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Village Podiatry Group Complaints & Reviews

Village Podiatry Group / Totally Unprofessional

Sep 7, 2011

I arrived for my appointment early, with new patient paperwork in hand as requested. I was led to an exam room fairly quickly but that's where the story goes downhill. I waited in the exam room for a full hour without anyone from VPG checking in on me. When the good doctor finally entered, all he could say was "Sorry for the wait." When I expressed my displeasure, he said "I'm doing the best I can." If that's his best, I recommend that you don't go to this particular doctor.

Village Podiatry Group / It would be nice if office staff personnel could speak English


Firstly, it would be nice if office staff personnel could speak English. I've called the front desk numerous times, and I still can't figure out what the receptionists name is. Dr. McGlamry's assistant isn't much better. Regarding Dr. McGlamry, his demeanor is totally arrogant. My first visit wasn't bad, but the second (and last) was terrible. He had a female doctor watching over his shoulder, and I guess he must have been out to impress her. As for treatment, Dr. McGlamry went right for the needle. The injection he gave me provided little relief. Still, he gave me another...

Village Podiatry Group / Unprofessional


I was a patient of Village Podiatry Group . Between July 13, 2006 and November 11, 2006. My condition is congenital, and has bothered me my entire life. When I was referred to this organization by my family practitioner. I was havening severe pain in my feet and in my knees. The pain, and resulting impact on my gait caused arthritis in my knees. On my first visit the doctor recommended shoe inserts, which I purchased with the assistance carrier. The doctor stated I should try these inserts at first, and then have surgery if necessary. Then the doctor recommended a consult with a fellow surgeon...