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ShamWowSeller was too pushy

I wanted to buy some stuff from the company Shamwow. They told me that I couldn’t pay for the shipping and handling, but I would need to order two items. I told that I wasn’t interested and wanted to get only one item. But the rep was so pushy and continued to offer me useless items. I confirmed only one item, but the seller still hasn’t delivered it and continued to diddle-daddle. Stay away from them.

ShamWowHorrible product

The best and most simple way all of us here in my household can describe this rip off shamwow towel experiance is that using them is like using a torn up plastic bag to do the job.They dont soak up liquid any better then a plastic bag.Forget about the money back guarentee because you will never get it even if you do finally get a chance to talk to a smamwow rep.Dont buy anything shamwow advertises.

ShamWowHorrible experience

The experience was horrible and the charges are outragous. I originaly was ordering 1 set and received 2, I called after the order was placed and was told they couldnt pull it up in their system to call back on Monday which I did and the order had shipped. I refused the shipment and had it returned. They charged me $66.70 and only refunded $34.90 and charged me $31.80 in processing. That is outragous that is why people dont order off the the TV due to companies like this. I will be sure to tell anyone and everyone of the horrible experience to save them a headache and money. I can't believe they get away with stealing peoples money.


Hi, first time I used lilac colour cloth it started to split - only dusting !! What will be left after 10 year guarantee ?? Going to report to Woolworths where I bought a 2 cloth pack. Hope to get a refund at the very least. I DON'T THINK THEY WILL BE HAPPY TO HEAR OF SUCH A RUBBISH PRODUCT. DON'T BOTHER BUYING.

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    Too Smart Jun 19, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I doubt it, Woolworth's closed decades ago.

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ShamWowThey're a waste of money

I got the Shamwow 's as a stocking stuffer from my mother (we always laughed at the commercials) but when I actually tried them out they were more disappointing than anything. They're basically just a sheet of felt. That's it. I poured out a little bit of water on the table to test them out hoping they'd work like on tv. NOPE! It literally just spread the water around the table...didn't absorb one drop. NOT A SINGLE DROP! Do not buy these. They're a waste of money, paper towels are cheaper and work 100x better!!!

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ShamWowI am not only disappointed, but I feel stupid and $20 poorer

I don't know why it doesn't work for me when it worked right before my eyes at the state fair, but I have tried using it according to the directions (washing it before using, but not drying) and today when I had a child wet my bed I thought I would avoid having to use a ton of paper towels. Wrong! The shamwow absorbed absolutely no liquid. I am not only disappointed, but I feel stupid and $20 poorer.

ShamWowTheir product is a failure

I have recieved two sham wow yellow toweletts from my son, They did not work for him, and the definately don't work for me. I used them on my Dodge Ram P/U. First one and then another dry one. The results were deplorable. All they did was smear the windows and leave streaks on the paint, not to mention that the truck was still wet. I had to result to the old fasion way...a terrycloth towel, which in the future I will stick with. Sorry, but your product is a failure!

Resolved ShamWowWorthless product

I'm sooooo glad I didn't buy this worthless product. I was just about to order one but I found it strange they don't tell you what the shipping charge is on their website, so I searched the net and found this site.

It's clearly obvious that ShamWow is a total rip-off and a devious scam that prays on us innocent folks with a very convincing TV commercial. PTOOEY on you, ScamSuck. You BITE THE BIG ONE and I'm so glad I found out before I gave you one penny.

Thanks again for this wonderful site and all the great reviews!!! I'm just sorry so many people got scammed.

Resolved ShamWow — Shady German a$$es

I feel completely violated. My buddy actually has some super towel that is some sort of Rubber material. I...

Resolved ShamWowCriminals

Shamwow s (ScamWow) don't work, don't waste your money! I don't know how some people lie in these commercials and steal people's money. They are criminals... BEWARE AND DON'T ORDER Shamwow ONLINE as it's a trap to get your credit card information and they usually charge your credit card EXTRA in different ways.

Like they charge your card "Extra" by accident and you will never get a hold of anyone to get your money back or they charge you 3 times the price of the product for shipping and handling.

Sometimes they send you more Shamwows than you ordered "by accident" and again you will never get your money back.

Don't by shamwow!

