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Fake and fonnie people who rip you off!

These people are fake. as soon as they answer do not give them your phone # ask them to speak to the manager or supervisor and tell them you do not want want to be put on a call waiting list. They take your money and not give you a refund. if you remember their phone call they say their from the IRS. They are not from the IRS they are some people from iraq or something they have that middle eastern accent. If you call them back and tell them you are going to call the IRS. They will give you a REFUND conformation #. Not a cancellation#. The IRS Knows about this company they just need more information if you call and ask for a 3949A fill out as much as possible. send it back to the irs. They will investigate and take over from there. Try it out and hopefully you would get your money back too.

  • Ni
    Nik Feb 15, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is a major scam!!!! Beware..... Being tax season and all, any call from the IRS is taken seriously and being mis-represented is a complete blow. Do not talk to anyone who claims they are from the IRS unless they have mailed you documents to prove they are legit!!!

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Funds were taking from my account without my permission and i'm very pissed off right know.

Yes, i had receive a call from this 1013#saying that i had been selected out of 2, 000 people to start...

Scam and cheating artists!

I received a call from a man with an Indian accent who said that he was working for the Social Security Administration and that because I was a god citizen and didn't have a criminal record, that I would be receiving a tax refund of $500 per month for 6 months.

He took my personal information and said that he would transfer me to his Manager for confirmation and that I was to say yes on the recording after several intervals. I don't know why I believed him, but he seemed to know some things about my tax filings that would only be known by someone in the IRS. Nothing happened for a couple of weeks, and then I discovered that I was overdrawn at the bank for $94, which I was not expecting, as I hadn't used any money. I went to the bank to investigate and learned that NHS had withdrawn $299 from my account, and when I checked my bank statements, they had also taken $39 previously. I called to find out who they were and what they were about and they said I had been sent a letter and that I had bought this service. I then canceled the service and was given a Cancellation Number. It has been 4 business days and I have not yet received the money. I have called back and they say that the matter has been forwarded to corporate to determine if I would be getting a refund. The Customer Service person said they were calling from India and it is a scam, but that I should wait till Tuesday and see if the money was returned. So far it hasn't.


Today is January 23, 2008. During the holiday season in 2007, I was contacted via cell phone from a number that listed on my caller ID as only a 4-digit number. Upon answering the call, the gentleman informed me that he was with the Social Security Administration and I would be receiving a $3000.00 rebate. I was caught off guard by the call, and I began an inquiry of how I had been chosen, how my phone number had been obtained, and what funds I would be responsible for to receive this rebate of $3000.00.

The gentleman assured me that I would not be required to pay any fees, that the refund was to be paid to me as a result of my paying into social security. Each time I would ask a question, he would interrupt me mid-sentence by stating the amount of $3000.00 and that it I would be given a confirmation number to take to my bank to allow me to withdraw the funds after 3:00 p.m. that day.

The gentleman informed me that he would be transferring my call to a representative who would need to verify my information, I would then be given a confirmation number for withdrawal of the funds. He asked me to stay on the line after the verification was completed. He stated that there might be a period of silence, but instructed me not to hang up, as he would be back on the line quickly.

I was told that a list of questions would be posed to me and my responses would be recorded. I was asked for my account number, social security number, mother's maiden name, address, and phone number. As I said, I was caught off guard by the call, so I gave the information as the questions were asked.

Following the recorded information, I was given a confirmation number, experienced a brief period of silence and then the original gentleman came back on the line. I continued to ask him about the specifics of the rebate and if I would be charged any fee. He again assured me that the money would be available after 3:00 p.m. When I began to ask further questions, I was interrupted by the gentleman and the call was disconnected.

I was suspicious, so I immediately contacted my bank. They were aware of scams such as this, and they placed a hold on my account. After several days of no activity on my account, I had the hold removed. I am continually monitoring my account. Weeks have gone by since I received the 'rebate' call. I never attempted to retrieve the funds from my bank, as there had been no such $3000.00 rebate posted to my account.

I thought I had dodged this scam. As I stated earlier, today is January 23, 2008. Early this morning, I placed a call to make a debit card payment on my Son's braces. After giving my debit card number, I was told that the card had been declined. I had checked my balance online the previous day and knew that there had been sufficient funds to cover the transaction. I called my bank and was told that a withdrawal of $299.99 had been electronically sent through my account by NHS. The bank gave me the toll free number listed on the transaction.

I phoned 'NHS.' The individual answering the phone, answered 'customer service.' I asked what service they provided. They asked for my phone number. After looking up my phone number, the operator stated that I had joined their organization and approved them to withdraw funds from my account. I angrily informed the woman that I had not at any time given permission for any company to withdraw funds from my account, most definitely not a company named 'NHS.' She then proceeded to inform me that they had a tape recorded authorization given by me over the phone.

The moment I heard the words, 'tape recorded,' I realized that the scam I thought I had dodged was now in effect.

  • Ro
    Roger Jan 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Senator Patty Murrays office gave me this address: National Healthcare Solutions, 8270 Woodland Center Blvd, Tampa, Florida 33614

    The recorded conversation that they let me listen to was supposed to be of my mom. The voice wasn't even close, a complete fraud. But they did have the personal information.

    the phone number on the electronic withdrawal was 866 407-1029 for a company called NHS. I reported them to my Senator and to the Washington State Attorney General.

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  • De
    Debrah Jurczyk Feb 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was called on jan.27,2008 . By a man claming to be the IRS and was claming to send me a tax refund and needed to know my account number so they could deposit it in to my account. I told him to send it to me by mail. He said it had to be derect deposited.

    He was very persestent. When I got my bank statement I noted that there was a electronic withdrawl I did not artherise. I called the number after going to my bank and after asking who they are they informed me they was the nhs Nashnal Health care salutions. I told them I did not artherise the withdrowl with them. The woman proceded to arguee with me. So I asked to speak with her superviser. She didn't want to let me speak with the superviser but I was persistent. after a while she put me on hold . And a Lady came on the phone I went through the situation ageen and demanded my money to be returned to my account. By this time my banker had found acharge of 29.95 and 299.95 . She ashured me thwe 299.95 would be refunded to my account in5 working days. I informed her I would be filing froud charges agenst the company. She asked That I didn't contact my bank and not to close my account. I let her know I was sitting in my bank at the time and that they will not be able to withdrowl any more money out. I hope these people get chought and put away for a very long time. Before getting of the phone I asked for there address the adderss they gave me was 8345 Northwest 66 Street 4237, Miami Fl. 33166. I dought this is there real adderss. I found this page on the google . I want justess. And would like to let everyone know these people are scamimg honest hard working people.

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  • Lo
    lorriebarkins Oct 10, 2008

    I have found the company to be corrupt. I have a friend who lost money to them.

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  • Lo
    lorriebarkins Oct 10, 2008

    Are these people still around?

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