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Value Plus Monthly Complaints & Reviews

Value Plus Monthly - Virginia / Unauthorized charges

Jun 9, 2011

I have been charged $24.95 a month from VALUE PLUS MONTHLY for the last 9 months without signing up for anything from them. I called and canceled which they had no problem with. They didn't try to talk me out of it which I find suspicious. I contacted my credit card company told them I canceled it and asked how to stop/block them from continuing to charge me each month. I was told they can't block any charges and I would have to dispute each charge every month. I asked if I got a new card from them with a new account number would that keep them from charging the card. They said since...

Value Plus Monthly - New York, Jamaica / Unauthorized monthly charge from Value Plus Monthly


I reviewed my credit card statement for the last two months and saw monthly charges of approximately fifteen dollars to Value Plus Monthly. I did not authorize these charges and want the charges to stop immediately and be reimbursed for my previous payments. This is definitely fraud as I see other people withthe same complaints against Value Plus.