigslist in multiple cities, posting fake apartment ads...just to get you to click on their link and get a credit report. This is a fraud..dont fall for it. They will take your information, rip you off, sell it and create identity theft...