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TryTacLight Complaints & Reviews

TryTacLight / Their product is a complete garbage!

Mar 30, 2017

I did receive my flashlight but I was extremely disappointed with its quality. People don't believe anything TryTacLight tells you, in reality their product is a complete garbage. I have a specific work and I needed that kind of light for my work, that's why I decided to order TryTacLight. On their site it is said that nothing can do any harm or cause damages, but that is not true. My light fell on the ground and broke. But on their site there is said that not even a car can damage their product. What a joke. I contacted them and asked for a refund, but they said that they can't accept it back because it was broken.

TryTacLight / Scam company! Never delivered my order!

Jun 10, 2016

I saw this TryTacLight commercial on TV and decided to ordered one of their flashlights. I thought that since these people even had a TV commercial that they were trustworthy and reliable. I feel so stupid that I believed them and so easily fell for their scam! Ordered my item back in mid April and was supposed to get it in max 3 weeks, but it is already June and still no sign of my order. Every time I contacted TryTacLight they assured me that there was nothing wrong and that my order was on its way and they keep doing that! 3 weeks passed a long time ago and I doubt that I'll ever get anything!