Resolved ShamWowOvercharge

Attached please find my letter to the SHAMWOW company. It looks to me like fraud.
Nowhere was it said that the total amount would be over $146 Canadian.
I think, once they have your credit card number, they will charge whatever they want. It also looks like there are other companies in the game too.
Karl Rogall
-------Original Message-------

From: Karl Rogall
Date: 11/13/2009 1:58:15 PM
To: [protected]
Subject: My order

I found out today, that you have charged my Visa the amount of US$ 136.11 @ 1.0743, totaling CAN$ 146.73, which is not what you have advertised.
I insist, that you credit my Visa account with the overcharge, right away.
Thank you
Karl Rogall
PS. In the meantime, (today), The mop arrived but none of the SHAM WOWS!

From: Official TV Website
Date: 10/31/2009 4:33:22 PM
To: [protected]@COGECO.CA
Subject: Thank you for your order

Thank you for ordering the SHAMWOW SET WITH BONUS MOP
Order ID: [protected]
This is your confirmation that we have received your order.

We thank you for your order. Your order will be shipped: STANDARD SHIPPING (3-4 WEEKS).

(NOTE: If you specified rush delivery it will be noted in the Order Detail below)

In the future, should you require customer service for SHAMWOW SET WITH BONUS MOP, please call . IT MAY TAKE SEVERAL DAYS FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE RECORDS TO BE UPDATED WITH YOUR ORDER. If you call the customer service # and they do not have a record of your order yet please go to to make your request.
****This is an email confirmation of your order only. Your credit card will be charged at a later date.***

IMPORTANT: All products and services you have ordered are shipped and billed to you directly from each product or service provider. Although we make every effort to have the speediest delivery available, we cannot guarantee the delivery of any item for a specific date. See additional customer service information near the end of this email confirmation

All Sales are Subject to Applicable Sales Tax

PHONE: [protected]

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Qty Item Purchased Payment Option Amount Shipping
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1 DELUXE PACKAGE $ 14.95 $14.95 $7.95
1 DELUXE PACKAGE $ 14.95 $14.95 $7.95
1 RUSH DELIVERY $ 0 $0.00 $5.95


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  • Ol
    OldNick Dec 11, 2009

    Not sure I understand the complaint.

    What was actually ordered? The listing they gave shows a whole lot of charges that add up to way more than $146

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Resolved ShamWowWish I read reviews first :-(

I got sucked in and ordered these online after watching the TV ad. Stupidly, I searched for reviews AFTER placing my order. I called MasterCard and asked if I could stop the payment for this order and they said only the merchant can do this.

Now I see a reviewer who says she tried to cancel her order but could not do it. So I just threw away $19.95 + 7.95 .. almost $30. for something worthless. Live and learn the hard way.

Also, Fox News has a review on these. They tested them against all the claims made for these things and pronounced them duds.. Sham Wow.. is right.. Wow.. a REAL SHAM.

Resolved ShamWowTerrible

I bought the shamwow after reading several peoples reviews online at other websites. I was very hopeful and excited to recieve them in the mail. All of the these reviews online were saying that this product was great and it worked so well. I think this is one of the worst products I have ever used. I was very unhappy with every aspect of this product. I think soemthing should be done about the company selling these, and how they advertise their products. Complete lies, and a total scam. I would much rather use a bath towel or paper towels. HUGE waste of money and a very big disappointment.

  • Su
    susan Jun 09, 2009

    Did you soak it in water, before its first use?
    Read the instructions.

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Resolved ShamWowLies

Shamwow is a total bunch of lies. Does NOT dry completely as the commercials claim. Leaves as much water behind as a wet towel does. These people should be arrested for false advertising.

  • So
    socks Dec 29, 2008

    pause the video at the 45 second mark. you'll notice cola coming out from underneath the carpet square. unpause it and pause it again when it shows the next cut to the wider shot. you'll notice that the cola disappears before he even uses the shamwow on the carpet square.

    he also says it's happening in real time but they're cutting to a different angle to avoid probably showing the shamwow spilling or dripping.

    these jump cuts along with the pacing of the commercial are pretty much unnoticable to the casual viewer
    and are probably used to exaggerate the quality of the product.

