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Synapse Solutions Inc. Complaints & Reviews

Synapse Solutions Inc. - Oregon / scam


I got the mail on my way to finals, and had a letter from these jokers, I had ordered something but had not included my card number. They picked the wrong person, after a round of ID theft, I'm more then careful. First I have only ordered through one place later, and they have my info on file. Second, I didn't even recognize the products they said I ordered. The name alone of the goods sounded like something I would NEVER order. And the cost was unreal, 1 Ashleigh collection @$32.97 and 2 Pacific Sterling Collection @ $42.97 each, what a joke, what are they anyways. I'm sure the...

Synapse Solutions Inc. - Utah, Salt Lake City / Scam and cheating company!


Scam alert! Do you get these bonus points to use towards magazines or 'gift' items with your credit card? I have used them in the past but never heard of this company. When you send these 'coupon' order forms in, you have to put your credit card number on them, thus, the company sending the item would already have your number. I did recognize the item they wanted me to pay for but I didn't order it.This company says they sent out the items-Advanced Game Player 2 @ $9.97. I received a bill dated 11-11-2007. They knew what credit card the flyer was sent out with, hmmm...