Bad Business Partners Complaints


esso at algonquin ave and lansdown ave / public relations

on Apr 21, 2019

i am a senure i have been going there since 1997 for gas and coffee, i have four cars and my five grown boys have 5 cars, anyway i go there and get a coffee most days and sit in my car and drink it and there so called manager came out and told me that i should not be just parked there, so...

Michelle McCormack / canceled card off the clock

on Apr 13, 2019

A card was left outside a business and was brought inside for safe keeping as the customer had already called and was coming to get it. Completely off the clock getting her nails done, branch manager Michelle McCormack, without consulting the card holder or business it was lost at...

Gold's Gym Westview Frederick, MD / customer service

on Apr 11, 2019

Hello, I joined Gold's on 2/14/19 in person at the Westview Frederick, MD location with a co-worker's referral. I signed up for a family membership month to month with the kid's club also. The worker who signed me up said the current referral special (gift card) could be given, that the...

Adams Cameron Pam Geldart / realtor home office (publicly listed)

on Apr 9, 2019

By WatchfulNurseShark463 2 days ago @FluidBeardedCollie #metoo By FluidBeardedCollie Mar 22 @Blanche Pam Geldart mislead my mother in law in purchasing an Ormond Beach home. We lost our hand money. My family is suing Ms. Geldart soon. She keeps leaving different Real Estate companies to avoid our...

BE2 S.à.R.L. / abonnement abusif sur site de rencontres singles 50 via be2

on Apr 8, 2019

Ils me harcèlent, pour un paiement d'un abonnement de 3 mois que je n'ai pas contracté. J'ai simplement le 20 / 02/ 2019 par curiosité cliquez sur l'approche gratuite et de bonne fois payé pour un essai de un mois. Deux jours après j'étais débité de 49€96, qui ne...

Shmong (Gerald Decelian) / shmong & gerald decelian. did fraud with me - wanted me to help him to do unethical marketing

on Apr 3, 2019

Shmong (Gerald Decelian)Gerald Decelian - Big Fraud This man Jerry (Gerald Decelian from SHMONG, 68 Jay St suite 201, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA played smartly with me. He hired me and my from India for SEO and committed to paid at the end of each month. But from the second month, he asked us to do black hat SEO...

Ajoul Express / delivery

on Mar 25, 2019

Ajoul ExpressI ordered goods from Jollychic on 13th March 2019 and my account showed that I will receive my shipment between 20th to 23rd March by Ajoul Express.It's been more than 14 days but still I did not receive my parcel.I am frequently trying to call them but no response.Very rude people not...

Donna Brazil / her show on fox

on Mar 23, 2019

Cheater who just happened to get caught giving Hillary debate ?'s. Once a cheater always a cheater. Fox has to decide. Me or Brazil. We had Fox News on all our waking hours. As of yesterday I am boycotting Fox. I will miss your legitimate programing. I will not miss Shepard Smith or Juan...

Moshe's Auto Repair & M&M Towing / all & aaa battery service

on Mar 20, 2019

Moshe's Auto Repair & M&M TowingAAA Northeast Member Relations Department 1415 Kellum Place, Garden City, NY 11530 March 20, 2019 Dear AAA, This is a letter regarding a AAA Battery Partner in West Orange, NJ 07052. We have been members of AAA since the 1980's. Member Durgesh Mankikar #620 240 [protected]...

Gold Elements / fraudulent misrepresentation of a contract

on Mar 20, 2019

I have been trying to work with this company for seven months, and they continue to deny any culpability in the scheme the salesclerk used to defraud me of more than $3500. On August 31, 2018, I was approached by Jasmine, a salesclerk from Cocoage, an affiliated enterprise, and she offered...

Shenyang Timeet Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd/ Shenyang Daji Industrial Co., Ltd / seamless titanium products not received

on Mar 20, 2019

Our company "A and V Trade Corporation Limited" ordered the following material: seamless titanium tubes and plates on 7th of March, 2018. We paid the downpayment 30%. The delivery time was 45 days after received 30% payment. The Seller delayed the delivery time over 1 month.It ignored our... Ads in Motion - John Williamson / leads services, advertising, marketing

on Feb 25, 2019 Ads in Motion - John WilliamsonMortgage leads scam,... I sent $1495 to this company two months ago after they promised money back guarantee and would deliver 3 loans / mo. Via leads for mortgage services. They have done nothing. John williamson is a total liar. He emails me back all sorts of lies or other bs explaining...