    Also, if it's not sold in stores, that means it's probably not good enough to be out on the wide market. If it's something advertised in an infomercial, it's probably not going to be as good as it seems. I mean, are people really getting suckered into buying useless/misleading products by a failed comedian?
    It's as if common sense has gone straight out the window with every single person who buys products like these.

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ShamWowDoes not clean glass

I received shamwow as a gift. I use it to wipe down my car after I wash it and as a bathmat. Occassionally I use it on furniture. I keep the instructions with the shamwows to make sure I follow the instructions that come with it. However, they do not work on glass and mirrors. It leaves a film on the glass that has to be cleaned again with a clean cloth. I even tried different window cleaners and got the same result each time. I would not tell anyone to buy this product.
Thank you for your time.



Shamwow is a sham!! Do not buy this junk. These towels do nothing!! I take that back they DO push water around all over you counters but they don't pick anything up!! Trust me I just got these in the mail and they are worthless!! If you try and send them back they will not credit your card!!

DO NOT waste your hard earned money on this Sham!!

DO NOT listen to the positive reviews because these are just people paid by the company!!




  • Ma
    Margot Stiff Jul 24, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I could not disagree more: I love the bloomin' things and, for me, the Shamwow does everything it's advertised to do.

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  • Bi
    bill payer Aug 26, 2008

    I am so glad that people are seeing that this company is a ripoff. SWhy have they been saying for over 6 months that you must order right away to get the great deal because they cannot do it everyday. That shows they will lie for a few bucks. I did not buy this garbage but I used one that a friend had bought to use to wash his car, and they did not do anything. Those people who went on TV and said all I can say is Sham Wow must be paid endorders or liars. Where did they find this guy Fitz from. I am sure he has plenty of experience as a boiler room telemarketer or a used car salesman. Stay away from these crooks. You will get JUNK.

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  • Wa
    Wayne Sep 14, 2008
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    We have used a shamscamwow and it does not work as they say, how can it !!! Watch the commerical, when he pours the liquid on the piece of carpet there is liquid under the piece of carpet.. Before he touches the shamscamwow on the carpet the liquid under the carpet is "GONE ALREADY"
    These people and this company are dishonset and connot be trusted.. They are a disgrace to America !!!


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  • Li
    Lindsay Sep 20, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I think I need to disagree with your complaint, I am thinking about buying the sham wow and ran across this site. Just for curiosty I looked to see what people had to say, and out of millions of people who buy this product I only see 3 complaints on the product. So can you explain to me how it is that out of millions of people who buy the same product only three people had a bad experience? that program can't be paying all of those people to give good praise on the product. I do agree that sometimes these things can seem and be bogus, but I think this time this particular product is not. You had a bad experience or got a faulty one. I would call the people and see what they could do for you. Or read the fine print somewhere and see if they have to give you your money back. Have A nice day though. I wish you better luck with other products in the future

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  • Sh
    sheryl Sep 21, 2008
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    Verified customer

    It works much better to dry my dog off after her bath than regular bath towels...haven't tried it for much beyond that...

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  • Be
    Betergirl Sep 21, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I want to complain about the Shamwows, they are useless and they dont support the advertising gimmick that is shown on TV. I purchases 4 sets and used them to dry my truck, I found the shamwows not to deliver what it claimed. I would reccommend anyone not to buy this product.

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  • El
    Elie Mousa Oct 18, 2008
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    Verified customer

    The guy that disagrees works for I did the experiment for a college project, it fails miserably. CU Boulder.

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  • Ka
    Kathy Nov 13, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was stupid enough to order the sham-wow, it is a piece of crap.
    They advertised they cannot be bought in any store's...WRONG, I see them everywhere and they are not imitation's. So why bother paying for shipping. If you want a really good cloth I would recommend I recieved 3 for a gift these cloth's are amazing. You use no chemicals just water and they clean like magic. They are also machine washable and reusable over and over, plus you do not use any chemical's with so you save money not buying cleaners. They are eco friendly. Check out their website.

    I am getting a refund for those sham-wows

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  • Bi
    bill Feb 02, 2009

    Fitz don't lie. It's called a "SHAMWOW" as in " WOW what a SHAM"

    He and Billy Mays are top honorees in the Hall of Same

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ShamWow — ripoff

i got these so i could wipe off my car quickly when i wash it. the towels do pick up water but not like on...