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Sep 08, 2014

Never received goods. I first ordered 5x50 grams of rolling tobacco in November 2013 the payment was made by visa card-first mistake-and the order confirmed in January 2014. This was dispatched on 20/1/2014 but I never received it. Emailed many times and they said they would send out another, this was sent on 26/03/2014 and impounded by UK customs boarder force. Email about this and they said if I sent the letter I received from boarder force they would send the order again but they never did. Emailed them from many times, just said sorry, tried to phone, no answer? Asked for shipping details they... / never received the tobacco

May 20, 2014

i have purchased 2 lots of the tobacco from this company, i paid the extra insurance, both lots have not arrived, i wrote to tell them and they say, they will not keep replacing the packages, i asked them for a refund for both of them as i am sick of this, but they ignore that, whats the point in paying the extra insurance cost, if they do noothing about it / Haven't received My Items

Dec 12, 2013

Made an order back on the 20th september 2013 and am still waiting on my order its now 12th December 2013, company ignores my e-mails and I cant get them on the phone all I get is an answer machine. They were contacting me once a week to tell me the status of my order but that all stopped 5 weeks ago now they are just ignoring me they have my money and I have nothing. / Scam

May 25, 2011

At Feb. 09 I ordered 3 boxes cigarettes, everything looked fine - I got a confirmation that my order was about to be shipped. Nothing happend for a while. Then I mailed them and they said that it had been shipped and I should be able to follow my order with the tracking number. But I didn't get any tracking number, so I mailed them again and now my order wasn't shipped yet but it would happend the following saturday (weird day). Nothing happend, of course, I mailed them again and next saturday they said...I contacted my bank and got my money back. Then they wrote me that I should...