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United Studios Of America Complaints & Reviews

United Studios Of America - Ohio, Canton / No pictures

I did pictures with this company at my local Albertsons in May of this year. We got most of the photos we paid for through our package but have not gotten the rest. We called in July and they said it was coming in a week but still nonthing. I just got a call today Aug. 30th, 2010 from portrait USA they said they were taking all the orders that were not full-filled and going to send the rest of the photos out on Friday. I looked up their name online and found out that United Studios of America changed their name to Portrait USA. Whatout for this business they are scam artists.

United Studios Of America - Michigan, Pontiac / no pictures nor a refund

I was approached by a blond guy at a grocery store to take some pictures for a low cost, gave him $10 then, and $6 for a sitting fee. never did I receive my picturs or a refund and its been a month. On top of that amount I was told to send a M.O. of $4.95 to get the pictures shipped. I call as well and find myself repeatedly speaking to a machine and get no actual answer. Im very angry how can this co. be so heartless and a fraud. as if money grew on trees.

United Studios Of America - Ohio / Knowledge of customer service


I visited my local Krogers store and was greeted by two personable men trying to sell me photos. I agreed to get the pictures, wanting one picture of my children together and not wanting to spend a fortune. I am usually very skeptical, but for some reason, I went with it. When I received a "reminder" call about my appointment, they told me my picture date was a week prior to my previous appointment. I was able to make the new scheduled time. When I got there, there was a young man sitting with a huge piece of green butcher paper as the background. It was wrinkeld and torn. He explaind that I...

United Studios Of America - Georgia, Lawrenceville / Horrible Customer Service

I was leaving out of Kroger grocery store when I was called to a booth stating that I could get information on taking pictures for $10. When I got over there all of a sudden he says "would you like to use cash or charge" when he told me the price. I'm thinking to myself "I thought iwas getting information." So I was like I haven't taken pictures in a while and $10 won't break me so I went ahead and paid the $10. The black man with a small gap DID NOT mention anything about the $6 sitting fee. I found out about this when I got to my car and saw it on the slip of paper with my...

United Studios Of America - Arizona, Surprise / Family Portrait Certificate

PLEASE READ BEFORE WASTING YOUR HARD-EARNED DOLLARS! Every one uses the word SCAM but when use the word, its often misused. Until today I myself have fallen victim to misusing the word Scam, however, now I know its true meaning: United Studios of America. This so-called company of mobile photgraphers, is essentials a widespread group of freelance picture takers on at their second job. I was sold a package that seemed to good to be true and indeed it was. 2- 10x13's, 2-5x7's, and 36 wallets sizes for $10. I gave cash and was given a "Family Portrait Certificate", all was fine until I tried...

United Studios Of America - Ohio, Columbus / Customer Service

On 12/12/2009 I took my daughter (17 mos. old) to Easton Mall to get our pics done only to find that United Studios was not there. I call them 330-832-1660 and the lady had me walking around the mall, ( i'm 8 mos. pregnant) looking for the photographer only to tell me that he had not shown up. I called for a refund and now I'm getting the "runaround" I would not suggest anyone going through United Studios of America, nor and Malls or merchants, , , this is bad business for all involved with United Studios of America..

United Studios Of America - Georgia, Cartersville / Fraud!


I was shopping at my local Kroger store when I was approached by a man to have my family portrait taken. There was a $10 fee which I paid. When we arrived to take the portraits there was another $6 fee which no one advised upfront. I purchased the portraits for over $500 and was told they would arrive 6-10 weeks. That was back in October 2008. I have yet to receive my portraits or the canvas that they were suppose to be framed in. I've tried calling 404-277-3696 numerous times only to receive voicemail. I've left message after message. Finally I reached "KIM" who advised me that she...

United Studios Of America - Michigan, Sterling Heights / Rip off artists


While shopping at the local Meijers store in Sterling Hts., MI (shopping for a client - I am a healthcare provider), I was stopped by a salesman from United Studios of America. After much convincing, and against my better judgment, I paid a $10.00 deposit for photos scheduled to be taken at that location the following month. Due to employment conflicts, I re-scheduled, then canceled the appointment. I simply could not guarantee that I would be available for photos in the near future. I followed up with a phone call requesting a refund of the deposit for the aforementioned reasons. Boy did I...

United Studios Of America - Georgia, Cartersville / Bad customer service


I took pictures with this company a few weeks ago and when I went to pick them up I received very bad customer service. I declined to purchase extra pictures because they were way out of my budget. The rep kept going down on the price even after I said no many times. At the end when I told him no the the tenth time. He said I had enough time to put some extra money away to purchase more pictures. I felt that was very rude and uncalled for. I will never take pictures with this company again. Very unprofessional.

United Studios Of America / fruad

My husband and 2 kids went shopping @ kroger store #558 9/2008...when a man approach my husband asking about pictures ..and a $10 deposit fee...we had been trying to get some family pictures done for the holidays...we schduled an appt on 9/27/2008...pick up date 10/17/2008..when we arrived to get pictures no one was available ...we contacted 330-832-1660 never recieved an answer...after reviewing this site i figured to be ahead of myself and submit my complaint sooner than later...someone need to put a stop to these bad guys

United Studios Of America - Kentucky, Louisville / Getting the royal runaround!


In March I was approached by a young lady regarding getting portraits taken for $10. I set up an appointment and had the portraits taken. The photographer was very knowledgeable and courteous. When I went back later to review he portraits, I was told about a special where you get a 10 x 13 wall portrait free if you purchased the full package. I paid $302. for the package. I was told that it takes 8-10 weeks. It has been 10+ weeks and I still don't have my wall portrait. You call the office and you are either told by the dumb receptionist that Ashley, the only person in the office to talk to...

United Studios Of America / Scam and cheating!


A friend of mine went to meijer and was approached by someone to get her pictures taken for $10 at that time and then $6 when she got the pictures taken. She didn't have any need to get her pictures taken and I just had a child 3 mos. before and I have a 2 yr old. She asked if I wanted to do that. I said sure I have always been bugging my husband to get our pictures taken, so I gave her $10 and paid the $6 when we got there. We had to ask several people employed at Meijer as to where to go because there were no signs posted as to where to go. Finally we were told to go to the back of the...