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Nov 06, 2012

My bank called me to tell that CA which says it is with*H5ME422BH and each one is different. The total came to almost eighty dollars. There was a total of 6 different charges. My bank is helping me fight these charges. CA / fraudulent credit card charge

May 31, 2012

There is an erroneous charge on my husbands credit card for the amount of $142.47 the only thing it says is: Y7XX322L3 CA $142.47 Under it is a foreign transaction fee? for $4.27 Its on our VISA and we have reported it to VISA how did this happen and what are you doing about it? I am going to stop using Facebook and recommend to all my friends that they check their credit cards for this identifier - what is going on? CA - Wisconsin, Oconomowoc / Fraudulent Charges of $105.40

Apr 20, 2012

My credit card (debit card) was charged for three individual charges ($79.10, $21.10, and $5.20) over a two day period [protected] and [protected]). I don't know what these charges were for, but I do seem to recall getting some type of email asking if these charges were legitimate and I vehemently said "NO". I have since filed a complaint and I am now filing another complaint. I can't afford this $105.40. I am a disabled Vietnam Veteran living on a fixed income and I think that it sucks that, just because I use a computer, some jerks are stealing my money. It may not seem like a fortune; however, to me it is. My next step is to contact the FBI regarding the matter. CA - Indiana / charging numerous charges

Oct 05, 2011

check my bank statements and see about 30 charges from them would like some answers on what this is or who this is charging me account