Michael Yusko, Nervous Light Films / michael yusko claims he sells bitcoin

on Feb 22, 2019

Michael Yusko, Nervous Light FilmsI wired Michael Yusko back in August, 2018, the amount of $9, 315.00 USD for an order of bitcoin. He requesed that I send the money to his 'partner', Ms. Tricia Green, of New Jersey. About a week went by, he claimed that his bank held up the funds, and he couldn't fulfill. To give him more...

csx detroit / reservation system

on Feb 21, 2019

Newly implemented reservation system for ocean exports is not working. We are stuck bringing loads back to our yard due to reservations being filled. This is tying up my drivers and EQ and costing my customers more for storage and redelivery fees. This is extremely difficult on days we...

Arvind Seth / financial fraud

on Feb 19, 2019

Arvind SethFraud people like Arvind Seth are worst than murderers as murderers kill people once for all but fraud Arvind Seth has killed his investors by thousand cuts by killing their trust, dreams, patience and precious time of life. I including many people trusted him and his team with our hard...

Alexander Gossette / sexist bigot

on Feb 17, 2019

Beware of Mr. Gossette as he is a sexist, bigot who is ashamed to be half Asian, obese and a misogynist. If you do not give him what he needs or slightly offend him he will claim you will "Die miserable alone with cats." This person spends time trolling people online for no apparently...

Moja Love Channel / not paying of actors recruited by short film staff crew

on Feb 15, 2019

8 people from reigerpark community was featured in a film produced by a moja love crew... That was 4 weeks back we were told we will receive payment the sameday, then the lies started to pile up that we will receive payment on the end of january we did fill out forms and submitted our...

Greg Jeffries SEO Affiliate Domination / took $2000 for seo service he didn’t deliver

on Feb 14, 2019

Greg Jeffries SEO Affiliate DominationI managed to feed into his hype on social media and hired Greg Jeffries for my SEO campaign. He was very friendly and approachable the entire time. He just never delivered on his word. I circled back multiple times to discuss the productivity of my campaign, 5 months In we are not close to...

Fulfillment Warehouse / nu:youth

on Feb 13, 2019

Picked out a free gift for a survey, but had to pay shipping. Now they have my card number and charging me for more product! This is stealing! I have not ordered anything! 89.95 This is not right. They should be arrested! Found a phone number on this site (it was them) started stammering...

Muilagumbo Trading and Mealing [Pty] Ltd / my main problem with eskom is that eskom disconnected electricity without having notified me and for the second time in less than three month.

on Feb 12, 2019

I have a milling business at Sibasa in Limpopo Province, here in South Africa and my problem with Eskom is as indicated above. This problem has been ongoing for the past ten years. The relationship can best be described as abusive because the utility can decide to disconnect at any time...

Core Hurda Geri Donusum Ithalat Didem Yilmaz Kar (Rating ) / adapazari sakaraya tuekey

on Feb 8, 2019

Be ware of core hurda geri donusum mr Ergin yilamz and miss Didem yilamz . They are some company. We were cheated a lot of money. 1) their each container lack half weight. They did not weigh containers but forged weight list. When we get containers, every container lack half weight. They...

Xpost / delivery man

on Feb 6, 2019

i ordered something in shopee to be delivered via XPOST. the delivery address is my office address. I received an sms from the delivery man and that he cant go up to the 8th floor of our building. he wants me to go down and get the parcel. how poor your customer service is. we are paying...

La quinta inn jacksonville mandarin san jose / front desk mistakes

on Feb 2, 2019

I arrived in Jacksonville Monday afternoon 1/28/19 from N.C. I told the receptionist I would need a room until Friday and would like to pay for it with cash. She told me I'd have to use a credit card. So I used my MC. She said it would cost 270.00. I was in FL looking at properties that I'd...

A seller on Facebook. / a recumbent workman's, (ding) trike.

on Feb 1, 2019

The person miss advertised the tricycle she sold me. When I bought the cycle she advertised it as new and always agreed to supply the paperwork and documents that came with the bike...always saying she would do so when I picked it up. She has never supplied the documents but alway...

North Valley MHC / poor and threatening management

on Feb 1, 2019

North Valley MHCI have on several occasions called your office and can never speak with anybody there. I also never get a call back. There are some serious things going on around the community. While I was out of town, the manager had someone take my fence down leaving my neighbors just hanging there...

Lotus / legs vip

on Jan 30, 2019

They have been deducting $53.99 and $66.74 wiithout my permission and i live on limited income and i am very upset over this. There is so many complaints agaonst this company doing this and these type companies need to be iivestigated for fraud and tapping checking accounts when they were...