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WC Value Plus Complaints & Reviews

WC Value Plus - Oklahoma, Shawnee / I never authorized nor even had knowledge of this company until the charges to my bank account appeared.

Michael Rhoades Sr. on Apr 8, 2018

This last week a charge to my bank debt card appeared. It took me until know to figure out just what this charge was for. I don't even use a computer of my own and certainly don't purchase online. I want to know how this company got my bank debt card number and successfully started charging my bank account. I'm calling the 800-475-1942 number and see if I can get this shut down/unsubscribe from something I never subscribed to.

WC Value Plus - Texas / Unauthorized charges

I did not authorize charges to WC Value Plus in the amount of $16.95 per month for the past 6 months. Refund demand.

WC Value Plus - Minnesota / UNAUTHORIZED withdrawal from my bank account

wc value plus made a unauthorized charge from my bank account.I called the telephone no.that was on my bank statement. a woman told me that she doesn't work for value plus and her company, only collect money for them. I ask her for value plus address an phone she said due to the privacy act that she could not give me the number or address. how can this company scam people and get away with it.(I need info on how to retrieve my money from this company)contact me my email is [email protected]

WC Value Plus - Minnesota / unauthorized credit card charges


Unauthorized charges to my credit card for coupons/discount service that I never joined nor did I ever received any discount information via mail or email. They have been charging my card $19.95 for at least 10 months. (I know..should have looked but my husband was paying the bills and assumed I signed up for something with and automatic charge.) I called and asked who WC Value Plus was and what product they sold. They stated it was a service that provided me with discounts on various items and services. I told them I did not authorize such a membership or charge and to cancel. I also asked for my money back. They said a form would be mailed in 7 to 10 days. He also gave me a confirmation number. We'll see.

WC Value Plus - Georgia / charges without knowing

i was charged on my cc 7 times of the 16.95! that is over 118.95 dollars and if we put other peoples money togather i bet it would equal out to be over 500.00 and by law anything over 500.00 equal's jail time, i feel we need to come togather to stop this company!!! i do not know these people or why they charged by cc but i had enough! please any one wanting to help please emial me at [email protected]

WC Value Plus - Florida / Credit fraud


When i checked my credit card statement to make the monthly payment i found a charge form a unknown company (Wc value plus) , i called them and first think they asked me was my personal information, of course i did not give it to them and they said they are a discount company. I have never used such company and i don't even know who the h. . . They are, just that i know is that they are stilling the money to everybody and there is not any government institution taking this people to jail.

WC Value Plus - West Virginia, Wheeling / Scam Artist Refund Website

I just found out myself about these charges on my account. They had been coming out for five months at a charge of $24.95, but not just from one source but from two of them. One is this value plus and the other is funsource. I called the number and actually got somewhere hope this will help you as well. I was given a web site address so that I could print off my own refund request. ( I also kept the representative on the line until i made sure it was not a hoax.) Here is the web address you need to scroll down to the FAQ section pull it up, and down at the bottom next to the last question is the request to print form. I hope that this is helpfull to you.

WC Value Plus - Minnesota, Hopkins / How to get your money back & get this &company& back!

This company fraudulently took money from my account, and thankfully I noticed it immediately. I specifically told the salesman "no." The way to get your money back is to write a letter to the company notifying them of your complaint, your desire to cancel & demand your money back - send it certified mail. Send it to the company responsible for WC Value Plus: Provell 1100 Wayzata Blvd Suite 680 Minneapolis, MN 55305 Also send a copy of the letter to the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota & North Dakota (651-699-1111). Their address is: 2706 Gannon Rd Saint Paul, MN 55116 The director of...

WC Value Plus / Beware of this scam!


Anyone who has been harassed either by phone or signed up for this without consent, cancel your membership as soon as you can. This company sounds as if they are located in a basement somewhere when you call (you can hear other "customer service representatives" in the background) and they scam you into a recurring transaction of $16.95/mo. When you call, be sure to demand for a cancellation confirmation number (they will insist you wait for the confirmation e-mail that never gets sent), then watch your credit card statements carefully for any transactions that seem suspicious. Also, a good thing...

WC Value Plus / How to cancel WC Value plus!

I received call offering a coupon savings book for only one dollar and they already had my information said they were associated w/ visa. It was near Christmas and i thought the saving would be nice so i give it a try. WC VALUE PLUS charged me a dollar never sent anything to me. Month and a half later they charged me another 19.95 for nothing. This is obviously a scam if you have this problem you can call 1-800-475-1942 and cancel your acct.

WC Value Plus / Stealing my money!

This ugly company has taken $14.95/month out of my account for almost 2 years. I feel silly having just noticed these unauthorized withdrawals. The "customer service" employees who answer the phone (800-475-1942) are useless. They cannot provide information or documentation as to how they originated these charges. Beware!

WC Value Plus / Unauthorized charges to my discover card

I have no idea who this company is but they have been taking 16.95 out of my discover card for over a year. The number they tell you to call don't work. I can't find any one to help me with this matter. If any one has a good phone number to contact them or address, it would be a great help. Thank You.

WC Value Plus / This is a huge scam!

I was charged $19.95 by W/C Value Plus for nothing. I have no idea where this charge originated, but I sent a complaint letter to Hopkins, MN and was finally issued credits for over $200.00. How did this happen? Others have had the same problem. This is a huge scam!!! Please investigate and reply to me at [email protected] Thanks.