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Tre Milano (InStyler) Complaints & Reviews

Tre Milano (InStyler) - Washington, Puyallup / Fraudulant Advertisment


I ordered this product per Amanda on October 5th 2008, after not receiving the product for a month and a half, I called to cancel order. I was told I could not cancel for it was processing. I was charged $149.96 0n dec 11th but did not receive the product until December 30th. I returned to sender with out trying the product. The service I received cost me $102.00 in over draft fees and $11.48 in return receipt. I felt after the service, that I did not receive, I needed to have proof I returned product for a reimbursement of 149.96 to my acct, now I have to wait to until Jan 30th to call back...

Tre Milano (InStyler) - Tennessee, Knoxville / InStyler


InStyler as advertised on TV is a fraudulent business. The product was advertised for $14.99 for a trial period of 30 days with a full refund if satisfied. I ordered the product and they charged my credit card the sum of $149.96. The product is horrible and when I called the company, Tre Milano, I was told they would charge me $30.00 to return it. I have talked with the Department of Consumer Affairs in California and they told me that Tre Milano engages in fraudulent practices and they urged me to call my credit card company and have my card number changed so that Tre Milano cannot put...